May 25 2010

What the Craziest Thing You've Seen While Driving???

A MN mom gave birth to her son while driving herself to the hospital... It got us to wondering... What is the craziest thing that you've seen while driving???
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5/17/2010 8:09:19 AM
Katie United States
I once saw a woman driving with her knees through an intersection while holding her hair into pigtails.
5/17/2010 1:26:54 PM
Amy United States
While driving home from a hair cut, my daughter and I saw an entire string of 3 traffic lights fall straight to the ground 100 ft in front of us. The lights were sitting in the middle of the intersection, flashing a cautionary yellow, and we had to drive under one of the cables on the side that was still connected to the support pole. Thankfully there were no cars in the intersection at the time.
5/17/2010 1:27:48 PM
Catherine United States
We decided to pack up our kids and drive from our home in Massachusetts to Florida. We were in the south on the interstate with everybody driving 70+ mph. A full size passenger truck merged onto the interstate next to us. A few moments later, it began to fishtail and immediately went off the road! It was tumbling and boucing throught the air until it came to a rest upright on its wheels. We called for emergency help and pulled over to see what we could do. I fully expected a trauma situation because one, the accident was pretty bad, and two, the section of that side of the road where the truck had been tumbling had many long metal rods protruding from the ground. As i was runnign to the wreck, I was praying "God please help them, please help me to know what to do--just please help!" A moment later, the father (who was the driver) and his teen daughter (passenger) EMERGED FROM THE VEHICLE ON THEIR OWN!!! The only visible injury was a slightly pink and bloodied nose !!!!!
I majored in physics during my college years and let me tell you...I AM CONVINCED we witnessed a miracle! God was absolutely with them--AND I MADE IT A POINT TO SHARE THAT WITH THEM! I am amazed at how the truck at the size it was, speed it was moving and "random" directions it tumbled, that it missed all those poles! And nobody was seriously injured!! We witnessed a miracle! I still tremble with amazement each time I think or speak of the event.
5/17/2010 1:29:38 PM
Susanna United States
I also drove to the hospital while in very active labor.  I looked really funny doing my breathing through the frequent contractions - hu, hu, hu, hu, hu.
5/17/2010 1:30:41 PM
Casey United States
I once saw a van with a air conditioner in the window !! Lol wow it was huge too !!
5/17/2010 1:31:30 PM
Andrew Siminoe United States
Andrew Siminoe
i was coming home from school and i had looked to my left and seen my drivers ed teacher talking on his phone and grading papers. and he tells us not to do that. tisk tisk
5/17/2010 1:32:59 PM
sharon United States
this morning while driving to work, i saw a lady putting on makeup...mascara, lipstick..the works! not only is it crazy, it's extremely dangerous too!
5/17/2010 1:33:15 PM
Stephanie Williams United States
Stephanie Williams
I was driving down the highway and looked at the car in the right lane next to me...The woman was eating CORN ON THE COB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
5/17/2010 1:35:53 PM
Andrea C. United States
Andrea C.
My mom was telling me the other day they were driving on the highway and two teenagers were in this car and one was on the roof trying to do a headstand. They were going at least 70 mph.
5/17/2010 1:41:17 PM
robin United States
a guy flossing his teeth using both hands and using the rear view mirror !  I called the police -  mainly because I am married to one!
5/17/2010 1:47:42 PM
Roberta United States
We were in bumper to bumper traffic on a fwy. in the SF bay area and heard a crash in front of us. All of a sudden the cars in front of us pulled out of the middle lane and we saw a car spinning out of control down the middle lane about 500 ft. never  hitting one car. It was so surreal!! Only the Lord could have protected that mother and child and gotten all those cars out of the way.
5/17/2010 1:48:23 PM
Autumn H. United States
Autumn H.
my sisters and i were driving home with our friends from a busy day at school (we carpool) and we drove by this car with 3 Asian people in the car (not trying to be racist and one was obviously driving and one was sound asleep with his mouth wide open and one was just sitting there and the driver was driving with his foot. it was crazy and we are started laughing at it.
5/17/2010 1:48:48 PM
Becca Hastings Nebraska United States
Becca Hastings Nebraska
My friend Markii Frasure saw a dog in a car seat on the interstate LOL 8)
5/17/2010 1:51:46 PM
Michelle United States
Craziest thing I've seen driving down the road was a guy in a red car that had an american flag painted on it. The guy was reading sheet music while driving down the interstate. lol. We joked saying he was practicing the national anthem
5/17/2010 1:55:12 PM
Becca Hastings Nebraska United States
Becca Hastings Nebraska
I forgot 1 thing my older sister's best friend WAS PUTTING IN HER CONTACTS WHILE TEXTING ON HER WAY TO SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
5/17/2010 1:57:33 PM
Mary Ellen United States
Mary Ellen
When pigs fly......
