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    I just submitted my event, why is it not showing up on the Concerts and Events page?

    Please allow a few days for our local office to read, review, edit and post your event.  Due to the high volume of events that get submitted for consideration, K-LOVE is not able to respond to or acknowledge every on-air or website request.  K-LOVE makes all final decisions regarding the placement of events on our website and on-air, and reserves the right to refuse any event deemed inappropriate or lacking general interest to our listeners. K-LOVE also reserves the right to edit submitted information for content or space purposes. Submissions are for events only (concerts, conferences, special church events and activities, etc.) and must be submitted four weeks in advance.

    I know that the website says that you require 4-6 weeks advance notice to get something on-air, but can you make an exception for me?

    If you are less than 4 weeks away from your event – UNFORTUNATELY - no.  

    I would like my event to go on the community calendar as an On-Air announcement. What do I need to do?

    In order for an event to be announced on the air, the following requirements must be met:

    • The event sponsor is a nonprofit,
    • The event is free to the public,
    • Event information has been submitted four to six weeks in advance, and
    • the event does not conflict with K-LOVE's ministry or mission.

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