Jan 05 2010

The Love Dare

Receive this as a warning.

This forty day journey cannot
be taken lightly.

 It is a challenging and often
difficult process, but an incredibly
fulfilling one. To take this dare
requires a resolute mind and a
steadfast determination.

It is not meant to be sampled or briefly
tested, and those who quit early will
forfeit the greatest benefits. If you
will commit to a day at a time for forty
days, the results could change your
life and your marriage.

Consider it a dare, from others
who have done it before you.



THE SCRIPTURES SAY that God designed and created marriage as a good thing. It is a beautiful, priceless gift. He uses marriage to help us eliminate loneliness, multiply our effectiveness, establish families, raise children, enjoy life, and bless us with relational intimacy. But beyond this, marriage also shows us our need to grow and deal with our own issues and self-centeredness through the help of a lifelong partner. If we are teachable, we will learn to do the one thing that is most important in marriage—to love. This powerful union provides the path for you to learn how to love another imperfect person unconditionally. It is wonderful. It is difficult. It is life changing.

This book is about love. It’s about learning and daring to live a life filled with loving relationships. And this journey begins with the person who is closest to you: your spouse. May God bless you as you begin this adventure.

But be sure of this: it will take courage. If you accept this dare, you must take the view that instead of following your heart, you are choosing to lead it. The world says to follow your heart, but if you are not leading it, then someone or something else is. The Bible says that “the heart is more deceitful than all else” (Jeremiah 17:9), and it will always pursue that which feels right at the moment.

We dare you to think differently—choosing instead to lead your heart toward that which is best in the long run. This is a key to lasting, fulfilling relationships.

The Love Dare journey is not a process of trying to change your spouse to be the person you want them to be. You’ve no doubt already discovered that efforts to change your husband or wife have ended in failure and frustration. Rather, this is a journey of exploring and demonstrating genuine love, even when your desire is dry and your motives are low. The truth is, love is a decision and not just a feeling. It is selfless, sacrificial, and transformational. And when love is truly demonstrated as it was intended, your relationship is more likely to change for the better.

Each day of this journey will contain three very important elements:

First, a unique aspect of love will be discussed. Read each of these carefully and be open to a new understanding of what it means to genuinely love someone.

Second, you will be given a specific dare to do for your spouse. Some will be easy and some very challenging. But take each dare seriously, and be creative and courageous enough to attempt it. Don’t be discouraged if outside situations prevent you from accomplishing a specific dare. Just pick back up as soon as you can and proceed with the journey.

Last, you will be given journal space to log what you are learning and doing and how your spouse is responding. It is important that you take advantage of this space to capture what is happening to both you and your mate along the way. These notes will record your progress and should become priceless to you in the future.

Remember, you have the responsibility to protect and guide your heart. Don’t give up and don’t get discouraged. Resolve to lead your heart and to make it through to the end. Learning to truly love is one of the most important things you will ever do.


Now these three remain:
faith, hope, and love.
But the greatest of these is love

1 Corinthians 13:13


If I speak with the tongues of men and
of angels, but do not have love, I have
become a noisy gong or a clanging cymbal.


If I have the gift of prophecy,
and know all mysteries and all
knowledge; and if I have all faith,
so as to remove mountains,
but do not have love, I am nothing.


And if I give all my possessions to
feed the poor, and if I surrender my
body to be burned, but do not have love, it profits me nothing.


1 Corinthians 13:1–3


Click here to buy a copy of The Love Dare book.  

Click here for a free online journal for the full 40 day challenge.


Material taken from The Love Dare by Stephen and Alex Kendrick, copyright © 2009 by B&H Publishing Group. Used by permission.  Unauthorized reproduction in any format is strictly prohibited by law.


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1/5/2010 3:42:04 PM
Kelly Schmude United States
Kelly Schmude
Do we have to buy the book to participate?

