Oct 25 2009

hello from Indy

Hope you're having a great Sunday (if you're reading this on Sunday:)  My family is in Indianapolis for a few days, enjoying some cool, sunshiny days.  Now that our pledge drive is over, all of us are just having a "thank you" weekend, thanking God for His favor and presence during the past few days of our fall pledge drive.  It felt like a revival at the K-LOVE studios.  There was so much prayer, many heartfelt conversations in the hallways, and a lot of deep reflection.  In the midst of the drive, K-LOVE lost a dear employee and friend.  Keith Whipple left earth to run into the arms of Jesus.  Instead of a funeral, he wanted a celebration party, which he had yesterday, with many of his friends gathering to celebrate his life.  My favorite memory of Keith was when we had a K-LOVE land-lover cruise for all the employees who didn't go on the K-LOVE cruise a few years ago.  I remember him in a Hawaiin shirt, holding my son Jon David for a picture, with the biggest smile on his face.  That memory stays with me the most.  He was Eric's boss here at K-LOVE when Eric first got here, so Eric really knew him well.  We're happy for Keith, that he's in heaven.  And we ask that you pray for his family because they are hurting.  (I just found the picture of Keith and Jon David--see below.)

Even though I'm not posting the Proverbs for a few days, keep reading one a day for each day in October, and I will, too.  I like the idea of us growing together.  We visited a church here in Indy today, and it was a wonderful worship time and a wonderful sermon.  We sure hope you have a church you get to go to regularly.  It makes all the difference when it comes to spiritual growth.

Okay, we're going to go enjoy the rest of our day, and a few days off.  Talk to you again on Wednesday.  Call Eric Monday or Tuesday morning and tell him about your weekend, or whatever:)  800-900-1300.  AND ENJOY ALL THE PLEDGE-DRIVE-LESS MUSIC!!!  :)

blessings and k-love, Lisa 

From January 2008, Jon David Williams and Keith Whipple

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10/25/2009 6:41:30 PM
Ryan Bernardin United States
Ryan Bernardin

We ran into you at ignite Chicago a couple months back.  We have just been blessed by you and others at K Love.  We live here in Indy and are enjoying the new stations that K Love has purchased.  Thanks for all that you do for our faith thru the radio.  This station truly is a blessing to us.

The Bernardin Family
10/26/2009 7:08:09 AM
tricia United States
I cannot tell you how much I love and rely on listening to you and Eric on the morning show.  Getting out of bed each day has become nearly impossible.  I have battled with depression for years.  And the last year has been the worse for me because my husbanc lost his job almost a year ago.  It is a daily struggle to provide for our family which has been blessed with 5 beautiful children under 5!  So, there has been several moments where I would have surrendered to my demons if I did not have your bright reminders of God in my life.  Thank you.  You have saved me and my family several times!!!  Keep the beautiful faith!
10/26/2009 12:52:09 PM
Lin Hunnicutt United States
Lin Hunnicutt
You guys make me laugh and I love how you pray for the show every morning when you sign on.  I just wish that we had a KOVE affiliate here in Columbia SC, but the stream on the internet is great too.  Keep on keeping on with the faith.
10/27/2009 8:53:16 AM
Jeanne United States
I was in Indianapolis this summer for a children's ministry conference and took some extra time to go to the zoo.  It is a fabulous zoo that I think your family will really enjoy.  I would love to hear all about your experience petting a shark.  Enjoy some family time - you deserve it.
10/27/2009 9:05:39 AM
Annette United States
Hey there Lisa and Eric!  I was just reading some of the above messages and had to pop on to say I also love waking up to your morning prayer.  My alarm goes off at 6:00am Eastern to K-love, and before my feet hit the floor I join you guys in your morning prayer, I love it.  And you have also made me laugh when I really needed it too!  last summer I went through a rough break up and there were days I was crying on my way to work, then Lisa you would say something silly and I would instantly start to laugh.  Just love you! I'm so thankful for you guys and this station. I've never spoken to either of you, but you are my brother and sister. God Bless.
10/27/2009 3:31:42 PM
Grace Caruthers United States
Grace Caruthers
Every night,I turn on K-love and in the  morning, I wake up to the Morning Show! I'm 13 and when you're young, it's easy to find yourself very distracted when you first get up. It's really good to have a station that starts your day off on the right track. Thanks!
Ps. I thought I'd comment because I live in Lafayette!
10/28/2009 10:45:37 AM
Margaret Arden United States
Margaret Arden

I am also a Shreveport gal. I would rather be able to talk to you on the phone about this, but here it goes.  I heard you say over the aire that your Dad worked on the TP Railroad for 41 years.  Well, so did my Dad.  His name was Andy Bishop and he worked out of the Hollywood yard, in Shreveport.  He left there in 1965 to move to Arizona because of arthritis of the spine. What was your Dad's name?  I feel such a connection to you & your Mom.  Sister in Christ, Margaret
10/28/2009 3:02:25 PM
Kathleen Kelly United States
Kathleen Kelly
Lisa and Eric, I have been a loyal K-Love listener and supporter for the past nine years. I live on the East Coast and wake up to your show just as you sign on in the morning.  It always strikes me how very early you have to get up to broadcast from CA. I am sure the pledge drive was exhausting to all of you in the K-Love family,and I wanted you to know how inspirational your own testimony of faith in God's plans for K-love were to me.  I remember one morning when Lisa was talking about how she would run to do God's  work and another day when she talked about praying to God for $100,000 so she could support the work of a ministry she loved.  Your testimony challanged me to compare my thoughts and actions to Lisa's willingness to serve and she inspired me. I was reminded that our God is a BIG God and we should be praying for BIG things all the time.  Keep up the good work and GOd bless you all.  K2    
10/28/2009 7:15:29 PM
Katie United States
Lisa I really enjoy listening to you. You have the cutest personality! My children and I jam out to Klove in the car or actually I just do and they watch me like I'm a little crazy.  Have a blessed day in Jesus and thanks for always being so positive and so joyful. Being positive is not an easy thing to do and a definite sign of Godliness and holiness.
1/14/2011 7:46:00 AM
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