Sep 05 2009

Youth miniStarZ

Okay, so I just watched this video 7 times:)  We saw it a few days ago in a staff meeting, and I laughed.  A lot:)  So I went hunting for it on YouTube and found it;  I thought you might find it funny, too.  Maybe it's because we have so many friends who are youth ministers, maybe it's because there are so many clever lines, maybe it's because the song is actually quite good...

Here's what the creators say about it:  Written by Benjamin Wallis for Student Life Camp 2009.  Being a youth minister is hard work. Hard work that often goes unthanked. So...THANK YOU.


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Sep 05 2009

Serving on your K-LOVE Morning Show these days...

Producer David Fountain takes your calls at 800-900-1300, Amy Baumann has news updates twice an hour from her Ohio studios, and Lisa & Eric drink coffee, talk on the phone, and laugh a lot.  (Not pictured:  Dan Dillard who covers news in Denver from 6-9am local time; Lisa Torres who answers your questions when you write to the morning show.)

And we can't forget Momma!  Lisa's Momma calls in almost every morning from Shreveport, Louisiana, with wisdom, commentary on the day's news, or funny stories from Lisa's childhood.  She always reminds us to "stay close to God".

We are SO thankful we get to spend our mornings with you, playing music, hearing your stories, keeping you informed, laughing, praying, thinking and sharing life together!

Sep 03 2009

Now that school is back in session...

If your kids have been coming home complaining about their new teacher, seat assignment, lunch menus, or maybe that "no one wants to be my friend!", click here for an article to help you help them. And feel free to leave any suggestions YOU have for helping our kids navigate the tough landscape of a new school year.

peace and klove,


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Sep 01 2009

Boys vs Girls

Which are easier to raise?  Boys or girls?  Do you think the stereotypes are true? (You know, those sterotypes that boys are more of a challenge as toddlers but easier as they get older, and girls are a breeze as little ones but kinda tough in their teens.)  Weigh in on the K-LOVE Morning Show Facebook page.