Apr 09 2010

Revenge of the nerds: How Barbie got her geek on!

There's a new Barbie doll coming out and young girls had the chance to vote for what career they thought she should do. The girls voted for "Anchorwoman Barbie." Adults? They overwhelmingly voted for "Computer Engineer!" This got us thinking: what career do YOU think Barbie should have?!
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4/1/2010 7:38:30 PM
Drew United States
I think Barbie should be a Circus Ringleader! It would be awesome!!
4/1/2010 7:43:53 PM
Claire Aslesen United States
Claire Aslesen
On a christian note, seeing barbie as nun would be cool. No, wait, I've got it! A missionary! Wouldn't that be cool? A Christian barbie. To bad it probably will never happen. Laughing

I also think seeing her as a plumber would be hilariously ironic.
4/1/2010 7:44:20 PM
rebecca United States
a vet because that is what I want to be
4/1/2010 7:44:57 PM
bluegirl United States
I just heard about this on the radio, i am 13 and I voted on the new barbie....I really wanted the computer engineer, of course with her awsome high heels Smile
Who else wants to see barbie working at k-love?
4/1/2010 7:45:05 PM
caitlin United States
HAHA I think they should make a mcdonalds worker barbie! Smile
4/1/2010 7:50:07 PM
erin United States
Executive Chef Barbie and Sous Chef Ken
4/1/2010 7:50:57 PM
caitlin valdez United States
caitlin valdez
Yeah it would be awesome with the whole yellow and red colors and the mcdonalds cap! ;)
4/1/2010 7:52:11 PM
Melissa United States
I have a 2-year-old son who LOVES my in-law's farm.  So, for my 6-month-old daughter's sake, I'd like to see Farmer Barbie, complete with blue and white striped bibs, cowboy hat, muddy boots, and a combine.  Chew tobacco optional.
4/1/2010 7:53:22 PM
Ruth United States
Best job ever...mom and then Nana
4/1/2010 7:59:10 PM
Tony United States
Pastor Barbie
4/1/2010 7:59:46 PM
Carol United States
Of course we're overlooking the obvious: A Missionary or Aplogetics Expert. The odds of that are nill but I would love to see it!
4/1/2010 7:59:51 PM
Sue T United States
Sue T
Hi Scott and Kelli,
  I would love Barbie to help our friends in need. Imagine Barbie taking her clothes and food to shelters and to food banks and be a teacher to teach children its better to give than to receive.
Imagine Barbie teaching children we reap what we sow.
  Imagine Barbie taking her clothes and shoes and hats and sunglasses to shelters where kids have very little to play with.
  And better yet, imagine all the money raised for this Barbie the teacher, the giver to be given to homeless shelters, family homeless shelters, food banks and non profits in need of help : )
  Thanks for reading this! I would love for the kids to learn the joy that God gives when we help our friends in need!
  Your sister in Christ!
4/1/2010 8:27:27 PM
Bri Wilkinson United States
Bri Wilkinson
I think barbie should a telephone operator.
4/1/2010 8:31:37 PM
SBert United States
Hmmmm...how about different sort of fast food girl. Like Pizza Hut or Taco Bell. Lol. Put her with the little sombraro wearing dog. Lol.
Or how about a Barbie wearing a Super Suit like Ralph off of "The Greatest American Hero" or make her a prisoner like in "Hogan's Heroes" lol. She can fight the bad guys from with in. Lol. (No, I am not an oldie to know those shows. I am 18 and just love watching oldies.)

4/1/2010 8:54:28 PM
Leandra United States
Safari guide, lol
4/1/2010 9:14:48 PM
The James Family United States
The James Family
My family came up with saveral new Barbie's career choice and they are:

1. Sunday School Teacher Barbie
2.CSI Barbie
3.Military Barbie
4.Police Officer Barbie
5. Social Service
6. Archaologist Barbie
7.Bus Driver Barbie
4/2/2010 3:24:15 PM
colleen 11 United States
colleen 11
I think Barbie should be a gumball machine maker. Smile
4/3/2010 12:15:02 AM
Jason United States
I was reading an article from the Episcopal Diocese of Ohio and then heard you guys on the radio last night talking about Barbie. A church in northern Ohio did "Episcopal Priest Barbie" This was to teach the Sunday School kids what all the Vestments were. Thought you would enjoy this. Here is Episcopal Barbie's Facebook page.
4/3/2010 12:36:22 AM
Malissa United States
Homeschooling mama Barbie. Smile Give her, oh, 6 or 8 kids and be married to Ken.
4/3/2010 9:43:39 AM
tegan United States
i think barbies shold be teaching school to Bratz
4/3/2010 10:16:04 AM
bad subject United States
bad subject
This is a christian radio station and your talking about barbie! a TOY.. I think this is RiDiCuLoUs...! I don't find this positive and encouraging either by the way..

4/3/2010 10:45:56 AM
Randa United States
Barbie should be a School Teacher!!!!!!
4/3/2010 4:36:39 PM
Leah United States
Trapped in the 80's Barbie!  She would wear the Guess Jeans with the zipper leg closure and a fuzzy pink sweater that sheds everywhere!  Hoop earrings that touch her shoulders and get tangled in her back-combed hair would complete the look!  She would also come with a complementary pack of bubble gum.  Awesome!
4/3/2010 5:10:00 PM
bluegirl United States
13yr old barbie, she is a world traveler who likes singapore...and has a pet mouse....and a little brother Smile
4/3/2010 5:19:55 PM
bluegirl United States
1. stay at home mom
2. electrition
3. a nerd herself Smile
4. a quilter
5. a car sales man Laughing
6. a worker at ACI
7. all the girl bible characters, like esther and ruth...possibly queen vashti.
4/4/2010 8:51:52 AM
Katie V. United States
Katie V.
i don't really like barbie but my sister would want one to be a teacher.
4/4/2010 10:11:50 PM
Kenny J. United States
Kenny J.
barbie should be a computer geek. lol
4/4/2010 11:36:55 PM
Rebekah United States
I think a really cute barbie would be a nun barbie or a barbie who does yard work!
4/5/2010 7:54:30 AM
Life United States
A speaker, and someone who encourages people, a politician, computer geek, or a government worker, or just a mother, it depends on Barbie, or a role model, or a dancer,
4/6/2010 6:13:12 AM
Kaitlin United States
I really don't approve of Barbie Dolls. I think that they are a doll that gives an 'image' to girls to look like. And we are perfect in God's eyes (in terms of looks, shape etc. we are are all sinners)
4/8/2010 12:46:03 AM
GodsGirl United States
I have three.
A pizza hut cashier, millatary, and a plumber. lol. Smile Smile I would also like to see her as an electricitan with heels! lol. Smile
4/8/2010 1:41:01 PM
Sarah United States
I would love to see a social worker barbie! Smile lol.
4/9/2010 6:27:27 AM
Gewinne Million United States
Gewinne Million
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4/19/2010 12:52:47 PM
Brittany United States
I think Barbie shoild work at KLOVE Smile
4/21/2010 6:52:33 PM
Mitch United States
Combat Engineer Barbie
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