The craziest sight I saw was while we were driving thru Illinois one Sunday afternoon and what we thought was a bundle of pink fiberglass flying over the highway was actually a pig. (Not good for the pig)  A farmers truck back gate unlatched and the poor pig actually flew up in the air, cars swerved all around and it landed on the highway.  We saw the farmer pull over and we passed the pig after it had just landed.  
5/17/2010 2:00:56 PM
Joyce United States
I once saw a lady holding her chihuahua AND smoking a cigarette while driving down a busy street at about 45 mph!
5/17/2010 2:05:06 PM
Andrea Flores United States
Andrea Flores
I once saw a man eating the BIGGEST turkey leg while driving drinking a HUGE Arizona drink!
It was hilarious becuase my mom rolled down her window and asked the man if she could have some, turned out the man later showed up at our church !! Oh My mom was blushing ! She had just ask the special speaker for some chicken !
5/17/2010 2:07:01 PM
Tania United States
When I was a freshman in college, my best friend and I were travelling about an hour to meet some friends.  We were running late, so we both finished our make-up in the rear-view mirror on the way.  After we finished our make-up, I PAINTED HER NAILS while she drove, one hand at a time.  Looking back, we laugh to remember it, but it was really dangerous!
5/17/2010 2:09:50 PM
Tania United States
After my senior prom, six of my friends and I piled into my parents' red mini-van, along with two life-size, cardboard-cut-out clowns, and dozens of helium balloons!  I drove, but I couldn't see or hear my friends in the back seat for all the balloons!  
5/17/2010 2:13:17 PM
Cherie Armstrong United States
Cherie Armstrong
When I was younger and in 4H my mom and dad would take the back seat out of our Fiat hatch back car and put my miniature horse in the back seat and my mom would drive me across town to various 4H events.  So many times people would slow down and do a double take to see a small horse in the back seat.
5/17/2010 2:15:46 PM
Mary United States
The craziest thing I have ever seen while driving was on a road trip to AZ.; there was a truck driver steering his semi with his foot while talking on his cell phone. It's the scariest thing I've ever seen anyone doing while driving.
5/17/2010 2:20:29 PM
Jenny Lawhon United States
Jenny Lawhon
I saw a police woman driving down the highway texting!!!!! And they tell us not to do that!!!!
5/17/2010 2:41:52 PM
dani United States
when i was a freshman in highschool some friends and i were driving down the highway with some lunitic. while he was driving he crawled half way out the window then started screaming and wanted me to grab the wheel. my friends had to literally pull him back in the car so he wouldnt get was insane!!!
5/17/2010 2:47:58 PM
Linda United States
The craziest thing I ever saw was when I was driving on a 4 lane local road (not a highway) and looked over to the lane next to me and the guy driving was not only driving but reading the paper and eating a bowl of cereal. He must have been driving with his knees. Oh, the newspaper was covering the steering wheel.
5/17/2010 3:38:55 PM
patricia United States
I seen a pickup truck driving backwards on the 210 freeway he didnt hit anyone he must of been going 60 mpr in reverse
5/17/2010 4:03:06 PM
Kay O'Dell United States
Kay O'Dell
I once saw a lady reading a book to her child while she drove.
Absolutely nuts!!
5/17/2010 9:13:24 PM
Ruth Tapia United States
Ruth Tapia
The craziest thing I have ever seen was a police officer snorting cocaine as he was waitng for his light to turn green! He didnt even know I was next to him as he was doing it!
5/17/2010 9:13:32 PM
Maricruz United States
well this actually happend to us while driving. lol my mom dad brother and sister & my sisters boyfriend and i were headed to church. and the car started to get hot so my dad pulled over and my brother and dad get out and smoke comes out of the car my mom sister and her boyfriend and i ran out of the car and we made it on time to get out and the car exploded. alot of cars passed us without helping us. i was scared and wanted to cry because thank God no one got hurt and suddenly this pregnant woman came and pulleed over and helped us c[: and 2 guys came too and offered us sodas (because it was sooooo hot) thats the craziest thing!!!!!!!!!!!
5/17/2010 9:54:01 PM
Richard United States
Growing up my dad had taught the 3 of us how to play different card games.  Well, when we drove several hours on any given trip he would get bored (so would we).  He would have us pull out a deck of cards and deal a hand of "5 card draw."  We would go through one exchange and compare our hands.  There was no gambling for multiple reasons.  We didn't have any money and he was deaf.  He would drive with his knees and hold the cards with both hands and turn his body a little cockeyed to preserve the secrecy of his hand.  Of course, we never played when mom was in the car.  Now, my wife gets irritated with me when I drive with my knees.
