Feb 29 2012

To Smile or Not to Smile!

Amy got her passport picture taken last night.  The guy insisted that she was not allowed to smile!


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Feb 28 2012

Children and Tragedy

Talking to Children after a tragedy:

One day after the tragedy at an Ohio school, we wanted to provide a tool for parents to talk to their children about tragic events. Click HERE for a link to the article.

Here are a few pointers:

• Talk to your kids about it before they hear it from friends or counselors or teachers.
• Stick to the facts. You don’t need to elaborate and needlessly frighten them.
• Only talk about this with kids age 6 and older.
• Every child will respond differently. Some might be sad, some scared, some stoic. Some might not react right away and come to you a day or so later with a strong reaction. Let them know that however they feel, it’s O.K., it’s natural. You can also let them know you are sad, too.
• Let them know they’re safe and that you are there for them.


Regardless of what happens in life remember this from Spurgeon.

"God is the keeper of your soul. Your soul is kept from the dominion of sin, the infection of error, the crush of despondency, the puffing up of pride; kept from the world, the flesh, and the devil; kept for holier and greater things; kept in the love of God.  What can harm a soul that is kept of the Lord?"

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Feb 27 2012

A Thousand Crutches


Morning Show Highlights

 A thousand crutches. Crutches in the form of family, friends, familiar surroundings, local notoriety, title, predictable outcomes and more. Living alone in Indy, I have realized that most of what I have leaned on and called strength and confidence has been nothing more than a crutch. A bent, twisted, man made appendage for me to create the illusion that I am actually standing on my own. I've even called it God. But when you're alone, away from the familiar, that thing that you called God looks back at you and mischievously grins. It winks and whispers, "I got you. I fooled you. Again." 

And so, crutches removed; I fall. I tumble. I curse. I yell. I cry. I display all the behavior and character of that which I despise. I throw a tantrum until I'm exhausted. And then my Father whispers, "Are you ready to listen?" And I say, "Father. Daddy. Help me.  You know I love you. You know I do." And He says, "I know you do, son. Lean on me once again. Lean on me, boy. And if you choose to lean on something else. When that thing breaks, I'll be there to catch you."


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Feb 23 2012

Dove Awards!

The Dove Award Nominees are in!!!

Dove Awards

Here are a few of the categories:

Song of the Year

"Alive," Natalie Grant
"Blessings," Laura Story
"Celebrate Me Home," Perrys
"Glorious Day (Living He Loved Me)," Casting Crowns
"Hold Me," Jamie Grace
"I Smile," Kirk Franklin
"I've been Here Before," Ernie Hasse & Signature Sound
"Please Forgive Me," Gaither Vocal Band
"Who Am I," Jason Crabb
"Your Great Name," Natalie Grant

Male Vocalist of the Year

Chris August
Chris Tomlin
Jason Crabb
Kirk Franklin
Steven Curtis Chapman

Female Vocalist of the Year

Francesca Battistelli
Kari Jobe
Laura Story
Natalie Grant


40 Days of Water - Beginnings!

How do you begin your day? Probably with a cup of coffee. Over 54% of Americans drink coffee daily as the start of their morning routine.

In countries with little access to clean water, most women begin their day by taking empty water containers to the closest water source. In many areas in Africa, these treks can be five, ten, even twenty miles long depending on the region and the season. After hours of walking, these women will likely wait in line for another several hours to fill up their containers (usually 10-20 liters; which weigh 22 to 44 pounds) and carry them the long distance home.

Instead of beginning their day at school, many children are also needed on these long journeys to provide water for the family. When it comes down to choosing between education or fetching water, water always wins. It’s needed for survival.

Water is a scarce and therefore an often exploited commodity in these areas. Because those responsible for gathering water – women and children – are also the most vulnerable, they’re subjected to sexual assault and robbery. The roads are almost always unpaved and the terrain can be dangerous due to landscape or wildlife. Over the course of time, carrying this amount of weight repeatedly causes various bone and joint issues that produce complications during pregnancies or later on in life, preventing these women from gathering water in the future.

However, women and children have no choice. Their families need them to make these daily sacrifices in order to get water and survive.

As you begin 40 Days of Water, think about how you begin your day. As you give your coffee pot a forlorn look as you pass it by, allow your mind to wander to the other side of the world. Imagine waking up and beginning the day with an arduous and dangerous task that you have no choice in doing. Think of the weight these women and children carry – not only physically, but emotionally as well.

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