How does it work?
1/5/2010 3:48:38 PM
Sarah Sistrunk United States
Sarah  Sistrunk
I started reading the book last nite and I plan on rereading the first chapter again. My husband, children, family, friends, and students deserve a better me.
1/5/2010 4:42:08 PM
Nanette United States
Count me in!  My sweetheart and I will celebrate our 20th anniversary on Valentine's Day this year and I can't think of a better gift than my heart - deeper and more in love than ever!!  It is my testimony that God is all about restoration!!  Looking forward to this journey, thank you!
1/5/2010 4:55:41 PM
Donna daniels United States
Donna daniels
Eric and Lisa:
Thank you so much,
You have already started a good tradition between my husband and myself. Right now we are resorting to using one car between us to go to our jobs.  It has started becoming a time between us to talk and since we live in Va. at six am when u pray over the radio we pray with u and before we seperate in the morning we pray together again. We believe that it has brought us closer together and my husband says he misses mornings when we are not together. Thank you for taking the time to pray in the morning and starting the day off right.
1/5/2010 4:57:40 PM
Jon & Mar United States
Jon & Mar
we're in... How do we get started...

love the station and the show..
1/5/2010 5:01:33 PM
Missy United States
I am really excited to participate! I was yearning for my husband to buy the book and do this for me but since he hasn't, maybe it was laid on my heart for me to do and not him after all. I will be trying to follow along just on line since I cant afford to buy the book right now. I am techno - illiterate so I'm not all that sure that I will know how or where to write the log. Do you have any step by step how to's for that?
1/5/2010 5:02:25 PM
Lisa and Adryan United States
Lisa and Adryan
I am going to do this because I just got discovered and I need to try to have some good people in my life to help me along I am trying to go to God and now him and to have the life I never had being married really was not good to me and my husband was not good to me Thank you Eric and Lisa for doing this I pray that it helps everyone if they are married or discovered or not married this will show you all how life really is my life has changed since I became to know God my heart.Bless you both Bless K-Love,
1/5/2010 5:40:38 PM
Julie United States
My husband and I are going to take the challenge and go with you guys. We are looking forward to what God has in store for us as we practice Godly ways. Can't wait!!!

Russell and Julie Custer
1/5/2010 6:18:17 PM
Cali Eddy United States
Cali Eddy
Cant wait to start! What a great idea, thank you!
1/5/2010 6:33:21 PM
Priscilla United States
Count us in. This is a wonderful way to start the New Year. I(we) are excited.
1/5/2010 6:35:46 PM
Robert and Brenda United States
Robert and Brenda
How do we do this together???
1/5/2010 6:43:51 PM
Robert and Brenda United States
Robert and Brenda
Were in 2
1/5/2010 6:53:06 PM
Shanna United States
I have decided to take the challenge. I cant wait to get started.
1/5/2010 7:01:27 PM
Rosa United States
I am in.  My sister-in-law called me to let me know about the challenge since my marriage is on the rocks and I am trying soooo hard not to give up.  I know it will take courage and wisdom from my part, but I will do whatever it takes to keep my marriage together.  I love this man with all my heart.  I know that I chose him for a good reason.  God put him in my path.  My marriage is still very young 3 1/2 months and yes already having marrital issues, simple ones that can be resolved but I am having a difficult time pulling him back in.  We need help!!  He wants to give up and I know that he is a strong man, however, I would like to see him be strong and believe in us.  I hope that this challenge works out for both of us and we can become a testamony.  Please pray for us my husbands name is Antonio and he is a good man.  Thank you for all your support and it feels wonderfull knowing that I have something to look forward to.  Lots of love to my sister-in-law that keeps us in her heart and prayers and for believing in us.  I love you sissy you are awesome.
1/5/2010 7:13:48 PM
Sharon Raffety United States
Sharon Raffety
I don't have the book but would love to follow along>>ive been married for 22years and have been waiting on my husband to make a commitment to God and serve him. he supports me with my relationship with God but says he does not feel the same way I do. He doesn't want to let go of things in his life that hinders his walk with the lord i pray His eyes are opened!
1/5/2010 7:21:22 PM
Kristine United States
I heard about this on the show this morning and I'm thankful you guys are doing this. I just started reading the book two days ago. My husband and I have been struggling in our marriage for over 4 years. I saw Fireproof (the movie really hit home for me) and got the book, but my husband has no interest in either. All I can do is pray and ask God to help me change to be the wife he created me to be. Thank you for doing this. I hope many people are blessed because of it.
1/5/2010 7:41:18 PM
Karen United States
Last year during Lent I gave up complaining about my husband. The benefits and grace that came from that small effort (wasn't as hard as I thought it would be) were astounding. Hard to put into words. As if when I put in a little bit of effort, God did the really heavy lifting.  

