Jul 23 2010

Baby, Baby

Producer KC and Jessica's baby girl is due August 6th!  KC's got that "Oh my, I'm about to be a daddy" glazed, giddy, nervous way about him these days.

Whether you're single or married, childless or the parent of many-- you have some wisdom to share.  You have a deep thought on what matters most, what thing has helped you the most, what you wish you "would have known back then."  Maybe it's an observation you've always wanted to share about parenting.  Maybe it's something someone told you many years ago.

Throw some wisdom KC's way in the comment section.  And in a few days, we'll print your comments and put them in Elliana Joy's baby book.

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7/23/2010 3:40:52 AM
Gail United States
If I had only one point to get across on parenting it would be to never rush through your child's life.  We have a tendency to think are they ever going to hold their bottle, are they ever going to walk, are they ever going to talk or feed themselves or get potty trained.  Life with your child is so short, enjoy every minute of it that you can.  Make up your mind that it's okay if your child is not on the same schedule as everyone else's and love that child through every milestone. Make time to play. You can't get back time.
7/23/2010 3:41:13 AM
Paula United States
Enjoy the time now, all the little things of being a parent. Because in no time.......they become teenagers. LOL

My former husband use to say...He had a talk with each of my sons in the hospital nursery. About not crying and sleeping through the night, if you don't, your not coming home. LOL
7/23/2010 3:47:31 AM
Elise United States
Kc, I have two things for you:
1. Little girls learn a ton about how they should be treated from their dads. Show her how she should be treated and be there for her when her heart is broken
2. As girls get older, the drama starts. Just be that constant encouragement that not only do you, your wife and God love her, but God can use her jumbled up mess. We are dealing with that right now with our nine year old
One other thing I started with my boys: after a time out, we talk about the offense and then pray that they will learn to do what's right and remember the love that we have for them. You will be a great dad.
7/23/2010 3:49:31 AM
Pittsburgh Listener United States
Pittsburgh Listener
Remember that children are God's blessings bestowed upon us.  Everyday I thank God for the precious bundle that was given to my husband and I to care for (even though she is a teenager.)

Thank you Klove for being in Pittsburgh.
7/23/2010 4:07:35 AM
Betzi United States
I am a mother of four. Two boys 22 and 5; Two girls 15 and 12. Personalities are ALL different. One thing I learned is to always show you love them in everything and every decision. When they become teenagers and you think they aren't listening to you or seem like they don't want your advice still show them love and hug whenever they let you no matter what because they are listening and they want the advice. Even if you are mad or they are mad always hug whenever you can. Love love love.
7/23/2010 4:08:39 AM
Grandma KK United States
Grandma KK
The thing that most impacted my relationship with my children and grandchildren was realizing that they're not just my 'children', they are my 'brothers and sisters' in Christ.
Jeremiah 29:11 God has already planned out their future, and we have been blessed with the opportunity to share in helping them find out what God has in store.  Watching and paying attention to help THEM become aware of the gifts God has placed within them is such a joy; its like a treasure hunt every day--to reveal God's precious treasure He placed in them. As they grow, their strengths and weaknesses give us clues as to what their calling in life is.  What a joy we know it is to be living life right in the very center of God's plan for us-and we get to help these 'brothers and sister' on that journey.
(I know this is wordy-so you can paraphraze)
7/23/2010 4:11:36 AM
Betzi United States
I am a mother of four. Two boys 22 and 5; Two girls 18 and 12. Personalities are ALL different. One thing I learned is to always show you love them in everything and every decision. When they become teenagers and you think they aren't listening to you or seem like they don't want your advice still show them love and hug whenever they let you no matter what because they are listening and they want the advice. Even if you are mad or they are mad always hug whenever you can. Love love love.
7/23/2010 4:15:54 AM
Betzi United States
my daughter is 18 not 15. Yeah I'm still trying to keep it together. Lol. My previous comment I put she's 15 but she's 18. Sons 22 & 5. Daughters 18 & 12.
7/23/2010 4:47:16 AM
Melissa United States
When there is an amazing moment, soak it up & mentally store it so you can visit it again when you need to smile!  There is plenty that we have to teach our children, however, there is so much more that they will teach us...be willing to listen to God in those moments.
7/23/2010 5:03:02 AM
Tim United States
KC, Everyone you know is filled with advice on what to do and how to do. Don't listen to anyone. Be willing to seek advice but beware of those who offer without invitation. Find your own way.
7/23/2010 5:10:44 AM
Rick Moon United States
Rick Moon
As a father of 5 daughters, I realized just how imperfect I am.  Also, how imperfect my daughters were.  The expectations we put on ourselves and our children sometimes are too high and unachievable.  Allow them to make mistakes and don't judge them for that.  They then will do the same for you.  I also realized that any man can be a "daddy."  But being men of God we are called to a higher purpose, to be a father.  We can't be just the father our children want, we need to be the father they need....this means sometimes we won't be too popular.  God will honor that relationship though and your rewards will be endless.  The bond between a father and his daughter(s) is very strong and extremely important so don't shy away from it...have the courage to be a father.  My daughters are 30, 28, 22, 20 and 16 and they are the joy of my life.  Your daughter will be too.  Peace and joy to you.
7/23/2010 5:25:15 AM
Suzie Eller (T. Suzanne) United States
Suzie Eller (T. Suzanne)
Enjoy the sweet moments. Ask for help when you are tired or overwhelmed. Trust yourself, and your love for your sweet baby girl. You are going to be an amazing daddy.
7/23/2010 5:26:13 AM
Michelle United States
Love them unconditionally, celebrate them every day, hug them, kiss them, tell them you love them, show them you love them, laugh and sing with them, NO matter what the circumstance. Realize they are gifts and be thankful for them. Choose your words and actions carefully--the impact you have on them if far greater than the world. Dont be too hard on yourself or your wife--we are human and we make mistakes,learn from them and stay strong in your marriage. Your children, and anyone they bring in your home will benefit from this.
7/23/2010 5:44:50 AM
Jo United States
I have been blessed with a fantastic daughter, now 23. Some of our most precious moments have been when we've snuggled up before bedtime and talked about the day...this has been where we've learned to laugh, cry, communicate, and pray together.  Even now, we call or text each other almost every night to say "good-night" and "I love you!"; and, when she comes home to visit, you can still find us having late night chats before bedtime.  So, never underestimate the power of being "tucked in tight!" by a loving parent.  God bless you and your new family!
7/23/2010 5:49:01 AM
Mike Walter United States
Mike Walter
KC,as a child of the Lord yourself, you understand the love you have for Him, your wife, your family, and your friends. The moment you hold your child in your arms a new love explodes. You will understand the Love is how our Lord Jesus feels for each of us and when a new soul returns to Him. Glory to God. Holy Spirit rising up. What a joy.
7/23/2010 5:51:35 AM
Stacy United States
Hi KC..My biggest advise is just enjoy your time with this precious gift from God.  I am a first time grandmother and I realize when he is with me how much more I actually pay attention to him than I did my own children.  When my children were younger I was more worried about the house being clean and clothes being washed and getting supper cooked to really enjoy them.  Just remember you alway have later to clean but they are only this small once.  They only take that first step once, they only say daddy and momma for the first time once, they only get that first tooth once and so on.  In other words, Don't sweat the small stuff and enjoy today with this precious gift you have been blessed with.  Good Luck and God Bless!
7/23/2010 5:57:30 AM
Jill United States
I do not have any children--maybe someday.  But my big advice would be to READ to her as often as possible.  It will help her learn to love reading, which will make her time in school easier.  The Bible is the most important book, but there are lots of other great stories out there, too.  Pray with her often, teach her to love the Lord with all her heart, and to love her neighbor as herself.  God Bless!
7/23/2010 5:59:34 AM
Kalynda United States
Enjoy cuddling, because it won't last forever.  But also be willing to put them down, so that they can explore/grow on their own.  

