Nov 22 2011

Carrying Heavy Baggage

A "nocturnal" orchid that blooms only under the cover of darkness has been discovered on a tropical island in the South Pacific — a first for the orchid world, scientists say. God uses the natural to reveal the supernatural, so leave it up to Him to give us a beautiful orchid that only blooms in darkness to remind us that out of our own dark times, beautiful things come.



Heavy bags equals heavy thoughts!

Researchers found that when we are physically weighed down, with anything from groceries to gifts, our thoughts inescapably turn to serious -- weighty -- subjects.  Apparently, the wiring in our brain sparks directly fromphysical weight to psychological weight.  When we’re toting a big haul, we're more likely to be suddenly struck by the importance of current events or issues in the world around us, according to the report published in the Journal of Consumer Behavior.

They found that carrying a heavy load leads consumers to feel an unrelated event as being more important and more stressful.  In other words, people carting around heavy bags were more likely to say lots of stuff was really important.  The study also found that psychological impact of a heavy load could be diminished when people thought about lightweight objects, such as balloons and feathers.


The 18th editon of "Emily Post's Etiquette," the quintessential guide to modern manners, has been revised!  This time it will include several chapters that cover manners in social media and technology, or “netiquette”.

Here’s one you’ve probably ignored: never interrupt a conversation to answer a call, email or text.

The book frowns upon cellphone use in a place of worship, theater, or restaurant, orduring a meeting or presentation.

Other phone faux pas include typing, eating, shuffling papers or doing anything that tells the caller your attention is elsewhere.

And put down that smartphone, flower girl: neither the bride, the groom, nor any other guest should be tweeting at a wedding.

The book further contends that human contact still matters, and it says people should talk in person whenever possible, especially to communicate important news.  You can find answers to all your burning etiquette questions on your smartphone by going to the mobile version of

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This YouTube mom may need a real bouquet after she discovers her two boys emptied a 5-pound bag of flour in the living room.'s Dara Brown reports.

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

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Nov 21 2011

Just Give Me 5 Seconds

Amy has purchased her turkey for the thanksgiving meal she's hosting Thursday. She's still not sure how to prepare her first-ever turkey....

Is There Any Truth To The 5 Second Rule?

The "five-second rule" goes something like this: Food dropped on the ground is perfectly sanitary and safe to eat -- as long as it's picked back up within five seconds. But is there any truth to the saying?  "Five seconds, one second -- it's all the same," O'Brien says. "As far as bacteria's concerned, it's all the same."  None of the tests found any serious stuff, like salmonella or strep, but they did find that bacteria, mold and yeast collected on anything that dropped on the floor or ground.

The Number of Women on ADHD Meds Soars!

While more boys than girls are treated for ADHD, a new report shows that among adults, the numbers have flipped. Women’s use of medications for the condition has soared in the past decade, surpassing that of men.

The girls whose ADHD had gone unrecognized, chalked up to laziness or lack of motivation in school, grow into women who stumble when they encounter the real world of work and family. They can’t hold jobs, and, because they are so disorganized, they pay their bills late, if at all, lose track of appointments and misplace their kids’ school permission slips.  When a child is diagnosed with ADHD, he says, there’s a 30 percent to 40 percent chance that a parent has it, too. Of those parents, the moms are more likely to seek professional help than the dads, explains Russell Barkley, a clinical professor of psychiatry at the Medical University of South Carolina who’s long studied ADHD in adults.

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Nov 18 2011

Good News and a Love Story

recent CareerBuilder survey found that 29 percent of retailers plan to hire seasonal workers for the holidays, with 30 percent of employers planning to transition some holiday help into full-time, permanent staff.

Want some more good news? Here’s a list of 10 companies hiring:

1. American Management Services  Industry: Consulting, sales/marketing, management  Sample job titles: Field sales manager, consultant/senior executive analyst, business coordinator

2. Bob Evans  Industry: Restaurants  Sample job titles: Restaurant assistant manager, marketing intern, GM

3. Cardinal Health  Industry: Health-care distribution/supplies  Sample job titles: Sales representative, marketing, courier driver, customer service, IT

4. Certified Payment Processing  Industry: Finance/banking  Sample job titles: Sales, account manager, customer service

5. Cracker Barrel  Industry: Restaurant and retail  Sample job titles: Restaurant manager, retail manager

6. Family Home Health Services  Industry: Health care  Sample job titles: Business development managers, nurses

7. Harbor Freight Tools  Industry: Retail  Sample job titles: Senior financial analyst, manager – store operations, sales associate

8. Reyes Holdings LLC Industry: Transportation  Sample job titles: Drivers, warehouse workers, sales account managers, IT, finance

9. The Delta Companies  Industry: Health care Sample job titles: Physical therapist, OT

10. Walden Security  Industry: Security services provider  Sample job titles: Unarmed security officer, EMT/security officer, force protection officer, general manager 


Here's a romantic story for you that we just love!

After dating for 17 years, elderly couple gets married.

LEWISTON, Maine — A Maine couple has proven that true love knows no age limits.

Eighty-eight-year-old Paul Walker married his longtime sweetheart, 87-year-old Ann Thayer, in a Lewiston rehabilitation center Tuesday in front of a small group of family and friends.  Seated during the ceremony, the two leaned toward each other to kiss not just once but three times after being pronounced husband and wife at the Marshwood Center, where Walker is undergoing rehabilitation.  "I don't think I've seen a bride and groom kiss three times," rehab center administrator Sheri Nadell told the Sun Journal newspaper after the ceremony. 

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Nov 17 2011

What A Woman Wants in a Man

5 Things Women Want Most in a Man

 Read more.

Time: Of all the things we talk about women wanting, time with their spouse is it. The vast majority of women in happy relationships get 30 minutes of uninterrupted time with their husbands eachday. Twenty-four percent of women who claim to be in unhappy relationships spend fewer than five minutes a day with their spouses.

Appreciation: Nowadays, women take care of the children and make salaries, and they tend to be very underappreciated. Women should be expressive of what makes them feel appreciated, saying “these are the kinds of things I like … x, y and z.” Men should listen, and women should tune in when their husbands are appreciative.

Understanding: It’s important for women to have men who understand them. It’s also important for women to help men understand how to listen. Men often don’t have a clue they’re being bad listeners. Women have to sense a time limit to conversation.

Fun: This is one of those things that often goes out the window, especially after the first child is born. All the factors like jobs, rents, mortgages can add to relationship strain. Couples should set up a date night – once every week, even if they are tired, during which they spend a minimum of two hours alone. During this time, the couple should talk about everything BUT work, money and children.

Kind Gestures: Hugs, kisses, unexpected telephone calls to say ‘I love you.’ Simple things. I suggest five touch points a day for one week – any kind gesture that takes 30 seconds or less. If a man can do this for his partner for one week, both will be amazed at how much better they feel in the relationship.


We had a great conversation with Catherine Kruppa with some advice for Thanksgiving and "how to not put on the pounds this Turkey Day" - she also has some healthy recipes to share!  <click here>

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