Jul 02 2010

Healthier Cupcakes For Your 4th of July

Eating junk food has a price.  Here are some typical junk foods and the amount of exercise required to burn them off.

Christine’s Freedom Cupcakes  217 calories, 10 grams fat

1 hour walking the dog

Sprinkles Cupcake 475 calories, 24 grams fat

1 hour of climbing steep stairs

Snack size bag of Doritos 250 calories, 13 grams fat

1.25 hours yoga

A restaurant serving of tortilla chips and guacamole: 833 calories, 50 grams fat

2.25 hours of aerobics

Ice cream sundae, small: 279 calories, 7 grams fat

2 hours milking a cow

 For Christine’s cupcake recipe click HERE

Listen to Christine below:

Christine talks about healthy alternatives for favorite holiday foods

Christine talks CUPCAKES!

Jul 02 2010

You Can Go MAD This July 4th!!!

I hope you have an AMAZING 4th of July weekend. I was inspired today by reading USA today, they had a story on how you can Make A Difference this weekend. Here are some of the ideas:

-- Celebrate the 4th by sending a message of thanks to our troops defending our freedoms abroad. Visit the USO.org website to leave your message and be inspired by the other messages of thanks.

-- Or you can dedicate your celebration to the troops, encourages the folks at DoSomething.org. Take a moment of silence for them, or collect supplies for a DoSomething HeroBox to send to military currently serving.

-- Invite a neighbor or lonely relative to join in your 4th of July festivities this weekend. Or drop off a pie or freshly baked cookies to a neighbor or friend who might be stuck at home or the hospital due to an illness.

If you have some great ideas to add, that would be AWESOME!

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Jul 02 2010

What Are Your Picnic "Must Haves"???

So what do you absolutely have to have at you 4th of July cookouts???
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