Crying won't hurt them, but it might hurt you.  Every time my baby cried, I suffered (my husband says he didn't suffer as much as I did).  Still do, and she's 2.5

And practical tip - buy wipes by the case.  The She won't out-grow wipes for a LONG time.
7/23/2010 6:12:16 AM
Karen United States
Remember to sleep when they are sleeping, when they are babies. Always love them even when they don't want your love.

The most important thing to remember is they are watching everything you and your wife do, say or actions.

Best wishes,
Mount Airy, NC
7/23/2010 6:24:37 AM
Catherine United States
When my first baby was just weeks old, I had put her down for a nap, she was crying and I was in the debate, "do I pick her up, do I let her cry a bit and see if she falls asleep???" My mother was there and said, "You're the mother, so whatever you decide will be the right thing." WOW! that was so freeing to me I WAS THE MOM! I also have told friends of mine struggling with wondering if what they are doing is right that God knew what kind of parent they would be when He gave that child to them, so even if it's not exactly what someone else is doing trust God and your unique parenting/family situation - He will give you wisdom every step of the way.  AND enjoy every stage - don't mourn as they get older - just enjoy it!!
7/23/2010 6:28:07 AM
Karen United States
Love much, laugh alot and be consistent even if it hurts or is not poplar.
7/23/2010 6:29:58 AM
Brenda Turpin United States
Brenda Turpin
Never get too busy to spend time with your child/children.  "Life" can get distracting - but remember God has placed this child in your life for a purpose.  No matter how busy my father was building his business - he *always* had time to go to every one of our games, school events, and church activities.  Stay involved - always.
7/23/2010 6:30:58 AM
Jen K United States
Jen K
The journal idea is a great one, but you should write a letter/note DURING labor. My husband wrote a journal and note during my labor. I was a little too busy and in pain to know that he was even doing it. So it was sooooo neat for me to read it afterwards and see things from his point of view. He talked about us getting there, what it was like for him to sit there and watch me in pain, the excitement he had inside him to meet his son. The hopes he had for the boy in future, etc.....
7/23/2010 6:31:59 AM
Cristina United States
Don't judge your marriage on the first year of your daughter's life. Smile When your wife cries, don't ask why, just love her and appreciate the hormonal rollercoaster she is on...it won't last!
Both my children (Addison - 3yrs; Dawson - 9 months) are blessings. God has now given you a tiny teacher. Embrace the lessons!
7/23/2010 6:33:41 AM
Evangelina Morningstar United States
Evangelina Morningstar
when i had my girl my bro told me:
out of all the people in the world God choose you to be her mom.  believe in your self.
7/23/2010 6:33:57 AM
Mindy United States
Never let you children see you and your wife disagree on anything.  There will come a time when your child wants something.  Be sure to talk to your wife (in private) about it before you say "yes" or "no" to your child.  Otherwise, your child will pit you against your wife.  

My husbands aunt gave us this advice when we started having kids, and it works wonderfully.  I just say, "I need to talk to Daddy first" and our 3 kids know that whatever is decided, is the final decision, and we are together on that decision.
7/23/2010 6:34:13 AM
jen curry United States
jen curry
Just remember 2 things, it's all about the head & the butt.  You hold the head & hold the butt.  You feed the head & feed the butt.  Seriously everything else doesn't really matter, lol!
7/23/2010 6:34:41 AM
Anna United States
LOTS and LOTS of prayer.  Surround your baby in prayer.  I recommend using the Power of a Praying Parent by Stormy Omartin  and pray for your baby every night, and keep doing it over and over.  Pray a prayer over the baby's room before they spend their first night in it.

God's Blessings
7/23/2010 6:34:44 AM
Josh United States
Children are like little sponges, soaking up everything around them.  Surround them with Godly talk, Godly music, Godly friends and BE a Godly example for them.  Always remember Proverbs 22:6 "Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old, he will not depart from it."

The best thing about being a Papa?  (I have 2 year old twins.)  Coming home after a day of work, leaving everything that happened that day out in the driveway, getting a hug and kiss from them and then just sitting back and being amazed at how much they've changed that day.

God bless you and your wife, and I pray that the birth of your child is wonderfully uneventful and peaceful.
7/23/2010 6:34:53 AM
jen curry United States
jen curry
OOPS!! I mean you CLEAN not feed the butt!
7/23/2010 6:37:19 AM
Linda McCune United States
Linda McCune
Having been a Mommy of 4, they are 24-32 years old now, I was frequently asked, "How do you do it?!"  My words of wisdom have always been you've got to pray a lot and laugh a lot to get through it all.  James Dobson and Bill Cosby were my mentors of those words in my "Mommy" years.
One other thing I stress to young parents is that parenting is the ONLY job that you don't know if you did the job right until the job is done.  There are no memos along the way, no meetings to resolve problems, no starting over to do it better the second time, etc.  Love, Laugh and Pray Always with and over this child!!  God bless your family!  
7/23/2010 6:38:23 AM
Jessica Blend United States
Jessica Blend
Do not compare yourself to any other parent, just trust the skills God obliviously knows you have!!

And the most important. TRIPLE ANTI-BIOTIC is the BEST thing to get rid of a diaper rash!!!!!!

7/23/2010 6:40:55 AM
Arynne United States
As the mother of 3 boys all I can say is help. Don't ask, just do. I don't knwo what happens to women when they become mothers but most of us foget how to ask for help. Maybe it's because we are afraid to let others know we need it. That super mom syndrome. Anyway, just help. Just get up and do the dishes or laundry or get the baby. Don't give her the chance to do everything all the time, and don't say is there anything I can help with? She might say, no I got it, but what she is feeling is please God send me another pair of hands. You are much older then I when I had my first or 3rd, and I am sure much wiser, that should help immensly.
7/23/2010 6:41:48 AM
Kim Russell, Van Buren, AR United States
Kim Russell, Van Buren, AR
Enjoy every Minute, it passes so quickly. I know you want to be good parents.  Use your support system, take wisdom from grandparents and pray about it, God put them there to be a blessing to you both.  Make sure your kids know you are normal and you may miss it at times as we all do.  Ask for there forgiveness and move forward.  God will give you what you need when you need it.  He is the best parent ever.  God bless!!
7/23/2010 6:42:28 AM
Kelly United States
Since your having a girl I say. Show her what interests you. If you like sports let her watch with you. If she has questions answer them. Spend time doing things with her she enjoys and even you enjoy. If she decides she doesn't like sports chances are she wont tell you because she will enjoy spending time with you. If you fish take her. Little girls need to know that daddy's enjoy spending time with them. It teaches them to value and trust you. She will know how to interact with men when she grows up. Always show you wife respect and love because kids see everything even when you don't think their in the room. I would say the same thing to your wife but she isn't hear. Girls crave attention but not as much as people think. It usually takes a little attention each day. Girls spell love TIME.
7/23/2010 6:42:49 AM
Ben White United States
Ben White
7/23/2010 6:45:21 AM
Candelaria United States
Praise in Public and Punish in Private
7/23/2010 6:46:07 AM
Susie Sharp United States
Susie Sharp
ALWAYS have wipes on hand cuz things will come out of one end or the other when you least expect it!! LOL Mother of 3 wonderful boys 15, 13 & 6Smile
7/23/2010 6:46:13 AM
Melissa United States
Do not hit bumps in the road on the way to the hospital. Your wife will never forgive you.
7/23/2010 6:46:31 AM
Michelle Huneycutt United States
Michelle Huneycutt
I just had my son in November..my advice is that if you haven't already, start the baby a savings account. that way when college comes, the baby will have some money saved up for books and such. Smile good luck guys. God bless.
7/23/2010 6:46:36 AM
bridget United States
Dear Casey,