It is time to do something again along those lines - this looks like it might be perfect!
1/5/2010 7:59:33 PM
Melissa United States
My husband and I have had some rough roads this past year. I have decided to get on board with the Love Dare; however, I have chosen to do it like the movie and pray he will join along.  I have had the book for almost a year but keep putting it off.Thanks for the inspiration to do everything in my power to trust God to get us through.
1/5/2010 8:05:44 PM
Brian United States
I am, and I look forward to having fellow listeners of klove to be my accountability partners. I look forward to the next 40 days and see how much God will teach us for loving, after all LOVE does cover a multitude of sins. Thanks K-love!
1/5/2010 8:40:58 PM
Lorie United States
Recently married the most wonderful man.  We'll be joining you on this venture.  Looking forward to strengthening our love & commitment to each other.

Do we need to purchase book in order to participate?
1/5/2010 9:15:22 PM
Andrew United States
How do we get started...
1/5/2010 9:37:05 PM
Jerry United States
I'm in... great idea!
1/5/2010 9:56:19 PM
Norma S United States
Norma S
I am doing this with you all for the sake of our marriage. I love your station. I can't think of anything better to be doing than rebuilding my marriage. God Bless you all..love and prayers. 32 Years next week of marraige,,,,,A good start.
1/5/2010 11:28:26 PM
Rita United States
My marriage has been on the rocks for MANY years.  I have disassociated myself for quite some time as a matter of survival.  My husband has no interest in marriage counseling; therefore, I've pursued counseling on my own.  

I recently asked God for another sign/reason to stay in the marriage.  Lo & behold, I heard you discussing the Love Dare challenge yesterday.  Today I read 1 Cor 13:1-3.  

I've just now dusted off the box which contains the video, Dare and journal from under my desk.  It's been there far too long.  

Please pray that this challenge provides discernment and has a positive impact on my marriage.  Thank you.
1/6/2010 12:32:59 AM
Ron & Tammy United States
Ron & Tammy
My wife and myself are in and up for the challenge.  God Bless you for what you have done to spread the word of the lord!!!
1/6/2010 1:08:32 AM
Eric and Lisa, God bless you greatly I read through the lines and I think I have been blessed already. I am about starting a relationship which I want it to end up in Marriage. I really need this book for guidance during this period. God bless you guys and God bless Klove.

Abiodun in Nigeria
1/6/2010 1:16:25 AM
dESiREE United States
I AM NoT MARRiEd YET buT God WilliNG-SooN =) I AM VERY EXCiTed 2 shARe MY hEART & loVe WiTh a SPEciAl SoMeONe. We loVed The MoVie & look FoRWARd 2 ThE JoURNEY...dARe Me To ShaRe ALL MY loVe. As WE TEll ThE ChildREN "ShaRiNG iS CARiNG" WhaT bETTER ThAN ThE hEART...I ThANk God FoR ThiS oPPoRTUNiTY & FoR kLoVe. 24/7 kLoVe iS AN iNSiRATioN To MYSElF & MY FAMilY. We loVe UUU KloVE & All ThAT SUPPoRT iT!
1/6/2010 2:23:52 AM
Alice United States
Thank You Lisa and Eric. Keep listening to God's voice!
1/6/2010 2:57:23 AM
Jay United States
I am looking forward to this. I receved Fireproof for Christmas and enjoy the movie.

Question-Is it possible to to update the information earlier? It is almost 6am 1/6 where I am at and I can not get back to the internet until noon. I would like to see the day's dare before we all head out the door.

1/6/2010 3:46:06 AM
Jean United States
I love this challenge...not only can we practice it with those we love;we can use it for those we meet day to day.

I have been working on my patience and perserverance for awhile now. It is amazing what has happened in my life.

This world needs more love!!! Thanks for all you do.

Bless You
1/6/2010 6:18:56 AM
cyndi United States
I'm in. I'll let the husband know and see if he wants to join me. If not, I'm still in. Smile

