Nov 14 2010

A Yummy AND/OR Healthy Thanksgiving

Lisa is looking for wonderfully delicious things to eat this Thanksgiving that are also healthy for you and your family.  

Eric says he's not going to read any of these recipes, but if you're going to share, he says share the yummiest - with the story of how you got the recipe.

Share your recipes here!  Healthy.  Yummy.  Or maybe, the two combined!!

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Nov 11 2010

This May Make You Cry (in a good way) ...

Nov 10 2010

Wow, God! The Boy Who Came Back From Heaven


Wednesdays are a day for you to share your "Wow, God" stories! This morning we hear the "Wow, God" story of Kevin and Alex Malarkey

In 2004, Kevin and his then six-year-old son, Alex, suffered a horrific car accident. The impact from the crash paralyzed Alex —and medically speaking, it was unlikely that he could survive. “I think that Alex has gone to be with Jesus,” a friend told the stricken dad. But two months later, Alex awoke from a coma with an incredible story to share.

Learn more about "The Boy Who Came Back From Heaven" by checking out the video on this page and by clicking HERE

And share your "Wow, God" story with us!

Nov 09 2010

Jason Castro

Dread locks - they can be lots of fun!

His time on one of the world's biggest stages - American Idol - only shared part of his story.  Jason Castro joins us this morning to share his faith in Christ and music from his new album - Who I Am - that comes out today.  To hear and see more of Jason's story, see the video he did for I Am Second.

Jason will be performing a special concert in New York City tonight (8pm Central/6pm Pacific) and you can be there - virtually, be there - click here to watch.