Feb 19 2010

Kirk Cameron - Love Worth Fighting For

We had a chance to chat with Kirk Cameron this morning. Many grew up watching him grow up on the TV show "Growing Pains", but these days Kirk is all about growing healthy, Godly marriages.  He starred in the movie "Fireproof" (which inspired the "Love Dare" book) and now is travelling the country with musician Warren Barfield on the Love Worth Fighting For conferences

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2/19/2010 6:01:56 AM
Debbie Riggle United States
Debbie Riggle
Lisa & Eric:
Just listening to your chat with Kirk Cameron this morning and want to ask for your prayers.  My husband and I have been married 21 years, and have struggled seriously for the last few years. I believe in my heart that my husband has a faith grounded in Christ, the problem is that he has never been able to share that faith with me or our children.  As a result, I end up being the only one modeling prayer in our home to our three children.  I long for him to become a strong leader in our marriage and a living example of a faith-filled father to our kids.  His resistance to sharing prayer with me(us) is a source of great pain for me, and thus our marriage.  We greatly need to have God as an active participant with us in this marriage.  The one-on-one relationship he has now is not benefitting us the way it I believe it could.  I'd love to get him to one of Kirk's conferences to see if something would spark him to step into the role God says is HIS to own. Pray that the Holy Spirit of God will give me the right words to use in talking him about the opportunity tonight.  Lexington is quite a distance from Indianapolis, but I think the trip would be worth it if it would inspire him to make our marriage a three person partnership.  Thank you.
2/19/2010 6:02:06 AM
Marla Brewington United States
Marla Brewington
I'm glad to know I wasn't the only one who had Kirk Cameron's picture on my wall.  In fact I had at least 3 or 4 of them.
2/19/2010 6:19:21 AM
Aaron United States
We did a Fireproof emphasis in our church a year ago and Warren Barfield was with us sharing the "pretzel" story. It was an amazing testimony to the weaknesses we all have and the need for the redemptive grace of Jesus. It was also a story of commitment and working through the things everyone deals with in marriage. Thanks Warren and thanks K-Love! - Pastor Aaron Reed, Portsmouth, OH
2/19/2010 6:39:03 AM
Erica United States

I just woke up to the radio and you were saying how you ate a whole box of girl scout cookies in one sitting. And I was thinking is there any other way to eat them. I too have eaten a whole box in one sitting almost once a year. I have ordered my cookies and I know when they come I will most likely eat the whole box in one sitting. Thank God they only come out once a year.

2/19/2010 6:44:02 AM
judy United States
i loved the movie and the book, as well as the love dare book. i saw the movie by myself and read the book on my own too. but it has helped me realize not to give up on my marriage, (i sent a copy of the movie and the book to my husband), even when were in the middle of a divorce. thank you so much for opening my eyes to what GOD truely wants from me as a wife. my husband and i have been seperated for 2 years and we live in 2 seperate states, hes in the military and has strayed far from GOD. he use to be the spiritual leader in our marriage. i ask you to please pray for the restoration of our love and family.  and thank you again for all the people associated with the love dare and klove.
2/19/2010 7:17:19 AM
"Sunshine" United States
I waited and waited, but had to go to work and I missed the Pretzel Story...will you post it on KLove website?? Thanks!