I'd also like to challenge all the single people to try this challenge, but pick friendships that are important to you to practice the dare on. It's good to have these traits down before you get married - hopefully it'll make things a lot easier on you and your future spouse.
1/6/2010 7:13:16 AM
Erin United States
I'm in! I am so excited to have a place to communicate with so many other people who are going through this together. I know God will show us all some amazing things through this. Thanks for daring me!
1/6/2010 7:33:40 AM
Melissa United States
I am taking the challenge and have challenged my girlfriends in my address book to do the same!
1/6/2010 7:43:43 AM
Kiki United States
Count me in. . .I did the LOVE DARE last year around this time and BOY it was great. . . HARD, but what BLESSINGS. . .at the time of the DARE i did not see the FOREST for the TREES but now I see my BLESSINGS. . .I decided why not do it again and so I pulled my book out and started reading last night so that I could be ready for the morning. . .I actually told my 9 year old to do the same for today well without explaining the book (she is too young and there is no need to explain) but she can practice patience as we all can. . .So my family is practicing their PATIENCE today and I pray for Always. . . GOD is GOOD all the TIME. . .
1/6/2010 7:57:53 AM
Donna United States
I have decided to take this challenge and because I am a single mom I am going to do this for my 4 children.... To say NOTHING negative to any of my children will be tough. That is very sad to realize and my children deserve much better
1/6/2010 8:05:14 AM
Tanya Pedraza United States
Tanya Pedraza
I am gonna do the Love dare.. cause sometimes i find my self being the mean one...Sometimes i tell my self i am gonna change but i always fall short.....My husband is very nice and always there when i need him. So i think he deserves for me to change the way i have been towards him.. I love this 2nd chance Love dare..
1/6/2010 8:34:33 AM
Melinda United States
I am so excited for my sister-in-law, Rosa, who has taken on the Love Dare Challenge.  When I heard K-Love announce this yesterday, I immediately thought of Rosa and one other friend. (I didn't know that my sister-in-law and my brother were still having marital problems).  My thought wasn't about their issues, it was more focused on their love for God.  I believe with all my heart that their relationship with God will hit another level as they turn to Him to help them in this challenge.  I was so excited that I went to my friend Diana and asked her if she saw the movie Fireproof.  When she told me, "No", I went on my lunch break to the Family Christian Store and bought her the movie AND the journal!  I told her, "If you watch the movie and don't get anything out of it, and don't plan on doing the Love Dare Challenge, pass it on to someone else!"  
I spoke with my daughter, who is 16 years old and told her what K-Love was doing and asked her if she wanted to do it on her little brother.  My son is 11 years old.  She said yes.  So when I went to the Family Christian Store, I picked up the journal for her too.
I was only planning on doing it in general.  I am single, so I don't have a significant other, but on my way to work after speaking with my sister-in-law, I made a decision to be more specific.  I am doing the Love Dare on a co-worker who I don't get along with to well.  I'm not sure if it's on my part or her part but I am believing God to break down our communication barrier that we created.  Keep us in your prayers and my brother and his wife in your prayers also... Much Love!
1/6/2010 9:12:07 AM
Jenn United States
I love to learn new things to try and better myself as a wife,mother,daughter,and sister. I will join in the LOVE DARE.  I NEED to learn to to live life to the fullest and WITH and FOR God!
1/6/2010 10:23:46 AM
brittany United States
Im taking the love dare challenge! Im so excited! My marriage isnt bad, but theres much room for improvement! Yay!
1/6/2010 11:49:21 AM
Ron United States
I went through the Love Dare book last year. My wife started it but did not finish. Our marriage has been under attack and we believe that God has something greater for us. We are taking a mini break from youth ministry. Our senior youth minister called me and told me about the program. I will listen every morning.
I need to be more proactive (instead of passive) in my marriage. It's like the old adage: if it is worth having - it's worth fighting for.
I love my wife and I know with God's help we will win!
1/6/2010 11:53:34 AM
Adel Arrizola United States
Adel Arrizola
As I read Day 1 I realized more than ever, I needed to do this, more for myself than anyone.  There are things that I need to change about myself to build upon and bridge what relationships I have. I am engaged to a wonderful man. I love him dearly. God brought us together for a reason. I don't know why ~ but God does ~ His plans are greater than those of my own ~ and that is what I have to remind myself of daily. I must be obedient and submissive to God first, then my future husband, and so forth - With God first, everything else will fall into place. Faith is believing in something that cannot be seen.

This is not my first marriage, so all the more, I want to succeed. I want to grow old with him. I want to fulfill each and every vow I make to him.

Love truly is a choice.
1/6/2010 12:09:58 PM
Rena United States
Been married to a wonderful Christian man for 27 yrs but every marriage can use strengthing. Count us in.
1/6/2010 1:11:39 PM
Patsy United States
My husband & I are christian "babies", as we just joined a wonderful church a little over a year ago. I was raised up in church and he was not, but I had fallen away from my beliefs in the past few years. We met and married in 2002, but shortly after my husband became disabled with a lung disease (COPD). Now he has alot of other things going on like diabetes, high blood pressure, etc. We are both in our late 50's. So that puts me the major breadwinner as he is on Social Security and cannot work. This has put a lot of stress on our marriage and at times I get to where I get a just "don't care anymore"  attitude. Thank you, Jesus, for K-Love and the Love Dare to help our marriage and to help me cope with everyday pressures. I can't wait to grow in my faith and marrige!
1/6/2010 1:38:43 PM
Sandi United States
Please, Please, Please consider the warning at the front of the book and do not just dable in the process.  
My husband and I are going through severe marital problems.  He picked up the book and told me he was going through the process.  It made me feel very special - more than I had in a long time.  Then he stopped at day six because it was to hard for him to continue (he told me this is why he stopped)...  and it crushed my heart.

