Jul 16 2010

Christine Avanti talks about sugar substitutes

New Sugar Alternative Backed by Respected MDs


Zsweet is a new calorie free sugar alternative.  Doctors Andrew Weil and Nicholas Perricone both stand by ZSweet as a safe and healthy natural sugar alternative. According to Dr. Weil ZSweet is a blend of a sugar alcohol that naturally occurs in many fruits and fermented foods like soy sauce, cheese and wine (as well as other fruit extracts).  It is about 70 percent sweet as sugar and lacks the bitter aftertaste of other artificial sweeteners.  Baking with ZSweet is unbelievably easy and best of all it's not to sweet so it does not cause sugar cravings like other no calorie sweeteners.  It's also good for controlling body weight because it has no effect on blood sugar, so it’s also safe for diabetics.  Zsweet can be found at most natural food stores (such as Whole Foods) and some large scale grocers.  


Check out Christine’s newest culinary creation made with ZSweet.  These muffins are so low in calories you can add a little butter and honey and not feel guilty. 


Christine's Dairy Free, Sugar Free Blueberry Muffins

97 Calories, 1 gram fat


Compare these to a store bought blueberry muffin:

380 Calories, 19 grams fat



Listen to Christine discuss sugar alternatives

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Jul 15 2010

What Generic Products To Buy

We're always looking for ways to save money, so we loved this list of things that you should always buy generic!   Got Any Suggestions???

Check it out: http://www.walletpop.com/blog/2010/07/13/10-products-to-always-buy-generic/

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Jul 15 2010

Have You Ever Wanted To Be On Reality TV???

So I went to try out for Survivor today... Sadly I found out too late and the line was too long! But I did find out that there is a casting call coming for Amazing Race coming up... Have you ever tried out for a Reality Show or wanted to??? If so, what show???