Jun 25 2010

Rebecca St. James

Lisa was off today, but we did have a very special guest stopping by - Rebecca St. James.  It was great catching up with Rebecca!  For over 16 years she's been using her music to minister to generations of people and the last few years she's been able to branch out in other areas - books, conferences and movies!  She recently starred in the pro-life movie "Sarah's Choice" and has four other movies set to come out in the next couple of years.  But don't worry RSJ music fans - Rebecca says she's working on a new album, too!


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Jun 24 2010

Thursday, a busy morning

Eric was off today, so today's blog is not as pretty as normal:)  Here's an overview of what you may have heard:

David Harms gave us an AWESOME update today!  K-LOVE CARES!  You helped provide almost 400,000 meals for the homeless this year!  To find the homeless shelter nearest you and plug in today, click here.

Jimmy Needham's wife is pregnant!  And his story is powerful and honest.  Read it here.

Milwaukee is the festival city!  With the BIGGEST Christian music festival coming up (over 800 bands), look for K-LOVE's Johnny if you're going to Summerfest!

Phoenix!  Get involved in the "Season of Service"--a GREAT chance to make a difference.

Did you hear the beautiful women from the Wheeler Mission on K-LOVE today?  Now, see their beautiful faces here!

hugs, Lisa

Jun 23 2010

Addison Road

Their new album "Stories" came out yesterday and today they join us in studio - it's Jenny, Ryan, Travis and Richard from Addison Road


Jun 22 2010

"Lead Me" - The Story Behind the Song

Matt Hammitt, lead singer of Sanctus Real, joined us this morning to share the story behind their song "Lead Me".  It's a song that really speaks to the hearts of lots of K-LOVE listeners, especially men. We appreciate Matt's honesty and transparency.  If you missed what Matt had to say or want to hear it again, click the link below to listen.

The Story Behind Lead Me


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