Feb 09 2012

Move a Mountain!

Hi!  Craig here.  If you find yourself dealing with a mountainous situation in your life, here's something I learned not too long ago that might help you out!

If you have faith the size of a mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, 'Move from here to there', and it will move; and nothing will be impossible to you.  Most of us are quite familiar with those words of Christ and most likely have told many mountains to move in our lifetimes.  For ten years I told the mountain of clinical depression to move from me, and it just stared back and said "No." My problem could very well have been what Jesus told His disciples when they couldn't drive out the demon, 'you don't have enough faith'.  Frankly, all I knew was that I was sick and tired of being depressed and wanted this mountain gone.  Then one day the Holy Spirit whispered to me something that started the beginning of the end:  "Drag it into the presence of God." You see, according to Psalm 97:5 the mountains melt like wax in the presence of the Lord.  So, if that mountain you've been telling to move says 'no',  just grab it and drag it into the presence of God.  After all, He is with you always!  And as God is magnified over your circumstance, you simply get to watch that mountain melt like wax!


The Power of Words


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Feb 08 2012

Something to make you smile!

Need a smile today? Check out these two - married 62 years and still having fun!


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Feb 07 2012

Natalie Grant on the show

Natalie Grant on the show today! She has been nominated for the Grammy's along with many other Contemporary Christian Music artists.  We hope to get reports from Natalie after the Grammy Awards on February 12th! Congrats on the nomination!

Check out all the nominees:

Best Gospel/Contemporary Christian Music Performance

Do Everything
Steven Curtis Chapman
Track from: re:Creation

Alive (Mary Magdalene)
Natalie Grant
Track from: Music Inspired By The Story

Your Love
Brandon Heath
Track from: Leaving Eden

Le'Andria Johnson
Track from: The Awakening Of Le'Andria Johnson

I Lift My Hands
Chris Tomlin
Track from: And If Our God Is For Us...

Best Contemporary Christian Music Song

Laura Story, songwriter (Laura Story)
Track from: Blessings

Hold Me
Jamie Grace Harper, Toby McKeehan & Christopher Stevens, songwriters (Jamie Grace Featuring Tobymac)

I Lift My Hands
Louie Giglio, Matt Maher & Chris Tomlin, songwriters (Chris Tomlin)
Track from: And If Our God Is For Us...

Strong Enough
Matthew West, songwriter (Matthew West)
Track from: The Story Of Your Life

Your Love
Brandon Heath & Jason Ingram, songwriters (Brandon Heath)
Track from: Leaving Eden


Did you know?

According to Brene Brown, Ph.D., without exception, people who described themselves as joyful or living a joyful life actively practiced this: gratitude and attributed their joyfulness to theirgratitude practice.

What are you thankful for today?!

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Feb 06 2012



With the movie Courageous and the popular song from Casting Crowns, courage has been on the mind of many.  I stumbled across the real meaning of courage and think it will surprise you! ~ Craig

The Definition of Courage – root word for courage is “cor” which is Latin for “heart”.  Today’s definition of courage has to do more with being heroic, but courage originally meant “To speak one’s mind by telling all one’s heart.”  It’s about vulnerability.

Are you willing to admit you don't know the answer at times?  That's courage.  Are you willing to say "I need help"?  That's courage.  Courage is being honest, vulnerable and authentic in a world that says otherwise.  Be courageous!


Embrace your 'toughness'

Came across this article about Super Bowl MVP Eli Manning and found it applicable to our lives as Believers. Thought you might like it!

Eli's 'toughness' makes him an elite QB

"He buys time. He can make the most of every second." As believers we are told to buy up every opportunity.
"He’s at his best under pressure."  Since this is not our home, in a sense, we are always under pressure. So don’t be surprised if you feel that at times.  Some of the best moments in life come out of trying times.
"He completes passes most quarterbacks don’t attempt." God will call you to do that which others won't.  And it's always something that seems beyond you! 
"He welcomes contact."  Don’t care about getting hit in this life.  Expect it. 
"He always gets up." A righteous man falls 7 times and rises once more!

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