God Bless and Ride Safe... Smile
2/19/2010 8:17:48 AM
Jaci United States
I missed it! Will you post the interview with him on the website?
2/19/2010 8:21:41 AM
Tracey United States
I am cuurently in the middle of Love Dare.  By no means has this been and easy task for me.  I am at day 16 and started the book about three months ago.  The great thing is you can pick this book up and try, try, try again.  
My marriage was falling apart at the seams.  After attending Retrouvaille our marriage has been the pilar of strength that I envisoned it being when I walked down the isle to my husband.  This work is not handed to us but it is possible to come back from a dark, hard place and get that marriage that you have always wanted.  I recommend this book and I definately recommend Retrovauille.  
Many Blessings,
2/19/2010 8:32:08 AM
Julie United States
My husband and I really need to get to one of these conferences, I have been looking online for airfare, we live in Texas. Financially ,It's just out of my hands, I pray God will provide a way for us to get there. We have been dealing with some very hard issues, and when I heard this on the radio this morning , I  felt some hope, and then when I saw where the conferences where it seemed impossible, but I know that's not true!  
Praying for a way...thank you for all your inspiration, I don't know how I could get through the day without you guys!~ Smile
2/19/2010 9:13:56 AM
Suzanne Brewer United States
Suzanne Brewer
I was listening to you guys this morning when you were talking about the movie Fireproof. My husband and I have the most beautiful story. It's truly God's story of restoration in our marriage. I married him thinking he was a believer and after 13 years of a Rough marriage he finally gave his life over to Christ. When that happened there was a lot of confessions made. I was ready to end our marriage when my sister said to first look up in the Bible what God says about divorce and forgiveness. I realized it's not about me. I asked the question how can God be glorified in this mess? I made the decision to do what God was asking me to do. It was hard, but in the end so rewarding. When I told my husband I wanted to forgive he told me the only way we can do this is by starting over. He said he wanted to date me the right way and then remarry me. That is exactly what we did. We dated for 5 months and then we had the most beautiful wedding. We have 3 children that got to experience this picture of Christ. This is what the cross was for!!! I am living a miracle. I'm married to the most wonderful man in the world. Thank you Jesus! You women going through similar situations need to get on your knees every day. Do not give up on your marriage! Nothing Nothing is impossible with God!
2/19/2010 9:25:21 AM
judy United States
thank you so much for your words s. brewer, you gave me the hope that i needed today. GOD bless you.
2/19/2010 9:41:44 AM
Cindy Bear-Kelton United States
Cindy Bear-Kelton
Wow.Wow. God Bless your heart so Debbie Riggle. Your story is my story. Only Joe & I will be married 1 year on March 7. I never get on this website--never. I was listening to K-love this morning & listened to Kirk Cameron. I don't want to be in this anymore & I know I am wrong. Before I met Joe I was alone--no boyfriend no dating--for 8 1/2 yrs. It was me & Jesus & my life was complete. I love Joe so. He has gone to church with me since we've been together. He is a hard one. It's hard for him to believe in it--in Jesus. My heart is sad. I told Joe to pray with me to fix it. He said he prays alone but can't pray aloud with me. I have told him over & over that we can't do this without God being the center of our marriage. God is the reason we are together. He's very country & set in his ways. And he's a quiet person--very quiet. He hold's alot inside. I don't push God on him--no I don't. But he knows God is my Strength & without Him I am nothing--no good. Thank you ALL for loving Him. Everyone on this site. Lisa & everyone at K-love. We are not alone. What a huge Blessing to have believers in our lives whether we know them or not. I will pray for you Debbie Riggle. Thank you for who you are Lisa. Thank you for Blessing SO MANY lives daily. Thank you for what you are doing Kirk Cameron. I wish so much that Joe & I could go to one of your conferences. That would be more than a Blessing to me--us. You're awesome. You're a huge Blessing in this world. By the way, we live in Austin Texas. Thank you all.
Cindy Kelton
2/19/2010 9:43:21 AM
Cindy Bear-Kelton United States
Cindy Bear-Kelton
Also, I need the book y'all are talking about. Where do I get it Lisa?
Thank you
2/19/2010 12:58:45 PM
Faith Sisters in Christ United States
Faith Sisters in Christ
i love Kirk!
2/19/2010 1:58:51 PM
Frederic Guerini United States
Frederic Guerini
Hey Im looking for  advice on Home Restoration. Have Any help on where to look?
2/19/2010 3:28:14 PM
Caleb United States
Everyone listen to Mrs. Brewer!   She is sooo right!!!  It is on your knees every day fellowhiping  Jesus Crist and praying for your hhusband!     Prayer  is the power of Jesus Crist in us!  Remeber How Jesus prayed and  hoe the inpact it had after he wasw done!!!!!    I will join wiht you my sisters and brothers who are strugaling in prayer for yaw!!!   Jesus sadi when one part of the body suffers so do we all!!!  So let all of  us as the body and family of God pray for those who are hurting and  have hearts broken!!!!   WHO WILL JOIN ME?!  WILL IT BE YOU?!
2/19/2010 3:38:12 PM
Caleb United States
2/19/2010 5:53:53 PM
Melissa King United States
Melissa King
I just wanted to thank you for doing the Love Dare on your radio station. I listen to you guys every chance I get and this morning when I heard about the the Love Worth Fighting For Conference. I was so excited and wanted to attend, because Fireproof was such an eye opening for us in our marriage.  My husband and I are doing the Love Dare and the Fireproof bible study together.  We have already grown so much in our relationship and closer to our Lord and Savior, but feel that there is a lot more growing for us to do! Thank you so much for all you do.
2/19/2010 10:16:29 PM
Kim Galvin United States
Kim Galvin
My marriage wasn't the greatest - but looking back - I believe I took my husband for granted. We have been together over 20 years and would've celebrated our 19 th anniversary in June. Him losing his job and being unemployed for almost a year didn't help matters either. Especially when he decided to spend WAY too much time on the computer - which led to Facebook and finding friends to add led him to look for "old" loves. When he started adding old girlfriends to Facebook - I knew our marriage was in serious trouble. When he started talking about divorice - I was in shock! There was NO way I wanted a divorice as we have 2 young boys (ages 11 and 15) - not to mention - he was "my first love". I was desperate to try anything to try to save our marriage. Our Pastor suggested we watch Fireproof your marriage - he got upset after we watched it. My Pastor asked him to call him after he watched the movie - which he did. He wasn't impressed with it - but gave me the sign that I should do the 40 day Love Dare - and I was all for it. I poured my heart and soul into it and I'm sure he was loving every minute of it - who wouldn't. I thought things were going well and that he was feeling the love - even though he had moved his sleeping quarters downstairs and didn't want to sleep in the same bed - I still kept working hard - only to find "love letters" on his email to an old girlfriend he had when he was 18 and she was 14!!!! He had written that he had never loved like that before and all he wanted to do is make her happy.............broke my heart - I didn't kick him out - I wanted him to stay. I wanted to forgive him (as they haven't actually been together that I know of - as she lives in California...........as far as I know - they have only been in contact by phone and computer. He left us Dec. 26th and plans on divorcing me - I am heart broken beyond words. My 15 year old is devastated and really doesn't want anything to do with him - which makes me sad - but I understand exactly how he feels. The sad part about it is that he only cares about his own happiness - he doesn't care about how many hearts he broke. They arent even together - they're both just "fantasizing" about being together. I even wrote to her when I found the love letters and told her that I loved my husband and didn't want a divorice - but obviously - she doesn't care. My husband claimed he was a Christian and brought our family to Christ years ago - now it seems like he's thrown it all away. We were even baptised together in 1998 when I was pregnant with my second son. I thought we would be togther forever...... to the end of time - now he's left us and we are struggling every day to try to just get through the day. The words he wrote me only a little over a year will forever "burn in my heart" We watched the movie "Notebook" and he wrote on a little piece of paper to me "Though I talk a tough talk - sometimes I just try to get you to listen to me - I love you as much as he loved Allie. I will forever be by your side - NO MATTER WHAT"!!!As I pray every day - that he would be a "man of God" and not a man of flesh.Oh how I wish he would stand by his word and believe that. If he would come back - I told him I would do a 40 YEAR love dare - that is how much I want our marriage to survive this crisis............he just shuts me out and says all of his love for me is gone - cuts like a knife. My heart was shattered when he walked out of our lives Dec. 26th, 2009.
2/20/2010 9:46:49 AM
marcy United States
Love is everyday of our life. Its eternity.

