Jun 13 2012

Special Guest Author Gregory W. Slayton

Author of the book Be A Better Dad Today! Gregory W. Slayton is our special guest today.

Why write a "Parenting" book?

10 Tools Every Father Needs

How Wives Can Pray For Their Husbands

Cropped pants give men a leg up on the fashion competition. USA TODAY 

What's Your Soap Opera Name? HLN Scott's is Spike Plotz and mine is Roxy Thines...Really?

Paralyzed Teen Fulfills Vow to Walk at High School Graduation. abc NEWS 

'Little Darth Vader,' 7: 'I feel strong' facing surgery. TODAY

Why write a "Parenting" book?

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Jun 08 2012

Special Guest Artist Interview

Big Daddy Weave  our special guest today, listen to the interview below.

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