Jun 16 2010

Remembering Your Dad

Father's Day is hard for me since I lost my dad a couple years back.  Maybe it is you for you too...  I think that it really helps to share what you loved about your dad.  


Thanks for sharing... We are going to be sharing some of your stories. ~ Scott

Jun 15 2010

Our guest, Dr. Paul Meier says "You matter, Dad!"

Our guest today is Dr. Paul Meier of the Meier Clinics. Dr. Meier addressed the importance of being an involved Dad. He also gave some helpful advice for single Moms or those who feel like a single Mom. You can learn more about the Meier Clinics here: http://meierclinics.com/Home

Click the links below to hear Dr. Meier:

Dr. Paul Meier - segment 1

Dr. Paul Meier - segment 2

Jun 15 2010

Flip Flop Poll!!!

Do you wear Flip Flops to work???

Taboos for summer office attire: http://www.cnn.com/2010/LIVING/worklife/06/11/cb.taboo.summer.office.attire/index.html?iref=allsearch


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