Aug 25 2010

Wow, God Used a Child to Save My Life!

Wow, God used a child to save my life!  This week we heard about 2 kids in the news that help save the life of family members - a 3-year-old girl who walked two blocks to a fire department to get help for her father and a 9-year-old boy who saved his little brother who was drowning

Got us wondering ... has God ever used a child to save your life?

Aug 24 2010

Jeremy Camp!


Jeremy Camp is with us this morning!  His new album - "We Cry Out: The Worship Project" is out today.  Listen this morning as Jeremy shares some new songs off the CD, including some live music.

Jeremy talking about the song "Overcome" ...



Aug 23 2010

K-LOVE Baby - Little Elianah

K-LOVE Morning Show Producer KC is back from paternity leave ... his little girl is one week old ...


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Aug 23 2010

3-Year-Old Girl Saves Her Dad's Life

This amazing little girl serves as a great reminder to teach our kids what to do in an emergency ...