Sep 21 2009

Gone Fishing

This past weekend I did something I had not done in years - I went fishing.  It was part of a kid's fishing derby our local town was doing.  I'll admit that even though I have a father who loves to fish, I have never been too fond of it.  But this was an opportunity to do something with my son Evan - especially since he has never been fishing.  So there I was baiting hooks and casting with limited success with my son.  After about 10 minutes we caught a tiny little fish (see picture below).  Unfortunately, that was the only fish we caught Saturday morning, although the fish were very well fed by the amount of worms I kept passing their way.  Alas, my son seemed to take more after his dad than grandpa - after an hour and a half he was asking if we could go home to play Legos.  

Sep 21 2009

Christmas shopping! Ideas to keep you from overspending...

Christmas trees, wrapping paper, bows...all the trimmings are ALREADY starting to fill the stores!  If you're ready to get started on your Christmas shopping, here are some tips to help you control your spending.

1. Set a budget.

No matter when you shop, set a budget, make a list and stick to it. Don't allow yourself second thoughts about whether you're being generous enough. Gerri Detweiler, a personal finance adviser at, says one of the greatest gifts anyone can give their family is "saving for emergencies and the future."

2. Pace yourself.

If you do all your shopping in December and use credit cards, you'll get a doozy of a bill in January. Detweiler says credit agencies' "phones start ringing off the hooks" in mid-January from people who overextended themselves during last-minute shopping. By pacing yourself throughout the fall, you're less likely to break the budget.

3. Avoid deadline shopping.

Shopping while under deadline pressure can lead to bad (read: costly) buying decisions. Even if you stick to a well-thought-out and on-budget shopping list, stores may well be out of whatever's on your list, and the alternatives may not be as appreciated or affordable.

4. Be organized.

If you start shopping early, keep a careful accounting of what you've spent and what you bought. It can be as easy to forget how much you've already gotten the kids as it is to forget you've almost broken the budget. Detweiler recommends putting all receipts in an envelope beginning with the first holiday purchase and keeping a careful accounting of spending on the outside.

5. Get plugged in.

So you don't have to wait for — or hope for — big sales to be announced, sign up for e-mail or even text-message promotions from the retailers you are most likely to buy from this season. And sign up for or check balances on rewards programs offered by debit and credit cards. There might be a free gift or deep discount available.

For the full article from USA Today, click here!

Peace and k-love, Lisa

Sep 18 2009

Bring the Rain

Angie Smith's blog is very popular.  Her husband Todd is one of the members of the group Selah (they sing You Raise Me Up on K-LOVE).  People are frequently calling or emailing me asking if I read her blog.  So, since you're reading this, you must be interested in reading a blog.  Take a moment and read this lovely woman's tender hearted blog about loss and hope and Jesus.   ~Lisa

Sep 17 2009

Maybe you just need a nap...

Enjoy this article from Rick Warren, and sweet dreams... Lisa:)

Sometimes the most spiritual thing you can do is just go take a nap. That's because when you're physically down, it's hard to be emotionally and spiritually up. The legendary football (U.S.) coach Vince Lombardi said, "Fatigue makes cowards of us all." That's true. It's amazing how much better things look when you're rested.

If you're discouraged right now, it might not mean you have to make a change; it may simply be that you need some rest.

Farmers know that soil needs rest, so they rotate their crops and systematically leave a portion of their land fallow. They do this because land that has rested produces a greater harvest.

About one hundred years ago, a businessman named Frederick W. Taylor did a scientific study on the workplace and productivity. Do you know what his study proved? That people will produce more if they have periodic breaks; and from that, he introduced the coffee break.

Resting is spiritual. The Bible says God "enjoys giving rest to those He loves" (Psalm 127:2 MSG). You may need to put that verse on your refrigerator. The Bible says it's vain for you to rise up early and stay up late.

The Bible also says, "You made my body, Lord; now give me sense to heed Your laws" (Psalm 119:73 LB). What are His laws for the body? Eat right, get your sleep, exercise, and relax.

Rest is so important, in fact, that God put it in the Ten Commandments. In essence, He said, "Every seventh day you are to rest."

Don't ignore what God established. A good night's sleep makes a big difference. And even a quick nap can help you see things clearly.