Nov 19 2010

Christine Avanti's tips for surviving Thanksgiving dinner!

Did you know that at Thanksgiving dinner, the average American consumes more than 4,500 calories and 230 grams of fat? 


And that’s not counting breakfast and late night left-overs!  To burn it off you would have to run for 7 hours or lift weighs for 10 hours or do pilates for 20 hours- good grief!  Thank goodness we have our favorite celebrity nutritionist and chef Christine Avanti (oh- she’s on fire for Jesus too) on our side to help us get through this holiday season- after all this is the most fattening time of the year. 


Christine’s Thanksgiving Survival Tips:


1)  Choose sweet potatoes over mashed potatoes with gravy.


2)  Skip the rolls even if they are whole wheat- they are high in carbs and you will probably find other carbs that you will enjoy even more. 


3) Go for broccoli over green bean casserole or make your green beans with sautéed caramelized onions instead of cream of mushroom soup and fried onions. 


4) Eat the pumpkin pie filling and leave the crust behind.


5) Enjoy white meat turkey with cranberry and nix the gravy.


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May 21 2013

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Pray for Oklahoma

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