Nov 08 2013

Happy Friday! Here's What You Missed!

Kim almost lost her children until she gave up drugs and gave in to God!

Home For The Holidays winner!  After 32 years, Aimee will finally meet her father!


Encouraging Story of The Day!


Craig's Cube of Questions


Nov 07 2013

Some Thursday Morning Recaps: Home for the Holidays, Thanksgiving Carols, and the Encouraging Story of the Day

Home For The Holidays! Faye surprises her father!

Are there any Thanksgiving carols?

Carol will finally see her grandchildren for the first time in person!

Encouraging Story of The Day

Nov 06 2013

A Couple of Wednesday Highlights: Home for the Holidays Winner and the Encouraging Story of the Day

Kim has been waiting her whole life to meet her mom!


The Encouraging Story of the Day

Nov 06 2013

Sidewalk Prophets Stop By!

Sidewalk Prophets on the show today with their new Christmas CD - "Merry Christmas To You!" Take a listen to their interview below.


Ben shares about his favorite Christmas memories.


About the making of their Christmas album, "Merry Christmas To You"


Favorite Christmas song of all time, "O Holy Night"


Home for the Holidays