Never believe that your daughters first smile is gas.  No one smiles when the have gas,but a little girl will always smile at her daddy.
7/23/2010 6:46:48 AM
Laura Zielke United States
Laura Zielke
I know you won't be ready for this for a while, but the best advice I can give you is to use www.easypottytraining.com when you're ready to potty train. I am NOT in any way affiliated with this site, but let me just tell you...when you use her system, you can potty train your toddler in 3 days!!! It's amazing and it works. I've done it and friends who have done it had the same success. The diaper companies would keep our kids in diapers from toddlerhood until they need adult help, if you know what I mean. Just remember this site, and when it's time to potty train, you will be so happy!!!
7/23/2010 6:47:58 AM
Pat United States
KC, I've been blessed to guide 4 wonderful children on their fantastic, frightening roller coaster ride called life. My best advice? Don't smother them. Let them be kids. Let them fall, cry, and be disappointed. By experiencing those things and with God's grace and your love, they will learn compassion, forgiveness, perseverance, and strength of spirit.

In a couple weeks you will begin the greatest journey of your life. You will experience emotions that you have never felt before or as strong. This is the hardest job you will ever have in life and also the most rewarding. Enjoy every second.

God Bless,

7/23/2010 6:48:00 AM
Andy United States
Keep your knees bent and breathe through your mouth.
7/23/2010 6:48:27 AM
Michelle R United States
Michelle R
Great advice given so far.

One thing I want to say is don't listen when someone says you hold your baby too much.  There is no such thing!  I read that when your baby is happy it is learning, and I held my son all the time and he is now been tested as gifted.  Is holding him why, maybe not but he had the advantage of learning instead of being fussy that I was making him get used to being alone.

The other thing is a wonderful product called Hylands Teething Tablets.  These are WONDERFUL.  Teething can be awful and they are homeopathic and don't harm the gums or teeth like teething gel, plus they last longer.  Definatly have some on hand because when a tooth emerges at 4 months and your baby won't eat and won't stop crying.. you will be thrilled that you were prepared.  

Blessings on you and your family !
7/23/2010 6:50:30 AM
Rose White United States
Rose White
I am a principal in an elementary school in Albuquerque, NM.  Many of the families in my school are very disfunctional; with mothers or fathers that have left the family or are in jail.  I once heard a saying and I think it is wonderful for every family.  I don't know the author.  "The greatest thing a father can do for his children is to love their mother.  KC, love Jessica with everything you've got, and your child will grow up and call you an "honorable man."  God Bless You.
7/23/2010 6:51:19 AM
Robin United States
Just a few small things.  Don't talk baby talk to him/her.  Talk normal & they will learn from you.  Never put them down even when they do something that you think is stupid.  Always be encouraging when they are learning new things.  But most important is to love them & show them that God loves them.  Enjoy every minute you are with them.  They grow up so fast.  
7/23/2010 6:51:28 AM
Beth United States
Seek Gods wisdom and guidance in everyting!!  Start speaking the Word of God over them even now and get them speaking the WOrd has soon as the now how to talk!!  Get them to start knowing who they are in Christ right away!!  

Enjoy being a parent.

one thing God spoke to me when my daughter was about to be a teenager is that the teenage years do not have to be bad years-like the world will tell you!! you will have your ups and downs, but God is faithful and will see you through and help make them good.  Watch the words that you speak about them and yourself! our words are powerful!  

God bless you and your new family!!  
7/23/2010 6:51:40 AM
Brittany United States
Almost didn't make it all the way through these comments, and I'm going to borrow a few and put them on index cards for my husband.....

We are also expecting a little girl...in roughly 74 days! Our first.....I know it will def. be an adventure...

So my advice is to jump in with both feet....no one is ever REALLY ready for this....God bless you and your little family!
7/23/2010 6:52:18 AM
Brian United States
I'm only 20 and not a parent, but my 2¢: Be consistent and straight forward.

Let your yes be yes, and your no be no. When you tell your child that they'll be punished if they do (or don't do) something, punish them. Don't use empty threats if you're not prepared to follow through. If they learn that rules are meant to follow and not to find a way around, they'll be less likely to find ways around them later, when you cannot stop them; when they start spending more time alone.

That said don't assume you know everything, let your child explain themselves, even if you know you're right. Understanding their view, and then explaining to them why something might not pertain in this instance is how they learn and grow; there's nothing more confusing to a child than having rules they don't know being used to shape their world.

When your child wants to help with any sort of housework, unless there's a drastic reason, let them. There will come a time when you want to start assigning chores, this will be much easier if they have already started helping around the house when it's fun and makes them feel like a big kid.

If you want control of something (how much junkfood they take in), the easiest way is to not have it in the house, but if you have junk in the house, don't allow them to eat it without asking, or otherwise following set rules (two cookies after dinner for a snack).

Choosing your battles is well and good, but don't do so at the cost of the house rules; exceptions once in a while are ok, but don't teach them that all they need to do for a snack is to ask for a pony.
7/23/2010 6:53:15 AM
joanie elbourn United States
joanie elbourn
AS a mom of five, I can say I was not that sleep deprived- it is not a given that you will never sleep again : )
Really, tho, immerse them in Jesus- music, words, games... whatever. Live Jesus before them, so they always, from day one, know He is a real, living person, someone interested in their lives, someone who loves them intensely.
Talk, talk, talk-about anything and everything... it will reap great benefits  when they are teens .. I have two of them right now ! Don;t listen to what the world says is " normal  teen/2 year old/preteen behavior- God has much better ideas !
Pray  , as the Episcopal Prayer Book says," Lord, make our home a haven of blessing and of peace." He honors that request.
7/23/2010 6:53:55 AM
Listening in Pittsburgh United States
Listening in Pittsburgh
Quick, plan a retreat away.  You think you will be able to do this after baby.  Maybe, but not for years.  She will look back on that time and it will get her through a hard day.  Doesn't have to be expensive or fancy.  Just away the two of you.
7/23/2010 6:54:06 AM
Jayne United States
You can't spoil a baby by holding or rocking it too much. I rocked my daughter until she started kindergarten. I would have continued rocking her but I was 8 mon. pregnant and she didn't fit on my lap anymore. At that point she sat close by in a chair and I rocked her baby brother. I read to both children daily from birth until they were old enough to read. Then they had to read to me and to each other. Nothing can replace that time of closeness. Even though as adults they live in different parts of the country they still keep in close touch with each other and with me. There is nothing like the bond of cuddling and reading.
God bless
7/23/2010 6:54:22 AM
Tracey Martin United States
Tracey Martin
There is not enough room AND there is too much room for advice!

We are expecting our first daughter 09/25.  WOOHOO for GIRLS!!!  We have already been blessed by 2 amazing boys, Corbin, 8, and Connor, 6, who amaze me with their love for God already!
What worries me about a girl is God thinks she needs TWO big brothers to look after her!  =)  Uh oh for the dating years.

