Sep 16 2011

That Beloved Clunker


Cheap Flights for the Holidays? Read This Now! abc NEWS

Do you expect your trip to take longer going?  They say this is the reason why a trip is shorter on the way back. 'Return trip effect' isn't due to familiarity, says study. MSN

What to say -- and what NOT to say -- when talking to kids about weight. TODAY Moms

We have talked about what servers do not want to hear.  Now it is time for them to hear from the customers. 5@5 - Things you never want to hear in a restaurant. CNN eatocracy

Spiders! Ants! Did that make you itchy? Here's why. msnbc

"Found in nearly every community in this country, these brave family members serve right alongside their loved ones." Michelle Obama: Support our military families. USA TODAY

Medal of Honor Recipient Former Marine Dakota Meyer

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