Feb 19 2010

The Love Dare Difference

It's hard to believe this 40 day journey we've been on called "The Love Dare" has come to end!  The response from K-LOVE listeners has been amazing.  Along the way we heard stories of heartache, redemption, hope and healing.  Some have told us they are not ending the Love Dare - but plan to keep it going.  We also know that for many this was challenging and hard.  We hope and pray that wherever you were at the outset of this journey, that you and your relationships have changed for the better as a result of taking the Love Dare. 

So if you joined us in the Love Dare, what difference did it make your life?  In your relationship? Let us know ...  

Feb 18 2010

Baby - 33 Miles

Congratulations to Jason Barton, lead singer of 33 Miles - Jason's wife Jennifer delivered their third child Jackson Miles Barton yesterday at 7:55PM.  Jackson 7lbs 14oz and 18 1/2 inches long.

Feb 18 2010

Live Music This Morning

Wow! Newworldson joined us this morning for some awesome live music. Click here to listen to part of our conversation with Joel & Josh from the band and to hear their awesome performance of "There Is A Way".  Their new album comes out February 23. To find out more about this great band, check out their website


Feb 16 2010

Josh Wilson

Josh Wilson - an amazingly talented singer, songwriter and guitarist - stopped by to chat with us.  You may remember Josh as the "internet sensation" for his impromptu sing-a-long at the Newark Airport.  But Josh is an artist with depth and immesnse heart for God. On the show he debuted his new song "Before the Morning" (along with the life-affirming story behind it) and wrapped up his time with a beautiful instrumental version of "Amazing Grace".  If you missed it or want to hear it again, check out the audio links below ...

Josh shares the inspiration behind his song "Before the Morning"

Josh's amazing instrumental version of "Amazing Grace"