Oct 27 2011

Craig West

Over the past few months, JD Chandler has been blessing your mornings while we have been eagerly looking for a new Morning Show team. After much searching and praying, we've found the perfect match! Listen on Friday morning, November 4th, to hear who it is and in the meantime get to know the voices you will hear:

Craig West

  • I was born in Fort Worth, TX, raised in Atlanta, GA, and went to high school in Wisconsin. 
  • In '90 my wife and I eloped in my '67 VW Bug to Carlsbad, CA and have been together ever since! We also have two kids and a dog that sings on command.
  • My wife teaches a lot in the Middle East through a ministry we started over a decade ago.
  • I heard "The Basics Of Life" from 4Him on a radio station in '94 while driving to host a "shock jock" morning show on a classic rock radio station.  One month later, I was doing mornings on a Christian music radio station.  Ha! That's our God for ya'!

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