May 10 2010

How have you made a difference today?

Alright, time to share your cool "Make a Difference Monday" stories again! What did you do today? Did someone do something amazing for you? Tell us about it!

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May 10 2010

Switchfoot visited Scott & Kelli on Friday

Jon and Tim Foreman from Switchfoot were in the studio with Scott & Kelli on Friday to talk about their new CD Hello Hurricane and to wish Scott a very happy birthday. Click the links below to hear the interview.

Jon and Tim Foreman from Switchfoot talk about playing for the troops

The guys from Switchfoot talk about their new CD “Hello Hurricane.”

Listen to the story of "Your Love is a Song"

The guys talk about surfing and sing to Scott for his birthday

Listen as the guys talk about the theme of their CD and the song "Always"

Jon & Tim talk about touring overseas

The guys talk about how they came to design shoes

Listen and Jon & Tim talk about the floods in Nashville

May 10 2010