May 11 2011

"Wow God" I got so much more than a million dollars

Survivor's Julie Wolfe was on K-LOVE with us Wednesday morning. She is on CBS this Sunday night as part of the jury for the finale.  She went to Survivor for the million dollars. She left with something more valuable - a relationship with God.

Hear her story now - PART ONE and PART TWO of her interview for you to listen to and also to share with your Survivor-lovin' friendsLaughing

AND, if YOU have a "Wow, God" story of a time when you wanted one thing - but got something much more valuable, share it here in the comments section.

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May 09 2011

The story behind "Strong Enough" from Matthew West

May 05 2011

If you're "In tha Muthahood' - Happy Mother's Day!

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May 02 2011

Lisa's Panama trip with Operation Christmas Child

Here's a picture of Panamanian kids with Emily and Matthew West, cheering after all the Operation Christmas Child Boxes were passed out in what was like a big Jesus party for kids:)

Check out this link to some beautiful pictures taken by our interpreter Lucy Ann De La Guardia.  She was a blessing to me - helping me talk to the children.  She and her sister live in Panama and listen to all the time.


Now here's a pic with Matthew West with Amy Lowrey from Samaritan's Purse and sweaty me - getting ready for a distribution of shoe boxes with Operation Christmas Child.


In the remote hills of Panama, this clown reminded us of Jesus SO MUCH.  He loved the children and had them laughing and singing.  Here's the pic of me (Lisa) with JB from Air1 Radio (who got over his clown phobia on this trip) and the wonderful clown. 



Now here's a picture of Matthew and Emily West with our team on a boat, leaving a Samaritan's Purse "Operation Christmas Child" distribution in Panama.  So you can see what God is doing there, I'll be uploading more pics for you throughout the morning - or click here for some great pics on my friend Joey's facebook page. 


Okay, this little girl stole my heart.  Her sister, mother and father were at the gift distribution.  They heard of God's love.  They saw the love of Jesus in action.  They recieved a booklet that shares the story of God's redeeming love through Jesus, and this little cutie took home a tangible gift of love.  Yea God for Operation Christmas Chile and Samaritan's Purse!


Here's a link to a lot of great pics from K-LOVE's Jen in Denver.  Enjoy...