Aug 26 2010

Bonding With Your Child's Teacher with Dr. Z

Want to help your child in school this year?  Getting to know their teacher better is a great start.  Dr. Mary Zurn joins us this morning with ways in which you can bond with your child's teacher. Among her ideas ...

  • Invest the time in school orientation - it's worth it!
  • Work on buidling mutual trust with the teacher
  • Provide requested information
  • If you have a concern, share it immediately
  • Ask how you can help extend the classroom at home
  • Check in regularly
  • Provide positive feedback

To dig deeper on these tips or for more back-to-school help, check out Dr. Mary's website - Dr. Z & Me 

Aug 26 2010

Vacation Pics :-)


A New Jersey family visiting the Wisconsin State Capitol had an unexpected person show up in their vacation photo - a man in the background stealing their bag! They were able to show the photo to security, who moments later apprehended the thief.  Got a vacation photo that can top that?!  Share it by clicking HERE.


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Aug 25 2010

Wow, God Used a Child to Save My Life!

Wow, God used a child to save my life!  This week we heard about 2 kids in the news that help save the life of family members - a 3-year-old girl who walked two blocks to a fire department to get help for her father and a 9-year-old boy who saved his little brother who was drowning

Got us wondering ... has God ever used a child to save your life?

Aug 24 2010

Jeremy Camp!


Jeremy Camp is with us this morning!  His new album - "We Cry Out: The Worship Project" is out today.  Listen this morning as Jeremy shares some new songs off the CD, including some live music.

Jeremy talking about the song "Overcome" ...