Jul 29 2010

The Museum

Plenty of "museum" talk this week on K-LOVE ... we have your chance to win the awesome experience of checking out one of Chicago's coolest museums with the band The Museum - who happen to be our special guest this morning! To hear the interview, including a live performance of "My Help Comes From the Lord", click the links:

New album "Let Love Win"

Story behind the name of band

Ben & the Boa constrictors; story behind "My Help Comes From the Lord"

LIVE version of "My Help Comes From the Lord"

Ben's ability to bargain and negotiate


Jul 27 2010

Draven Sings from the Heart

Draven has autism and is mostly non-verbal.  But his mom Nakai captured him singing praises to God along with Phillips, Craig and Dean and The Revelation Song on K-LOVE.  Click here to add your comments to the hundreds on Facebook.


Jul 26 2010

How was your weekend?


Eric hosted Ignite Chicago.  (His daughter Liv helped him on stage, and David Crowder signed his son Evan's shirt:)  Thousands showed up to worship with K-LOVE artists MercyMe, TobyMac, Third Day, Jeremy Camp, Matthew West--a great weekend of music.

Lisa got to see her first NASCAR race AND the K-LOVE car driven by Michael McDowell for McDonald Motor Sports!  It was fast and loud and fun and wonderful to meet some godly people trying to make a difference in the race world.

Producer KC stared at his wife's pregnant belly waiting for the words "it's time." :)

Amy Baumann just tried to keep everything together while her husband is out of the country on a missions' trip.

What about you?


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Jul 26 2010

Thank you God for "Texas Billy"

Thank you for sharing your stories with us of people who Make a Difference!  

Here's a story from Hammond, Louisiana...

"While celebrating my wife's birthday with family at a local Chili's restaurant in Hammond, LA, we were blessed and surprised by a man named "Texas Billy" that picked up our $160 food tab. The waitress informed us that Billy has paid our tab.

Come to find out, we were not the only ones, nor was this the first time for him. The wait staff and restaurant manager says that he visits frequently and pays the tab for families and couples because it makes him feel good and he likes helping others. He is a U.S. Marine Veteran that had battled some hard times in life, but feels the need to help others.

We'd like to ask God to bless Billy as he has blessed others.

We are faithful listeners and supports of K-LOVE and thank you for sharing these types of stories!"

- Jason, Stacy, & Family, Baton Rouge, LA

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