1-Love them.  Love them enough to protect them at your expense, love them enough to protect them "at their expense."  Realize now that ONE of you will be the "alpha" diciplinarian, and the other will be "alpha" everything else.  =)
2-Find your imagination, you will need it.  I have the hardest time playing Star Wars with my 8 y/o, but just trying excites him.  He knows I am not good at it, but loves me anyway.  =)
3-Trust your intuition, and default to your wife's.  Yes, we mom's do have a 6th sense as we pray more now than we ever have...God is on speed dial.  It also quells arguments.  ; )
4-Let other's help...with housework, esp.  Most everyone knows how to load dishes, laundry, mow grass.  They can NOT sleep for you, breastfeed for you, pay your bills, go to appointments for you...and they feel great about helping.  Then you don't have a dirty house staring at you at 3am when you are exhausted and can not go back to sleep.
7/23/2010 6:54:40 AM
Lindsey United States
Sometimes a baby just needs to cry.
She can be fed, dry and in the arms of her parents, but sometimes a baby just needs to cry.
It does not mean that you are doing something wrong, or that you are a bad parent.  

A lesson I learned the hard way with twins, but patience is a work of tribulation..simply take a deep breath and maybe hum your favorite song or hymn...my twins, now 2 and half, still calm down when I hum Blessed Assurance!
7/23/2010 6:54:58 AM
Amy Moon United States
Amy Moon
I am due with my 2nd child in just over a week... so this advice will come in handy then too. When it is really tough and you are tired, the baby is crying and you keep telling yourself how hard it is to adjust to your life with a new baby... remember your baby is adjusting to NEW LIFE. It really puts things in perspective. Good luck and God Bless!
7/23/2010 6:55:11 AM
Kelly United States
As parents, most of us want a better life and a better everything for our kids than we have had, even if we've had it pretty good.  Make a list of all the things about yourself that you don't like and DO NOT want to pass on to your kids.  Start to change them now and become the person you want your kids to be.  They learn the most by example.... if you don't want them to smoke, but you do, then stop.....if you don't live fit & healthy but want them to, then start to live it yourself.  Be careful on what you expose them to, especially on TV.  They soak it ALL in!!!

7/23/2010 6:57:02 AM
Sherri United States
Hi...mother of 4... 2 of which are twins, the best advice I can give is Proverbs 22:6, put God in the center of her life and she never depart from him. My children are all grown and I still get sleepless nights, the older they get the bigger the problems, but with God it is amazing. We have an awesome God and already God has a plan for her life Jer 29:11  
7/23/2010 6:57:39 AM
Emily Lankford United States
Emily Lankford
If your wife is not able to feed your baby naturaly, if this is the route you choose, encourage her that she is still a wonderful mother. I had a very difficult time copeing with this. 3 weeks of a difficult time I finally realized that the bottle was the way to go. But it was emotionaly difficult for me that I wasn't doing my best. Like other people said just be there for her and encourage her.
7/23/2010 6:59:19 AM
Laurie United States
No advise you haven't already heard. I just wanted to say our beautiful grand-daughter's name is Ellianna Rae! She brings us such joy and I'm sure your Elliana will too! Congratuations!
7/23/2010 6:59:32 AM
Lauren United States
Congrats! When she reaches the minimum weight for the next size up diaper, switch!  That has saved us from many a "blow out!"  Smile
7/23/2010 6:59:46 AM
Cindy United States
My cousin breast-fed her babies.  Since her husband couldn't directly share in that duty, he changed ALL the diapers!  What a blessing to her!
7/23/2010 7:00:01 AM
Bridget United States
No matter how old you children get to be, never miss a chance to hug your child and tell them you love them,. I lost my 24 year old son in November of last year. On the evening before the accident while he was out with friends, I sent him a text just to tell him that I love him. A couple of hours later the accident occured that resulted in a coma due to a devastating brain injury. He passed away a week later. I recieve comfort in the fact that no matter how small the act, that I took the time to let him know one more time that I loved him.
Never miss the chance!
7/23/2010 7:00:26 AM
Amy Moon United States
Amy Moon
I am due with my second child in a week so this advice will come in handy for me as well.  When things are really tough and you are tired, the baby is crying and you keep telling yourself how tough it is to adjust to life with a new baby.... remember your baby is adjusting to NEW LIFE. It really puts everything into perspective. Good luck and God Bless!
7/23/2010 7:01:07 AM
Diane United States
I am a mother of three. Two boys 21 and 18 and a girl that is 8. My advice to you is to be a parent first and "friend" second. I have worked in the school districts and daycare system for over 21 years. I have seen too many parents let the kids make the decissions on just about everything. I can't believe that some parents would even let their 4 year old decide on if they "want" to wear a coat to school. I have seen children show up at the daycare with no coat or in pjs because that is what they wanted or didn't want to do. God has given you the gift of raising the child. He is on "loan" to you. It is your responsibility to train that child to be a productive member of society and the world. Love the child no matter what, but set boundries and they will love you for that. If you set boundries when they are small, they will respect your boundries when they are teenagers and trust me you don't get much sleep then either waiting for them to get home from that "special date" or sitting up with them talking while they are upset. My favorite verse for teens is Psalm 37:4 "Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart". God Bless and never forget the special moments.
7/23/2010 7:01:13 AM
Amy Coy United States
Amy Coy
I am a single mom of an elven yr old girl. I have always celebrated fathers day as my day because i have had to play all roles in my home. However within the last yr i have realized that a fathers role and position is something only a dad can truly fill... Kacey you are irreplaceable in your little girls life, treasure that always and remember God said you were perfect for her. God Bless you and your family!
7/23/2010 7:01:57 AM
Chuck Petersen United States
Chuck Petersen

Life will change forever as you have known it. Girls are great, so great in fact that we have 3 of them. They love on their daddy.

7/23/2010 7:02:42 AM
Robin United States
Congratulations. It is going to change your life in a great way. Children help us realize how God sees us. What a awesome & wonderful responsibility God has intrusted you with. Have some Mylcon drops on hand for belly aches. God bless you.
7/23/2010 7:02:58 AM
Kelly United States
My husband and I have 3 girls; 4 year-old twins and a 21-month old. My pieces of advice:

1) DON'T RUSH through your time with them. I'm still learning this - to enjoy the moments with them.

2) SLEEP: however/whenever you can!! We had my sister-in-law with us for 2 weeks during the last 1/2 of the first month after I had the twins. She got up with them during the night for one of the weeks to give us a break. (She took naps throughout the day so she could do this)

3) GET HELP: don't be afraid to admit you haven't gotten to the laundry for a week. Let someone come bless you any way they are willing to.

4) ADVICE: anyone and everyone will think they have the answer for everything. Use what works and toss what doesn't - what worked for one person may not work for you and your baby! (But, the sleep and get help are necessary - no one will argue those points!!)  Smile

