Oct 27 2011

Not so Positive and Encouraging

Treats Calorie Calculator

Scott and Kelli calculate their proposed candy intake this weekend, not so positive and encouraging. Possibly the funniest segment of the week.  Tell us what your favorite segment is for the week here or Facebook.

Scott and Kelli Calculating Candy by K-LOVE Radio


10 Secrets of Debt Collectors. Shine from YAHOO!

1. They teach us that all debtors are compulsive liars, and no matter what you tell us, we’re supposed to keep pushing.

2. Like us or not, we’re a vital part of keeping the cash flow going in this country.

3. We’ve heard every tale of woe.

Read more here.

Go ahead, apologize to your kids when you've done something wrong, advises author Jacquelyn Mitchard. You won't look weak, and they'll grow up strong. I Apologize to My Children When I Make Mistakes. Shine from YAHOO!

I started out this challenge with the idea that I was going to make a connection to the 1.4 billion individuals around the world living on $1.50 or less each day.
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Oct 26 2011

You are not lost in a Sea of Faces

Scott Smith Reads Titus by K-LOVE Radio

As the countdown clock to the date keeps ticking, and people keep buzzing about the number, many are trying to figure out the real importance of hitting that marker. The buzz behind 7 billion people: A milestone and a warning CNN.com. So grateful that we are not lost in a sea of faces...that we matter to God!


Merry Christmas to me, only $55,000. The Lithium-powered Tron Light-cycle YAHOO! NEWS

11 Table Manners That Still Matter Shine from YAHOO!

4 Secrets to Never Getting Sick Shine from YAHOO!

Doll saves family from fire. msnbc.com

Mysterious giant Lego man washes up on Florida beach. NEW YORK POST

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Oct 25 2011

Siri, Technology and Health

"I run for dear life to God, I'll never live to regret it. Do what you do so well: get me out of this mess and up on my feet. Put your ear to the ground and listen, give me space for salvation. Be a guest room where I can retreat; you said your door was always open! You're my salvation-my vast, granite fortress." Psalm 71:1-3 Message

As the official airline of Aloft Hotels presents Live in the Vineyard, Southwest is partnering with various artists to provide the ultimate in-air entertainment experience. Crossing Another Item Off Mat Kearney's Bucket List

Interview with Rachael Lampa.

Audio coming soon.

Apple's new Siri, the voice-activated virtual assistant built into its new iPhone 4S, has already been hailed as a game changer. Instead of typing commands or moving a mouse or touching a screen, you talk to her. You ask her for things, and she answers in spoken English, soothingly and sometimes amusingly. Why Are Computer Voices Female? Ask Siri abc News

Siri goes well beyond voice recognition, they say, by applying powerful artificial intelligence and statistical analysis to decipher the meaning behind questioners' sometimes jumbled sentences. What makes Siri special? MacWorld

The television will be revolutionized. That's what industry experts have long said Apple has up its sleeve. Now, Walter Isaacson's book Steve Jobs gave a confirmation nod. Apple's whiteboard has television plans Content USA Today

ITony Fadell, chief of the iPod division and the man credited with the ideas that resulted in the creation of the iPod and its marriage with the iTunes Music Store. iPod creator reinvents the thermostat CBS NEWS

All those well wishes paid off. Just days after undergoing a double lumpectomy, during which she also had some lymph nodes removed for biopsy, Giuliana Rancic is back in the house! Giuliana Rancic back to E following surgery TODAY.com

Your morning coffee might do more than jump-start your day. Researchers say that daily caffeine jolt might also reduce your risk of developing a type of skin cancer. Daily coffee may lower your skin cancer risk. YourLife USA Today

How the stress of work might really make you sick LifeInc TODAY

Study: Germs on gas pumps, ATMs and more could make you sick YourLife USA Today

'My Puppy Got Me Sick'? 5 Craziest Excuses for Missing Work MoneyWatch BNET

New theme restaurant caters to your inner-child. Shine from YAHOO!

8 reasons to make time for family dinner CNN.com

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