Please only do this if you are going to follow through to the end.
1/6/2010 2:13:17 PM
Susan United States
I am in!  Your message about the most difficult person to live with is one who is impatient - struck me hard...  I have been impatient for a while and my family doesn't want to be around me.  It is a cycle because the less they want to be with me, the more upset I become.  So today, with God's help I am choosing to be patient.  I look forward to 40 days of challenges because at this rate I am not going to have a good Valentine's Day unless I make a change in myself.  Thanks for the encouragement and prayers.
1/6/2010 3:52:26 PM
Wynn United States
My husband, Don, and I are doing the challenge.  I shared this challenge with my children and their spouses and my Mom and Dad.  I am praying that this challenge will bring us closer together and help me be a kinder gentler human being.  God bless us all.
1/6/2010 4:02:43 PM
cassandra United States
Im in too. Me and my husband has had problems in the past and were separted for awhile we are back together now but the road is still rocky. Pray for us.
1/6/2010 5:09:48 PM
LisaB United States
I am so glad to join you in this dare!! I just received the book and audio book for Christmas and I was just starting it when you did, although I am a day ahead. That's okay because I love to review! And I am working the night shift so I get to listen and review from the day before. You are the best and have helped me through many tough times! May God richly bless the work you are doing!
1/6/2010 6:16:00 PM
cassandra United States
im in too. me and my husband  has had problems in the past and we r still on a rocky road i'm just about to the point i want out now before it was him now it is me just pray for me as i do this dare.
1/6/2010 6:21:25 PM
michelle United States
It says to say nothing, when I say nothing, my husband starts in on "why are you mad, what did I do, are you mad, etc. etc"   it's hard to say nothing when he does that
1/6/2010 7:02:48 PM
crystal United States
Like many others, I was listening to k love just at the right time. Our marriage has been in trouble for the last year. My husband works nights and does not know that I am doing this. I pray for the Lord to give me the strength and desire to carry this out. My marriage is worth it and so are my children. They deserve a happier mom.
1/7/2010 3:40:04 AM
Aaron United States
I just did the love dare about three months ago and I truly believe that it (along with a lot of prayer all through it) changed/fixed our marriage.  Once I finished it, i promised myself i wouldnt slack off from the "new me" it helped create.  Much to my shame, I have... I pray God will give me strength to go through it again along with you fine folks; hopefully THIS time, it will stick for good.  As someone else already said - my family, spouse, friends, co-workers, etc... deserve a new me.  May God bless all those who take this seriously.
1/7/2010 12:07:10 PM
Renee United States
My husband is very difficult to live with. Very controlling,very disrepectful, I am knocked down all the time,doesn't speak kindly to me.I became a submissive wife in a wrong way.To the point of feeling no more life. I asked my husband to join me with this dare, but he could not commit,his way or no way, I am going to do this, what a wonderful journey for myself, and to know so many others are out there doing it with me!!!THANK YOU K LOVE for this opportunity to grow!GOD IS AN AWEOME GOD!
1/7/2010 12:46:04 PM
Linda United States
I just finished the Love Dare a couple of months ago. But I have been thinking about it ever since I stopped doing it. It really transformed the way I think about my marriage on a day-to-day basis. I remember in the movie how the father explained that when he finishes it, he goes back to the beginning and starts over. I would love for my husband to have a greater heart for the Lord, so I know it is important for ME to have a greater heart for the Lord first by being more Christ-like. I want him to feel like he is married to Jesus! And the only person that can make that happen is Jesus, not me. The Love Dare helped me so much to specifically pinpoint one thing each day that I could make better. I am excited to see what work God does in me and my husband this time!! Thank you, KLove, for getting me restarted!
1/7/2010 12:59:58 PM
Heather Mac United States
Heather Mac
I'm in!  My hubby and I actually received the books for Christmas from my mother who knows we are trying to follow God's will in our marriage.  We are on Day 3 and I feel stronger already.  It has not been easy, but I know it will be an invalualbe resource for our marriage and family.  God bless!

