Feb 14 2014

Finalists in the Cheesy Valentine contest

Here are the 3 finalists in the Cheesy Valentine contest


1) "Shoes" by Granny B

I Love you more than all my shoes!!
If its a choice its you I'd choose!!
I'd sell them all and have bare feet!!
Cold of winter or in the heat!!
Who needs cute shoes when I have you!!!!
Get rid of them all; old and new!!!!

But wait... those pumps are really cute!!!!
and Oh look it's my favorite boot!!!!
and don't the sling backs have a great heel!!!!
the pumps were on sale, they were a steal!!!!
OH NO... It seems now I might be torn...
but love you more than ones I've never worn?
Even tho I bought them for a dress...
I could wear the tan ones I guess....
Ok wait......
I love you more than any hat!!
It's you I'd choose and that is that!!


2) "Time Out" by Ella and Rose

She puts band-aids on boo boos and ribbons in hair. But when she puts me in timeout, i don't like that chair!


3) "If" by Mary

If you were a football
You'd be a touchdown 
If you were a place
You'd be my hometown

If you were a food
You'd be sugary sweet
If you were on Twitter
You'd be my best Tweet

If you were clothing
A Snuggie you'd be
If I was a lock
Then you'd be the key

If I were the salsa
Then you'd be the chip
If you were a drink
You'd be my first sip

If you were a pizza
You'd be deep dish
If I had a genie
You'd be my first wish

If you were a cow
You'd be best in show
If you fell from the sky
You'd be winter's first snow

If you were a pillow
You'd be the cool side
If you were a lion
You'd lead the whole pride

If you were a status
I'd like you first
If you were water
You'd quench my thirst

If you were a thought
You'd be first in my mind
A treasure like you
No other could find!

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Feb 12 2014

Crazy Cold Weather Around the US

As you are probably aware - there is some really cold weather out there! The NJ Office of Emergency Management offers tips on being prepared for stormy weather including tips on getting your home ready such as: 

  • Clean your fireplace or stove and have your flue checked for any buildup of creosote. Be sure other fuel burning equipment is properly vented to the outside.
  • Protect pipes from freezing
  • Inspect and flush your water heater.
... and more at the link above.


The CDC (Centers for Disease Control) have some health and safety tips on their Winter Preparedness page.


Check out The Weather Channel with news about Winter Storm Pax covering the Southeast of the U.S.


Of course, the best plan is to stay inside if you can, but if you need to go out, here's what a listener shared with us:






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Feb 10 2014

Scott & Kelli's Cheesy Valentine's Day Contest

Announcing the "Scott and Kelli Cheesy Valentine Contest!"

We want to hear your best Valentine...could be something super-sweet about your spouse, funny about your kid, silly about your turtle or what you like about that stranger in line for coffee. Be creative! Winner gets a KLOVE prize pack!

Enter by emailing scottandkelli@klove.com. Winner will be announced on Friday during the 3pm PST hour.

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