I grew to understand that Kirk doesn't want publicity that he's married to someone else with his six year old son.

Love is hard work while it is there in our everyday life.
2/22/2010 10:31:37 AM
M United States
My fiancé and I watched Fireproof as part of our Valentine's Eve celebration with each other. We decided to watch the movie because it was recommended to us by a friend and because my fiancé, as a firefighter, was looking forward to picking apart the fire scenes. I never heard him utter a word of criticism but by the time the movie was over we were both moved to tears. My fiancé and I both have survived painful divorces (Is there any other kind?) and we are entering into our second marriage hopeful but a little more realistic. We knew that marriage is hard work and requires unending communication and prayer but this movie opened both our hearts. It showed me that I need to work on loving unconditionally. I have the all too common tenancy to hit back harder when I feel I've been wounded. It showed my fiancé that he needs to dig deeper into God's word and become more active in the church. As if to drill it even deeper into our hearts, the sermon in church on Valentine's Day was about God's unconditional love. How's that for God speaking to us? By the end of the service my fiancé committed his life to God and asked to be baptized. I thank God  for everyone who made this movie possible and I praise God for His unending, unconditional love that He gives to all of us, even when we push Him away.
2/24/2010 9:34:04 PM
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2/25/2010 11:42:34 AM
Melissa United States
Kim G. I just want you to know that I am praying that God will do a miraculous work in your marriage.
2/25/2010 4:13:12 PM
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