5) MAKE TIME FOR YOU: and your spouse, without baby. You need times to still do what you love (even if it's once every 2 weeks), and your spouse still needs you too!!
7/23/2010 7:05:11 AM
Shaina United States
Congratulations KC and Jessica!  I have three pieces of advice:  Support your wife, trust your parenting instincts, and listen to your baby.  Time passes so fast, my son is now 2 1/2 and I try to enjoy every minute I have with him.  I see God through him and he has been one of the greatest blessings of my life. Oh, and when it gets tough, just remember that This Too Shall Pass!
7/23/2010 7:07:37 AM
Jordan United States
Advice for new dad: It is so easy for parents to be disappointed when their child turns out not to be a miniature version of mom or dad. My parents and I used to butt heads something fierce almost every day. I was and am so different from both of them that they joked lovingly that I was their little alien baby dropped down from another planet. 25 years later all of us finally understand that it's not shared hobbies, shared tastes, or shared personalities that make us a family, it's LOVE. A child may sometimes seem like the ugly duckling of the family if she is different, but God always knows her as a swan.
7/23/2010 7:10:14 AM
Jordan United States
Advice for new dad: It is so easy for parents to be disappointed when their child turns out not to be a miniature version of mom or dad. My parents and I used to butt heads something fierce almost every day. I was and am so different from both of them that they joked lovingly that I was their little alien baby dropped down from another planet. 25 years later all of us finally understand that it's not shared hobbies, shared tastes, or shared personalities that make us a family, it's LOVE. A child may sometimes seem like the ugly duckling of the family if she is different, but God always knows her as a swan.
7/23/2010 7:11:16 AM
Kathy Douglas United States
Kathy Douglas
The best gift you can give your child(ren) is to love their mother.
7/23/2010 7:11:48 AM
Dayna United States
WATER! My advice to you is don't overlook the power of a puddle. Splash in them at every oppotunity. Shoes and clothes can be washed when muddy, moments of sheer joy cannot be replaced when overlooked. ALSO - Whether it's your kitchen sink, bathtub or kiddie pool, when grumpy, put your child in water. She will be thrilled with the sensation of it and you will feel the tension melt away as she giggles and splashes. One of my sons, when in the water, used to shout out loud, "Mommy! I schwim da waawee" To this day, whether I'm frustrated or he's mad, one of us just utters those words and it all melts away.
7/23/2010 7:11:58 AM
Terrence United States
One of the things that I would like to pass on took me too long to learn.  As your child grows, never underestimate the power of asking your child for forgiveness when you are wrong or make a mistake that involves them.  Sometimes as parents, we let pride get in the way.  It has shown my children that I am not prefect either, but that forgiveness is powerful.
7/23/2010 7:17:09 AM
Monica Rader United States
Monica Rader
Babies are very precious.  Don't take for granted that you may have a healthy baby.  I had a very healthy pregnancy with triplets.  They were born May 1, 2003, two boys and a girl.  At 5 months, Lily was diagnosed with SMA, Spinal Muscular Atrophy.  She passed away at 7 1/2 months.  3 years later, I had another baby, Mason, and he died at 6 weeks with the same genetic disorder.  Thank God I have two healthy boys, Corban and Dylan, age 7.  But life is not certain.  We don't know how long God has in mind for us on this Earth.  Love your baby every day that you are blessed to have him.  The baby is truly a gift from God.  I have two beautiful angels in Heaven with God and I miss them terribly every day.  I am just so happy to have the wonderful boys that God has blessed me with for as long as God allows me to have them. Have a wonderful life with your baby and remember to enjoy him every day!  God bless you and your family!  Monica
7/23/2010 7:25:37 AM
Michael United States
I am a single guy in the Air Force, so I don't have a lot of specific baby-type stuff to say.  What I CAN give, is the verse that I used as my verse when I left home 2 and a half years ago, and that God has continued to use to encourage me and give me peace.  The verse is as follows...

Deuteronomy 31:8
"The Lord Himself goes before you and will be with you.  He will never leave you nor forsake you.  Do not be afraid, do not be discouraged."

Think about that.  
"The Lord HIMSELF goes before you"
He will prepare the path, don't be afraid because He has already been there.
He will walk with you guiding you, leading you, even carrying you, don't be discouraged because the maker of the universe is at your right hand.
"He will never leave you, nor forsake you"
He won't leave you.  Ever.  Even when it feels like it, He is still right there with you.  Also, He will never forsake you.  He won't give up on you, no matter how much you think that you have messed something up, He can (and will) still use it, and no matter how hard you fall, He will pick you up and carry you.
Having said all that then,
"do not be afraid, do not be discouraged!"

I hope God blesses you and your wife with you son, and that he grows up to be a man of God.

In His grip,
P.S. it is a boy right?
7/23/2010 7:25:38 AM
Sarah United States
Take lots of pictures! Messy-faced and crying pictures can turn out really cute, and a bathtub picture can be kept modest with a conveniently placed washcloth. Most of all... cherrish every moment!
7/23/2010 7:28:40 AM
Lara United States
So Lisa mentioned her meltdown before having her son....My meltdown moment was when we had finished our daughter's room but then I realized she needed space in other rooms of the house too.  I mean she had to eat and bathe.  In our small house that meant cleaning out and rearranging.  Then came the toys....and where were we going to put those??

The other thing my daughter has taught me is to think in simplest forms about everything....words, actions, moods, everything.  In the beginning it will be that she has to take a nap because if she doesn't she will be grumpy and then mom and dad will be grumpy and no one wants grumpy parents.  Then it will be some word she heard and doesn't know what it means.  This keeps the "because I said so" answer away and really explains how her actions effect her world and visa versa.

PATIENCE....you are all learing something new and you are a family team and will have to work together.  
7/23/2010 7:31:45 AM
Anonymous United States
Get the DVD "The Happiest Baby On The Block"  IT'S A LIFE AND SLEEP saver!!  It WORKS!!  I have a 9 month old and the techniques worked EVERY TIME!! You can find it on Amazon.com.
7/23/2010 7:32:40 AM
Arla Speer United States
Arla Speer
We have 6 kids, ages 22, 21 (our only daughter), 20, 17, 11, and 6.  Two of them are married.  Tim and I knew from the beginning that we would only have them for a moment in time and that they are never really 'ours'.  They are always His and He has allowed us the amazing opportunity to join Him in the miracle called life. Our job is to prepare them for the moment they leave home - which, by the way, begins at least from the time they start crawling if not before!  

They are all different from the moment of birth so throw out all expectations - yours and your friends' advice - and discover who this particular one is.  Be on the lookout for teachable moments - both for the young one and for you.  And as they grow up, ask LOTS of questions.  Not just "what did you do today?", but "what do you think about that?", "what would you have done and why?"  My email tag line reads: How wrong are you willing to be?  This has kept me in a place of constant learning and transparency.  If I'm not willing to be wrong, I'm not willing to hear anyone or anything else, including God.

One more thing Daddy, show her how a lady should be treated.  When our daughter was 4 or 5 years old, my husband brought flowers for me for Mother's Day and a single rose for her.  That became a very simple but meaningful tradition in our house.  Typical tom-boy that she was, she slugged him in the leg and hid under the table.  But, not only did that begin to show her what she should expect from future relationships, it also showed the boys how to treat a lady.  I have been impressed with the way they have all learned how to treat others and be treated.  

I am so excited for you and can't wait to have little ones in our house again.  Many blessings to you and yours!
7/23/2010 7:36:36 AM
Tracey Martin United States
Tracey Martin
"And the most important. TRIPLE ANTI-BIOTIC is the BEST thing to get rid of a diaper rash!!!!!!"
-Ditto Jessica Bend above...oh, and a big thing of Aquaphor, too...amazing stuff.  
Boudreaux's does sting...try it on yoruself next time you have a bad booty day.  You will use TAB cream from now on!  =)

Put on on as a preventive measure, too...esp those first several weeks.  =)

And take in all that baby smell you can.  It goes waaay to fast.  =)
7/23/2010 7:42:49 AM
Linda Springer United States
Linda Springer
As a mother of 4, all I can suggest is to remember that your daughter is a "gift" from God. Take care of her. Just as your heavenly Father takes care of you.
7/23/2010 7:43:41 AM
Janice United States
I always sign new baby cards with the following message. It is from a placque I ordered before the birth of my first child from a place called Abbey Press. I hung it in the baby's room as a constant reminder to this neat freak mom (that changed after having kids)! My babies are now 24, 19 & 16 so it's tucked away till maybe someday I have grandkids.

