Oct 03 2011

"My lips will glorify you."

"Because your love is better than life, my lips will glorify you." Pslam 63:3

It's K-LOVE's Day of Praise! Share your praise for God here...what has He done in your life? We want to praise Him with you!

Psalm 150

God used Hurricane Rita...Day of Praise Call

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Sep 30 2011

Being Courageous

Courageous movie out today.  Find theaters here. Casting Crowns song "Courageous" in movie and on new album Come To The Well out October 18th.

Share your Courageous moments here or on our Facebook Page.

Interview with Alex Kendrick

The making of the movie Courageous and being a Courageous father.

Being a real "Courageous" dad.

Casting Crowns, Matthew West, Brandon Heath, Third Day and Mark Harris with songs in the film and favorite moments.

Top 7 Unnecessary Baby Items. abc NEWS

5 Worries Parents Can Forget About. Shine from YAHOO!

Winters brings more yawns than summer, study claims. msnbc

Over 40? Be happier with moderate exercise. TODAY

What is your favorite fall food?  Tell us here or on our Facebook Page.

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Sep 29 2011

From Milestones to Maturity

"Parenting is all about helping kids through transitions, from developmental milestones to maturing likes and interests. Yet the toughest transitions of all may happen when kids start a new phase of school, due to stresses from new environments, academic subjects and even friends."  8 tips for helping kids with tough school transitions. TODAY

"As we wait for the formal written verdict to come through, Pastor Nadarkhani’s life hangs in the balance. CSW calls for continued urgent international action to prevent his execution, which could still happen anytime."  IRAN: Pastor Yousef Nadarkhani’s life still hangs in the balance. Christian Solidarity Worldwide

Interview with Max Lucado

God's Story your story

Parable about the pearl

Life is tougher without God

"Childhood obesity rates in America have tripled since 1980: Today, 19.6 percent of children between the ages of 6 and 11 are obese, and 18.1 percent of kids between the ages of 12 and 19 are obese."  The 5 worst kids' meals in America. TODAY

"Each week, 200 million shoppers visit a Wal-Mart, and while these mega stores get a lot of flack for selling supersized, less-than-nutritious fare, the company is taking steps that may make it easier for you to get healthy and slim down."  5 ways to lose weigh at Wal-Mart. Shine from YAHOO!

"Nobody expects books on paper to go the way of LP records and film cameras -- at least not soon."  Kindle vs. Nook vs. iPad vs. Galaxy Tab: What To Consider. abc NEWS

"Remember these?  From Charleston Chews to Mallo Cups, we count down eight of our favorite retro sweets."  Classic Childhood Candies You Still Crave. Shine from YAHOO!

"What goes up, must come down.  Very quickly.  Especially if you press the wrong button."  Plane Plunges 6,234 Feet After Pilot Error. abc NEWS

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