Jun 21 2010

Have You Ever Had A Run-in With A Wild Animal?

My wife, kids and I were camping this weekend at Lake Tahoe and had a bear raid our campsite and eat all the food out of our cooler. It was a great bonding experience! Have you ever had a crazy encounter with an animal??? ~ Scott
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Jun 17 2010

What Have You Learned From Your Dad???

Kelli and I have heard the most amazing stories of how God has moved through dads. We would love for you to share how God moved through your dad, and how He used those moments in your life. Happy Father's Day and Thanks for sharing!!! ~ Scott
Jun 16 2010

Remembering Your Dad

Father's Day is hard for me since I lost my dad a couple years back.  Maybe it is you for you too...  I think that it really helps to share what you loved about your dad.  


Thanks for sharing... We are going to be sharing some of your stories. ~ Scott