7/23/2010 7:44:40 AM
Sarah United States
At 25 I'm still my daddy's little girl! He still calls me Sweetheart and I still call him Daddy! We've had our fair share of arguments over the years... I was a challenging teenager. But when it counts, I KNOW he loves me. That has been the best gift of all. So, tell her you lover everyday, even when she feels like challenging you!
7/23/2010 7:45:29 AM
Brooke United States
The most reassuring thing I was ever told about parenting was when I was pregnant with my first daughter. Our pastor at the time preaching a parenting message and he said you are the perfect parent for your child, because God gave them to you and He does not make mistakes. Seek God with your parenting He knows all and gave you this precious gift, we are far from perfect but He is perfection and will guide you when you feel like you are not the perfect parent for your child, because He already knows that you are! Smile
7/23/2010 7:50:29 AM
Sarah United States
At 25 I'm still my daddy's little girl! He still calls me Sweetheart and I still call him Daddy! We had our fair share of arguments... I was a challenging teenager, but I never doubted his love for me. So, tell your little girl you lover her EVERYDAY, especially when she's challenging you the most!
7/23/2010 8:00:00 AM
Winner Torborg United States
Winner Torborg
Casey, your children will be watching what you say and do from day one.  What I have done is I have set house rules for everyone who comes in my house to obey.  I have friends who smoke, who drink, who use profane language,  But they are not allowed to in my house or on my property.  If my kids see that I allow that junk they will get the impression that it's okay to do that junk even if I don't do it myself.  You must live in integrity in front of them and even while they can't see you.  Your kids will eventually copy what you say and do.  That is what Solomon was saying when he said train up you child in the way that he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it.  If you want your child to grow up a certain way, live that way yourself.  

God bless you and your wife in this new life with children.
7/23/2010 8:03:09 AM
Janelle United States
Wow.  How you'll ever get to reading all of these comments, I don't know! Laughing  I have 2 girls ages 4 and 2.  The biggest joy and purest love will be for your daughter.  It is instant and it is unconditional.  The closest we can come to feeling how God must feel for us.  The stress will be the added responsibilities for how to care for this priceless little girl and questioning every decision you make.  Keep God at the center and always make time for date night with your wife...it is easy to let the busyness of children added to life separate the closeness you now share with your spouse.  Treasure EVERY moment and take lots of pictures.  I write my children letters for when they are grown telling them what they are like and how I feel and how much I love them.
7/23/2010 8:15:16 AM
Tove United States
There are so many things that new parents and old parents can "advice" you on.  In the years as a parent, one of the most important things I have learned is to always remember that each child is their own person, with their own individual personality, needs, gifts, and talents.  Thankfully we don't have cookie cutter children, and although that's a blessing it comes with it's own set of challenges.  But if you always keep in mind that your child is her own unique person, and pay attention to that, as well as unconditionally accept and respect that, you can't go wrong.  The most important thing in that is to always be available to listen, and to always have the line of communication open without judgement.
Blessings to your and your wife on the wonderful journey God is about to take you on.
7/23/2010 8:28:35 AM
Roy United States
enjoy every moment give them plenty of LOVE and if you get confused or troubled turn to the Bible for your guidence and encouragement Psalm 23 is agood base for parenting
7/23/2010 9:05:37 AM
Jessi United States
I love my daughter more than words could say, but whoever said it was the twos that were terrible had it all wrong.  For us, & many parents I've talked to, three has been the challenging ride.  Despite my efforts to always stay patient & loving & say all the right things, I've found it to be impossible...when I rely on myself to do it! I find that sometimes as parents we settle into the rut of doing things our way (hence the "my way or the highway" & the "because I said so" phrases), leaving no room for guidance-or support-from others or even God.  Pride can be a danegrous thing, so don't allow it to put up a wall against those who may have something valuable to share (use your discretion against those who may not have the wisest info either!).  Also, when our children are disobedient or fight against us, we may harden our hearts in anger and frustration.  I've continuously found myself broken because of this,& for a long time would just sit on my frustration & have a heavy heart. I say this not to promote discouragement, but to remind you to soften your hearts at these moments, & not be afraid to fall to God's feet with, "I just can't do this without you."  I know for me I'm better about doing this in other areas of my life, but when it comes to being a mom I think I should be able to do it all myself.  Guard yourself from falling into that trap of thinking.  Basically, take it all back to God!  

Another thing I firmly believe is that our love for our children is beyond anything else imaginable because it's God love for our children pouring right through us; be ready for the miracle of God's love!!!

PS-Keep in mind Galatians 5:22-23 & 1 Cor 13:4-7.
7/23/2010 9:34:36 AM
Natasha United States
Im loving reading the comments posted since we just have a 3 month old.  I will give you practical advice.  The Happiest Baby on the Block and Babywise saved us.  I recommend swaddling(Kiddapodamus brand is the best). The swing is great. Its ok to let them sleep in there for the first few weeks if need be so you guys get sleep.  I took the night shift and let my hubby sleep so he could take the day shift so I could sleep. We made a pact that if either one of us got frustrated we would get help from the other one.  If your wife nurses, she will be very immobile-will need help to get something 2 feet away. Just be aware of her needs and help her before she asks.  If she is usually someone that takes care of herself she will have trouble asking for every little thing.
My hubby is out of work til Fall so he is watching the baby now while I am back at work. They are having a blast.
Schedule in some extra times to get help with your marriage- stuff will come out that you didn't know was hidden deep in the character and heart.  
Have fun
7/23/2010 9:47:36 AM
AJ United States
The most important thing you can do for your child is to love Christ with all your heart, soul, mind and strength and then love their mother as Christ loved the church!  The rest of parenting will fall into place.
7/23/2010 9:58:42 AM
Margie Hart United States
Margie Hart
Don't worry you WON'T BREAK THEM!
7/23/2010 10:52:24 AM
Lynne United States
Remember that there WILL be times your child will do something to disappoint you. Whether it's something small like a tantrum or big like a DUI, it helps to be prepared. Talk with your wife and say "what if..." and plan how you'll handle it. So when things do happen, you'll be able to react accordingly: with composure, grace and God's wisdom.  
One more thing. Pray for her future husband; that he will be raised in a loving home and become a man after God's own heart.   Blessings to you both!
7/23/2010 11:21:08 AM
Giselle Gonzalez United States
Giselle Gonzalez
First of all congratulations. I am a Mother of two girls and a Grand mother of 6. Five girls and one young man. One thing I can say is always show tenderness and joy. Let her know that your love for her is unconditional, no matter what, your love is her compass. It will forever guide her back home. It's just being there the way God and Jesus is there for us. Be well and enjoy every single day and burn these moments into your memory, time goes so fast.

God Bless you all
Ms. Giselle Gonzalez
7/23/2010 12:35:04 PM
David United States
2 things I would say-
1) Enjoy now - too many people pay attention to the future and miss out on watching kids grow

2) My wife and I have a good friend who has helped us in many a pinch with our 14 month old. His name is Justin Case. He gives lotsa good advice - Ex- Just in case, bring extra diapers
7/23/2010 4:57:34 PM
Darlene Amodeo United States
Darlene Amodeo
A little poem for KC, Jessica & their new baby girl.  I hope you enjoy it.

Baby Blessing

As you stare in wonder at this precious gift,
That stares so trusting back at you,
Your heart is filled with such emotion,
It’s like a love you never knew.

God has blessed you with a baby,
A little bundle of heavenly love,
You give thanks to God, The Father,
And ask for guidance from above.

As you begin this brand new journey,
Take baby steps through life,
Remember stop and smell the roses,
Because precious moments don’t come twice.

You don’t want to miss a second,
As your baby’s life unfolds,
For every second is a blessing,
A wonder to be hold.

As you rock your baby in your arms,
You never want to let her go,
But remember hold on loosely,
Give her room to grow.

You long to fill her head with wisdom,
Teach her everything you know,
But life is a great mystery,
We learn lessons as we go.

Remember she’s a gift from Christ,
And is part of his great plan,
There is nothing that you need to fear,
When you place her in God’s hands.

Always lead by good example,
Practice what you preach,
And remember through life’s struggles,
Jesus is never out of reach.

