Aug 19 2010

Bad Eggs and a Bunch of Good Eggs

If you have eggs in your fridge, be aware there is a current recall of a specific group of eggs - you can find out which eggs and what you should do, by clicking here.

And we wanted you to know about some "good eggs" - a group of farmers that are helping to fight hunger. Go here to find out more about The Good Egg Project.


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Aug 19 2010

Conjunction Junction

Aug 18 2010

You are Beautiful


We catch up with Superchick this morning!  They have a new album of older songs made new ... appropriately titled "Reinvention".  A movement close to their heart is Operation Beautiful - which "is a viral community effort to increase self-confidence and stop negative self-talk.  Operation Beautiful has nothing to do with how much you weigh; it’s about who you are intrinsically as a person – and that is BEAUTIFUL!"

Operation Beautiful encourages women to encourage other women with post-it notes placed on mirrors. Notes that simply say things like "you are beautiful just the way you are" or "you are gorgeous". 

Aug 16 2010

Welcome Elianah Joy! Baby K-LOVE is Here!

Over a week past her due date, Elianah Joy Wright is finally here!  Praise God!!  Congratulations to K-LOVE Morning Show Producer KC and his wife Jessica on their brand new baby girl!