5/17/2010 11:34:38 PM
stephanie m United States
stephanie m
One time while driving with some friends to a CRU conference, we saw a guy in the car next to us playing his trumpet. He was the driver.
5/18/2010 8:09:40 PM
Brooke N. United States
Brooke N.
We lived in Japan for 5 years, and it is not uncommon to see people with the newspaper open, reading while driving, or men shaving on the way to work.  Traffic is THAT bad!
5/18/2010 10:23:01 PM
Jana United States
I have to admit, when I was in high school....many many years ago, a friend and I drove to Dallas from Little Rock.  I had cruise control on my car.  While I was driving, a car full of cute guys passed us.  My friend and I changed seats while we were driving and then passed the cute boys.  They passed us again and we changed again and passed them again.  This went on for about 20 miles.  Kids don't try this.

5/19/2010 6:10:31 AM
sandy United States
I was driving in downtown San Antonio and someone put a doll HEAD on the top of the back seat, then made the head make a full turn around. MAN THIS FREAKED ME OUT TOTALLY!! IT LOOKED LIKED A KIDS HEAD. ALL I COULD SAY WAS JESUS!!
5/19/2010 6:26:33 AM
Melissa A United States
Melissa A
I once saw a man playing the violin while driving!
5/19/2010 6:44:27 AM
Christopher Mack United States
Christopher Mack
I was driving down the road and saw a young driver actually going down the road with his drivers door propped open by his foot.
5/19/2010 6:50:51 AM
Judith United States
Friends at church had told me that a gentlemen (fellow member) read the paper while driving to work in the next city. While driving into the city to an appointment I passed him on the highway and sure enough, he was reading the paper with the care on cruse control and he was all reared back in the seat. I could not believe what I was seeing.
5/19/2010 1:03:04 PM
Colby Canada
Hey Scott and Kelly! I know this has nothing to do with people doing crazy stuff while driving but I was wondering if I might be able to enter the 'Next Great Artist' Contest if I live in Canada and 12

Please reply
5/19/2010 2:20:16 PM
Saffron United States
When I was 4, my mom left my 2 younger sisters & I in the van (like one of those utility types these days)while she made a phone call at a friend's house. My youngest sister was fasted into an umbrella stroller. I jumped in the driver's seat and managed to get it into neutral. I moved that wheel back and forth, because that's how they drive on TV when you're 4!!! We backed down the hilly road, jumped the curb and went down a steep grassy sloap. In all, I totalled 3 cars and ruined the brand new snow tires. My mom was pregnant at the time and ran down the hill chasing us. She said the van rocked back and forth on the grassy hill, but never did tip over. To this day, she is possitive God sent angels to keep that van upright!
5/19/2010 2:23:06 PM
Saffron United States
While driving down the interstate late one night, I was going about 70 mph and two cars pass me at the same time, one on the shoulder and one in the right lane.
5/19/2010 2:46:32 PM
Kathi Harpst United States
Kathi Harpst
A friend of mine saw a man crocheting yesterday!
5/19/2010 9:57:06 PM
Teresa Stroud United States
Teresa Stroud
While driving to the LA Airport after working in a nearby city I was stopped at a stop light and a lady in the car next to me was screaming for help?
She was on the passenger side of the car but it was in the left turn lane.
She kept screaming at me "Help me, he is going to kill me'!!!!
I followed the car as far as I could, then pullled over to call 911. They put me on hold. After I gave them my information & described what had happened & the car,I just prayed they would look for this lady. I still don't know if they ever did??
5/20/2010 4:53:22 PM
Rich R United States
Rich R
Many years ago, my wife and I took a used car out on the road for a test drive. It was to be a car for her so she did the driving and I sat in the passenger seat. A sudden lightening storm pulled through, lightening hit a tree about 50 feet in front of us near the room and a pretty good size branch fell to the road in front of us. My wife was in a panic mode and simply drove up over the branch instead of stopping. It was quite scary. Still to this day, I'm not sure how we managed to get over that huge branch. Needless to say, we bought the car.
5/26/2010 11:30:47 AM
Brandy United States
i saw a man comming of a military base wth a eletric piano keyboard in his lap playing it and the passanger was stering the car!
5/28/2010 11:17:23 AM
Melanie Gibb United States
Melanie Gibb
We were driving on I-15 through SLC, and I looked to the right and there was a guy driving and playing a trumpet at the same time! I had to do a double-take. That was one of the most usual and funniest things I have ever seen in my life! Smile
1/7/2011 4:29:41 PM
jackie United States
I was headed down a steep hill in Wisconsin, and realized that it was glare ice and i wouldn't be able to stop. So I took a sharp quick right and plowed into the hillside snow bank. ON PURPOSE !
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