So raise your baby with love and kindness,
Teach her all about God’s grace,
If we have love and Christ in our lives,
Everything else will fall in place.

Darlene Amodeo
7/23/2010 6:51:12 PM
Jennifer United States
We've made it a point to not live life from behind the camera (or video camera). When there's a special event that we want to capture, we'll take a few pictures and then ask other family members to take pictures/video. That frees us to focus on what's happening and BE there.
7/24/2010 4:14:47 AM
Pam Helton United States
Pam Helton
My advise to any new parent would be to "Throw away the baby books" Use your God given wisdom and raise your child in the admonition of the Lord. I have 5 children and 12 grandchildren. When our first child was born the doctor jumped all over me for not feeding her cereal at 2 weeks. He said they need food not just milk. When you feed a baby just milk for the first year, they become more chunky than they should be.
7/24/2010 4:27:56 AM
Nick United States
Take your wife on a date.  This may take some time since she will be very tired and healing, but when she's up for it, and comfortable with leaving the baby, take her out.  Even if it's for an hour for lunch.  My wife didn't want to at first, but she was glad she did.  It let her get a breath of fresh air and made her feel normal.  This is very important, because nothing is going to be "normal" ever again.  I have 3 kids and my wife is due with our 4th on August 2nd.  Every child has changed our life greatly.  They are such a blessing and I love them more than I thought I could  ever love something, but they take a lot of work.  Those than think being a house wife is not a real job must have never done it because my wife works harder than I ever have and I used to work at a Steel Mill, so...  Good luck and you'll do great.  It comes a lot more natural than you may think.
7/24/2010 4:43:12 AM
Judy United States
We have 2 kids and when we brought them home and all their days we left their doors open and they never woke up because of noises. But I have trouble sleeping and I was the 1st girl and very favored. When our kids needed to be whipped they got it and people would tell us at restaurants how good our kids were, and they don't have any bad things to say to us because we didn't spank then when we were mad. Go away for a while to get yourself calmed down. Best wishes for great days with your family.
7/24/2010 7:35:19 AM
jennifer United States
Read to them often even while still in the belly.
Don't push for them to walk. Let them crawl as long as possible. The crawling helps with their eye hand coordination, and it will help them with their reading when they get older. (something we learned in preschool classes we took). But most of all love them for who they are. Don't compare the child to sibblings because they will all be different.
7/24/2010 8:26:40 AM
Joseph Kelly United States
Joseph Kelly
I am a father of a teenage girl who is now in college.  We waited 11 years for God to Bless us.  We wanted more but it was not meant to be.  Be patient with each other.  My wife acted as if my IQ dropped when we had our daughter. Smile  I had alread been experienced in changing diapers, bottles, etc. with my youngest brother after my dad died.  So, I was not clueless.  She is a perfectionist, so we had to get used to each other taking care of her.  

You need daddy time and do your part.  I gave her a bath, fed her and put her to bed most evenings so mom could get things done.  Plus, this was my time with her.  We kept Christ in front of her, read books, especially Bible stories, and display unconditional love.  She gave her heart to Jesus one night while we had our nightly reading time, while she was in grade school. She is still working out her Christianity as stated in the Bible.

We are not perfect, no parent is.  Pray a lot, think before you act, and be cool before you speak.  Congratulations! and God Bless.
7/24/2010 8:41:51 AM
Maria United States
The very best advice I ever received on parenting was this: When your child is at their worst, that is precisely when they need you the MOST. So whether she's fussing as an infant, throwing a toddler tantrum, pouting as a pre-teen, or reaching out to you as a scared young adult - pay attention, take a breath (or two), and meet her need in love. After all, the Lord does that for each of us when we are at our worst,too. God bless you and your family.
7/24/2010 12:06:46 PM
Cindi Heffner United States
Cindi Heffner
I am a single Mom of a beautiful 18 year old daughter. When I found out that I was pregnant I vowed to tell her everyday that I loved her. To this day I still tell her "I love you, Kayla!" and I get "I love you Mom" back. Sometimes she tells me before I tell her. I truly believe that those 3 little words have not only brought us closer together, but have saved us many of the turmoils that could have strained our relationship. I am also one who believes that it is important to admit to your child when you mess up or say something that you shouldn't have in anger or frustration. God has blessed me with the most beautiful, precious gift I could have asked for. Love you daughter, pray for her, and point out how God shows himself even in the small things!  May God bless you two and your baby like He did for me.
7/26/2010 11:31:25 AM
Cyndi United States
The best advice I received was from my mother in law. I was fretting over my firstborn, because he wasn't doing everything by the book. Mary looked me in the eye and said "He never read the book".  Keep that in mind and enjoy God's greatest blessing. Mother of six ranging from 30 to 10 years old.
7/27/2010 6:42:37 AM
Mike United States
Savor every second because before you know it,she will be going down the isle first for graduation, then marriage.

You will learn to survive on little sleep
7/28/2010 11:31:51 PM
Karla Pulokas United States
Karla Pulokas
It's such a tall order but as parents our number one job is to be a model of God for our children: we must LOVE them unconditionally but also DISCIPLINE them with love just as God does for us. Start discipline early and you will give your child the most wonderful gift: understanding that every action in life has consequences either good or bad. This will help them know how to make good choices their whole life. I got a wonderful overall perspective on discipline through two books: Dare to Discipline by Dr. James Dobson and The Happiest Toddler on the Block by Dr. Harvey Karp. We do not spank or use physical punishment in any form (as Dr. Dobson suggests) but we do use time-outs starting at 14 months. They have been VERY effective and I get compliments on how well behaved my son is all the time and he is only 20 months (and already started the terrible twos!)
7/29/2010 2:58:45 AM
Kimberly United States
Always remember that you and Jessica are the foundation of your family. Your couplehood came before having children and will continue after they leave the nest. Take time out each day to be KC and Jessica, not Daddy and Mommy (once they were old enough, we never called the other Mommy or Daddy when addressing eachother, only when addressing the child to go to that parent).  Do this even if your child is asking for attention.  Eventually, they will realize that Mommy and Daddy have their time without them.  My children (26, 25 and 24) have said that this showed them the committment we have for eachother as a couple and as parents, which gave them a strong sense of security when their friends parents were divorcing.  We also took time once a month to focus on just one child and planned a day doing what they were interested in. This taught them that we respected them and cherished their individuality.  And to end, we always start/end our day with prayer as a couple and have family devotion after dinner.
7/29/2010 3:11:21 AM
Kimberly United States
I have an anecdote to share.  We went to a church sponsored marriage/parenting seminar many years ago.  One of the speakers shared her story regarding the disciplining of her "strong willed" son and her inconsistency.  She shared that she was at the end of her rope with her son and wondered why he never listened to her.  Her husband told her that her inconsistency was her issue, she never followed through, just threatened.  One day, she asked her 10 year old son to come clean his mess in the living room.  He ignored her many times.  She finally blew up and told him "You either clean your mess or I'll throw you out the window!"  She immediately "felt stupid" for saying that, but almost immediately after that thought, she heard a gentle voice in her head say "you must do as you spoke".  Her son laughed at her and started walking away from her.  She was standing next to the open window as he passed, she grabbed him, lifted him and threw him out the window!  She shared that she almost threw up then and there when yet again that gentle voice said to her "I have placed a hedge of protection around him".  Sure enough, she looked out the window and her son had landed in the foundation hedge and was just staring in shock at her!  LOL!  She said that once he got over his shock over her follow through, he immediatley came into the house and cleaned his mess!  Her son continued to obey the majority of the time after that.  She realized three things that day: God does speak to you, even when you don't speak to him; follow through works!; and children are resilient and they bounce! Though she did suggest that the rest of us not try this at home, especially if we live in a high rise apartment!  There is joy and laughter in even the discipline of your child and your self.
7/29/2010 6:19:30 AM
Adrienne United States
My three chicklets are 20 (son), 18 (daughter), and 8 (daughter). The 18-year-old is starting university this fall, joining her brother there, but I will still have the fun of third-grade crafts and school papers brought home. Time passes so quickly!

