Jul 22 2010

Oh, these Strawberry Lemonade Cupcakes

Bethany’s Strawberry Lemonade Cupcakes!

Thank you Bethany for making these cupcakes for Producer KC's shower.  Thank you for leaving the extras at my house!!!Laughing  And thanks for sharing this recipe and pretty picture, although, FYI, I won't be making them.  Instead I just want to be at your house whenever you make them.  Is that okay?  -Lisa

For the cupcake:  1 box Lemon Cake Mix

For the cupcake filling: 1 can Strawberry pie filling

1 jar Lemon pie filling

For the Glaze:

1 container frozen lemonade concentrate (thawed)

1 cup powdered sugar

For the Frosting: 1 jar Lemon Frosting

1 jar Strawberry Frosting

Directions Prepare, bake and cool the cupcakes according to package directions. After they’ve cooled, poke holes with a fork in the tops of the cupcakes. While the cupcakes are baking, puree the can of strawberry pie filling in a food processer or blender. Pour in the jar of lemon pie filling and blend the fillings together.

Also while the cupcakes are baking, mix together the lemonade concentrate and 1 cup powdered sugar until the sugar dissolves. Once the cupcakes have cooled, spoon the glaze over them. (I would recommend having something under your cooling rack to catch the runoff of the glaze.) Fill a decorating bag with the strawberry lemon filling. (Insert Bismarck tip 230 into the bag before you fill it with the filling.) Insert the tip in the top center of the cupcake and squeeze out a small amount of the strawberry lemon filling into the cupcake.

After all the cupcakes have been filled, you’re ready for the last step - frosting! Fill one decorating bag with the strawberry frosting and one decorating bag with the lemon frosting. I used tip 1M for both frostings. Pipe a spiral of the lemon frosting around the outer edge of the cupcake and pipe a second spiral of the strawberry frosting on the top center of the cupcake. (These flavors can be reversed. You can do strawberry on the outer edge and lemon in the middle.)

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Jul 20 2010

Manners with Michele Borba

"Hearts, like doors, will open with ease, if you learn to use these keys."

Weekly keys for your fridge:  saying thank you, saying please, saying excuse me.  Add a new one each week, while reinforcing the others.


The three "B's" to use when correcting bad manners (or for any discipline) :

1) Be brief

2) Be private

3) Be specific


For more, check out Michele's blog on manners.


You may have seen Dr. Michele Borba on the Today Show, Fox News or countless other TV shows. She's an award-winning author and international speaker on character education and social development of children. Michele joined us this morning and had some great insight into helping raise children. We look forward to having Michele join us on a regular basis - if you would like to know more about Michele and her books, click here.

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Jul 16 2010

Newsboys - Born Again!

It's a new day for the Newsboys.  With new lead singer (Michael Tait) the band has a new passion to share God's love with the aptly-titled new album "Born Again".  Hear our conversation with Michael, Duncan, Jeff and Jody this morning on K-LOVE.

And if you are an uber-fan of the Newsboys, you can check out the entire (raw & unedited) video recording of our interview with the Newsboys below ...


Jul 15 2010


Was your mom the matchmaker that helped you find "the one"?  Was it a website?  Was it a website your mom created?  Whether you like to play matchmaker or you are single and have matchmakers in your life, what's your "matchmaker" story?