Nov 01 2011


Yesterday, you got a taste of one of the Morning Show hosts, now's your chance to get to know another part of the team. Listen on Friday morning as JD Chandler unveils the new K-LOVE Morning Show!


  • I grew up in Seattle, Washington but went to school in Arkansas, and have navigated the country working at about every type of radio station possible before finally, I relented to God's plan for me to be in Christian radio.
  • I have a wife and two kids; the oldest of which has overcome a heart defect while still being diagnosed as profoundly deaf, having cerebral palsy, and a visual impairment. Join us in praying for God's healing touch!
  • My last name is really goofy and funny sounding that was once sort of embarrassing

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Oct 27 2011

Craig West

Over the past few months, JD Chandler has been blessing your mornings while we have been eagerly looking for a new Morning Show team. After much searching and praying, we've found the perfect match! Listen on Friday morning, November 4th, to hear who it is and in the meantime get to know the voices you will hear:

Craig West

  • I was born in Fort Worth, TX, raised in Atlanta, GA, and went to high school in Wisconsin. 
  • In '90 my wife and I eloped in my '67 VW Bug to Carlsbad, CA and have been together ever since! We also have two kids and a dog that sings on command.
  • My wife teaches a lot in the Middle East through a ministry we started over a decade ago.
  • I heard "The Basics Of Life" from 4Him on a radio station in '94 while driving to host a "shock jock" morning show on a classic rock radio station.  One month later, I was doing mornings on a Christian music radio station.  Ha! That's our God for ya'!

Now you know who I am, share your family photo with us by tagging the K-LOVE Morning Show Facebook Page

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Jul 25 2011

Lisa & Eric's last week on K-LOVE

Friday, July 29th will be Lisa & Eric's last day on K-LOVE.  JD Chandler will be filling in until K-LOVE hires a new morning show team. Below is a letter from Lisa & Eric...

Saying goodbye to friends is never easy, but it is with grateful hearts that we say farewell to the K-LOVE listening family.  As you may have already heard, our last day on the K-LOVE Morning Show is Friday, July 29th.  Leaving is bittersweet, but we assure you that it’s all good.  As a matter of fact, it’s all God! 
Lisa has been feeling the need to devote herself more to being a mommy to sons Jon David and Jesse.  Combined with Eric feeling God’s leading to start a new chapter in his life/career/ministry, it simply feels like God’s timing to depart.  Those are the facts, but here are our hearts…
From Lisa –
What a journey!  When God opened the door for me to be a part of the K-LOVE Afternoon Show in 2007, it was an amazing time in my life.  I had a seven month old baby boy, and less than a year later God gave us another precious little son.  God healed our marriage, ended my years of infertility, and then gave me a platform I hardly deserved as a host on K-LOVE.  God is awesome and blesses us “exceedingly, abundantly above all we could ask or think.”  I’m thankful every day to Jesus for what He’s done for me and my family.
Now, almost four years later, it has become clear that being a mom to two very active little boys needs my full attention.  After much prayer and soul-searching, my husband and I have made the decision that I will be a full-time mommy.  Being on K-LOVE has been a fun, amazing, blessed, rewarding experience, but it has become very clear that leaving is the right decision for me.  It seems God has been tugging on my heart about this for months.  The peace I now feel is extraordinary.
The last two and a half years hosting the K-LOVE Morning Show have honestly changed my life!  When Eric and I started hosting the show, we talked about making it fun, topical, and relevant – but most of all, we wanted it to be about spiritual growth.  From The Love Dare to Outlive Your Life, from “Wow, God” stories to “Pillow Pets for Jake”, from to Made to Crave, it has been one big, spiritual growth experience for me.  Thank you for teaching us, loving us, laughing with us, encouraging us, and most importantly, thank you for growing with us.  It has been a privilege.
From Eric –
God has taught me a lot over the last two years of doing the K-LOVE Morning Show.  He’s made some radical changes in my life that have challenged me to be a better husband, father, friend and follower of Christ.  I’ve been blessed by your stories.  I’ve learned from guests like Max Lucado, Kurt Warner,
Matt Hammitt and Lysa TerKeurst.  I’ve been moved out of my comfort zone rapping with tobyMac and dancing with Mandisa.  And I’ve bonded with friends I will have for the rest of my life in Lisa, KC and Amy.  In short, God has been way awesome to me!
The past 12 months have been a roller coaster that included turning 40 and being baptized.  In the midst of this was a prodding that God was calling me some place else.  Fear and security often keep us where we are and so I didn’t move.  But when Lisa said she was leaving, it was like God opening a door for me to walk through.  And that’s what I plan on doing.  I’m blessed with an amazing family – my wife Julie and kids Evan and Olivia, who have been so supportive.
I'm thankful to David Pierce and Mike Novak for the opportunity to be part of the K-LOVE team for 10 amazing yearsI I leave grateful for the wonderful privilege of working here, humbled at how God has used this imperfect person.  
We truly feel honored and thankful for you allowing us to be a part of your mornings and life.  K-LOVE is a fantastic ministry that God is using in amazing ways and we are praying for the next K-LOVE Morning Show team.  We look forward to listening to them along with you!
Love in Christ,
Lisa & Eric

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Jul 25 2011

Greatest Moments

Thank you so much for sharing your lives with us over the years. We wanted to retrace our steps and take you back through some of the moments on the K-LOVE Morning Show over the past few years...

WOW God - You have WOWed us time and time again, and here are some samples...

An Operation Christmas Child donor "randomly" meets the recipient of the gift in Armenia:

Woman takes picture of husband years before meeting him:

Becky in Louisiana and her adoption story:

The mother of John John, graduating kindergarten today:

Angie Williams was one of the survivors of the tornado that hit Joplin, Missouri this spring. Read Angie's full story and see pictures 

Adventures across America - As we've travelled and spoke with you from all parts of the globe, here are some of the adventures we've encountered:

Lisa leads a caravan of strangers to Chicago:

Debbie shares from Plato, MO, the census bureau's exact center of the population bureau of the United States:

The birth of Producer KC's daughter Elianah:

The communication plan with Lisa and Eric once the baby is born (KC to the baby in the womb: "Leave everything the way you found it"):

Lisa reporting from the hospital:

Parenting advice from France to Producer KC, as he awaited for the arrival of his daughter Elianah:


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