Don't sweat the small stuff. Broken dishes can be replaced. Hugs around the knees are wonderful. Yes, dandelions are being planted in your yard when your daughter blows the fuzzy seeds off the stems, but watching her joyous face while she does is worth weeding the yard later. Take the time to watch the colors swirl on soap bubbles with her. She *will* be potty-trained by the time she's ready for high school. You will never forget the first "Gerber Baby" smile you'll get when she's around three months old. Save the first paper she brings home from school with her handwriting on it.

Teaching your child how to pray is precious. Always take the time to listen, even if you don't always like what you hear. Keeping the lines of communication open means you can gently or forcibly instruct/correct as needed. Teach her your faith, and Proverbs 22:6 will sustain you even when she makes mistakes.
7/30/2010 4:38:20 AM
Pastor George Middleton United States
Pastor George Middleton
Simply Put First is Pray and Thank God For the Life He has Given you and your child and yes the Serenity prayers because the lack of sleep your going to be enduring will have you going a million directions at once as well as I had helped raised My Nieces and Nephews due to illness and Addictions i learned an amazing method and its biblical lecturing works Just be careful how you deliver it
sometimes a verbal rod can backfire always pray before you deal with a situation And Alot Of LOVE They Need Love and Be a Parent First Friend Second this is the best i advice i can Give
7/30/2010 8:24:49 PM
Bonnie Belle United States
Bonnie Belle
People can impart wisdom all day long but you will know your baby better than anyone.  You will create a bond of love and understanding that will surpass all advice.  Just be in tune and all shall be well.  Love, Love, Love, no matter what.  
7/31/2010 7:28:48 AM
Angie United States
Wisdom passed on to my husband for the birth: the husband has one role in the delivery room-to find his wife an enemy that is not himself.
7/31/2010 11:14:51 AM
Patty Boyd United States
Patty Boyd
A tip for the new parents or any parents out there. My kids are both grown. My youngest is 18 and in boot camp. My apartment was broke into and vandalized. Some of the things they took were worthless monetarily but priceless to me. A mini pringles can covered with construction paper and glue and glitter turned into a bank that my son made in 2nd grade. It's gone. God is being good to me and helping me through this but for you, I say when your child brings treasures home, take a picture. Have your child hold the item and take a picture of it. Then if something happens, you will still have such a wonderful piece of it. You will be good parents and congratulations. =)
7/31/2010 6:58:06 PM
Kathleen United States
Enjoy every moment of their life even through the stages of 2 am feeding, to colic, to the terrible twos, and through the most challenging time of their lives as teens because before you know it their out the door on their own.  

Support each other and most of all don’t forget to make time out for your relationship.
8/1/2010 3:57:03 PM
Gene Davey United States
Gene Davey
Love God with all your heart. Love your wife as Christ loved the church. Don't forget to date your wife and date your kids. I take one of my 3 children out for breakfast each saturday. and they are not afraid to let everyone know who's turn it is. after breakfast we go where they want to go. One on One with Dad. You will only have one child for now but I think your wife will appreciate the 'alone time' God bless you and I know you will be an awesome husband and dad because of your love for the Lord.
8/3/2010 9:10:56 AM
Aunt Chris Malley United States
Aunt Chris Malley
You are three days away from the "big event".  When you see your baby for the first time, you will be reaffirmed there is a God and this is one of His glorious miracles.  I, myself, think you will be a great Dad and Jessica a wonderful Mom.  There's nothing to worry about.  It will all come naturally once the birth takes place.  Just make sure you purchase a face mask and throw-away gloves for those diaper changing sessions!  Smile!  Hope you received the "baby shower in a bag"....          We love you!  
Aunt Chris and Uncle Pete
8/5/2010 9:08:40 AM
JuJu United States
Love her, as you do Jessica-Just as Christ loved the church.  Pray for her everyday as you have since she was conceived.  

We don't even know her yet and love her like crazy!
8/6/2010 6:11:34 AM
Kimberly Caribbean
Always remember that God is with you and He has formed the baby in the womb with purpose and a destiny.

Enjoy motherhood. A child brings joy and many blessings.

Have a safe journey with God!
8/6/2010 6:15:22 AM
Shannon United States
I would say start early and pray with your daughter EVERY night, no matter what is going on, stop what you are doing before her bed time and pray!!!!  Also don't start out letting her sleep with you guys, they are so precious and we won't so badly to protect them and our natural instinct is to keep them with us so we know if something is wrong.  It is so hard to move them to their own bed later on, it is much easier to start off right.  God bless you all and your new baby girl, my daughter is the GREATEST gift I have ever received!!!!
8/6/2010 6:15:32 AM
Bobbie Haire United States
Bobbie Haire
I know you are ready to have this baby today, but just think what a cool birthday your baby girl will have if she is born on Monday, 8-9-10!!  I was so happy that my son was born on his due date, May 10, 1998 which happened to be Mother's Day.  He was then Baptized on Father's Day.  My son is 12 now, and I can't tell you how the years have flown!  When I look back at his pictures, how I wish I could have those times back.  Enjoy your gift from God.  May he bless you all.  Bobbie
8/6/2010 6:20:22 AM
Leslie United States
Blessings to KC, Jessica and your little baby girl!  May she arrive soon, be healthy in every way from head to toe, and be more than you hoped and prayed she would be.  My husband and I tried for 3 yrs. to have a child.  As my biological clock was ticking, I kept praying, crying, and praying some more.  God answers prayers.  We had Isaac John Kenneth Lowe on Jan. 31st., two weeks after my 40th birthday and one week before the blizzard hit.  He came two weeks early. He is such a beautiful, happy baby.  I had prayed for a baby that would be healthy, strong and bring joy.  He is all that and more.  Isaac means laughter, John means gift from God, and Kenneth means handsome.  He is all of those and more.  Prayer works and babies become what their names mean.  So, pray over your baby.  Love her with all you are.  Enjoy every moment with her. Teach her all about Jesus.  And for the first few months, get a Vege Tales Lullaby cd to help her sleep through the night!  Blessings and best wishes for all of you!
8/6/2010 6:25:29 AM
Gina United States
KC, you were such a mess to listen to this morning on KLOVE.  I loved hearing about the conversations you had with your little girl about vacating the premises.  What a great way to start my day - with a laugh!  I really enjoy KLOVE and I can tell by the way you all love each other on the radio, you will be a great dad with a very extended family.  You can never know the strong, intense feelings toward another human being until you have a child.  Every moment is precious and you will enjoy it!

One bit of advice I have is to put your child on a schedule/routine.  Pick one that fits her into your lifestyle. A friend recommended "Babywise" to us and we followed it to the best of our ability.  We got our twins onto a schedule and routinely they had sleep time, wake time and feeding.  They were very happy; since their needs were met if they acted out of sorts, then we knew something else was wrong.  It saved our sanity!  I'm not saying it was without flaws, but it was secure, expected and flexible.

Enjoy your beautiful little girl and take great care of your wife.
8/6/2010 6:31:21 AM
Brandy-IN United States
Lisa you were right, what a beautiful picture! i cant wait to see the pic of the baby!! the morning show Rocks! Thanks for always being real on the air with your listeners. the sings you all say about your personal lives lets us know we arent alone on the other side of that radio. God Bless!!
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