Nov 27 2013

Thanksgiving: More Than a Holiday

Thanksgiving is the holiday that so often gets overlooked in our rush to move right on to Christmas, which is unfortunate, since gratitude should be more than a mere ‘thank you’, but a place in which we live as Christians.  More than anyone else, as Christians, we should allow gratitude to shape who we are and how we live, for we have experienced the greatest act of benevolence the World has ever known, the gift of God’s only begotten son.  We should marvel that Jesus would give his life, so that we can live ours free from the death sentence that each of us faced without the Cross.  Jesus paid the debt that is impossible for us to pay. 

 Our response should be to live a life that reflects his love and mercy to others, a life of ‘thanksgiving’. Living in that place of gratitude, more than any other single thing, effects the way we love others.  Unlimited forgiveness ought to be demonstrated with mercy toward others because it is the reflection of a right relationship with the Father. To state it another way, God’s forgiveness of our sins should motivate us to forgive those who offend us.  Jesus shared a parable in Matthew 18, that is a reminder that God expects us to live that way, and never losing sight of how much we have to be thankful for makes that possible.

 We should marvel that God wants us to share in his inheritance by sharing his grace, love and mercy with others, so that they may experience the love of our kind and benevolent king.  Every day should be one of Thanksgiving for us, when we live in that space, we can truly live a life that honors God, and allows his love and compassion to flow through us to others.

 May Psalm 100 be our guide...

Shout praises to the Lord,
everyone on this earth.

Be joyful and sing
as you come in
to worship the Lord!

You know the Lord is God!
He created us,
and we belong to him;
we are his people,
the sheep in his pasture.

Be thankful and praise the Lord
as you enter his temple.


The Lord is good!
His love and faithfulness
will last forever.

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Nov 22 2013

David Crowder!

Writing music, spending time with the guys from Duck Dynasty, squirrels, and the new album...just a few of the things we got to chat about while we hung out with David Crowder this afternoon! In case you missed it, we've got the full interview for you.

And I gets tips on growing the perfect beard...

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Nov 18 2013

Operation Christmas Child - A Shoe box Can Change a Life

Sometimes we think reaching out and loving others is really complicated or costs a lot, but the reality is sometimes the simplest act of kindness can change someone's life.  An Operation Christmas shoe box filled with simple toys, hygiene items and hair clips changed Livia's life fourteen years ago when she was living in an orphanage in Romania.  You can read more about Livia's story HERE.

This weekend Livia shared her story at the K-LOVE Operation Christmas Child shoebox packing party in Pittsburgh, where K-LOVE listeners packed 3,500 shoeboxes to send to kids just like Livia.  Since 1993, over 100 million kids, like Livia, have been reminded that they are loved not only by perfect strangers, like you and me, but by Jesus.  This is national collection week for Operation Christmas Child, it is an easy, inexpensive way to show the love and compassion of Jesus to kids all over the World.  You can find out what to pack in a shoebox and where to drop it off this week by visiting .  

This year, even the Duck Dynasty guys are sending shoeboxes

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