Great idea . . . I think I will post my journey on my blog too!
Heather Mac
1/7/2010 6:26:38 PM
Maureen United States
This is such a great idea!  I've tried everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, to improve my marriage with my husband.  He's been resistant to doing anything I've suggested so far, but, for whatever reason, he's actually doing this Love Dare with me! I had planned to do it by myself, but decided to give him one last shot, so I emailed the info to him at work to see what he thought about it. He didn't say much except requested that I send it to his personal email. I've been doing that the last two days and today noticed he was reading it!!  This is the first time I've ever felt real hope for our marriage in quite some time. Now I know why God led me to KLove! I'm actually hoping that by his reading scripture that he will have a conversion and develope a relationship with Jesus through this program as well as work on our marriage--nothing is too big for God!  Thank you SO much for providing this opportunity for so many people to reignite their marriage.  
1/7/2010 9:29:34 PM
T United States
I've been married to a wonderful man 33 years.  We are having challenges but I will not give up standing for our marriage. GOD is Love and Love NEVER fails. I'm committing to the Love Dare and want to encourage every married person to never give up, no matter what.  Commit to putting GOD first, look up and trust HIM, not your circumstances.
1/8/2010 7:01:56 AM
Sharon Mahoney United States
Sharon Mahoney
I loved the movie and the love dare idea.  So, I'm really excited to get started.  I hope not to burn out of enthusiasm.  Our marriage is actually really good, but we could definately benefit from more unity under God, growing together.  I'm starting with the love dare and have great expectations from God.
1/8/2010 8:23:16 AM
Kacey United States
My mom has been sending me the dares daily.  My husband and I have been having some rough times lately and I am hoping this can help me in my role as a wife and in turn lift him up as a husband.  Thanks for the encouragement and the support.
1/9/2010 7:00:01 PM
steve peiffer United States
steve peiffer
I love my wife very much and although are finances are tight and we have had our issues, God has seen fit to keep us together and bonded as tight and as well as a couple can be.  I want to do this so that I can only appreciate her more than I already do if that is possible.  She is a wonderful woman and I can never do enough to show how much happiness she has brought to me.
1/9/2010 11:07:19 PM
Sherry Bellis United States
Sherry Bellis
I challenged my husband of almost twenty years of marriage to complete this dare with me as the 14th of February is the day I asked him to marry me after dating on and off for over a year. June the 9, 2010 we will celebrate 2o years of a fairy tale marriage with God leading the way. I could not have had a better dream come true!
1/9/2010 11:12:58 PM
Sherry Bellis United States
Sherry Bellis
Dear Renee,

Just know that many of us will be praying and lovng you no matter what. I hope this helps!

Sherry from Texas

Renee United States
My husband is very difficult to live with. Very controlling,very disrepectful, I am knocked down all the time,doesn't speak kindly to me.I became a submissive wife in a wrong way.To the point of feeling no more life. I asked my husband to join me with this dare, but he could not commit,his way or no way, I am going to do this, what a wonderful journey for myself, and to know so many others are out there doing it with me!!!THANK YOU K LOVE for this opportunity to grow!GOD IS AN AWEOME GOD!
1/10/2010 6:24:01 PM
Marlee United States
I was so excited when I first heard about this Love Dare while listening to KLove. I feel that this will be a perfect way to shake off the chains that have held me down last year and start anew. I'm only 18 years old and still in high school, so I don't have a husband to go through this process with me. I'm doing this for myself and for my family. They deserve way more respect and love than I have been giving them. Thank you KLove for leading me to this challenge and I wish everyone the best of luck on this endeavor!
1/13/2010 6:04:05 AM
Lola United States
My husband and I are taking the test, although I am blessed to have such a wonderful husband who, everyday goes the extra mile to show he loves me and makes me feel like a princess. I am thankful that God brought us together. Together, we have 5 beautiful children and are blessed beyond compare. I wish each of our kids could find the type of love we share. We have had our share of rough times, but with faith, love and God we have been brought through each storm to be made stronger. Thanks KLOVE for this wonderful challenge. After these 40 days, I hope each person will continue to show love, kindness and compassion for their mate.
1/20/2010 11:47:54 AM
Carrie Cuellar United States
Carrie Cuellar
Marlee that is fantastic especially since you are so young.  Good luck girl!
1/10/2011 7:22:29 PM
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