Nov 17 2010

Wow, God Used a Shoe Box to Change Everything!


This is the collection week for Operation Christmas Child - shoe boxes packed by people like you with gifts for children who will otherwise not receive anything for Christmas.  Changing a life with a simple shoe box.  Do you have a story of how you have seen God work through a shoe box?


Nov 11 2010

This May Make You Cry (in a good way) ...

Oct 29 2010

Friday's Guest Co-Host - Angela Thomas


Author and speaker Angela Thomas fills in for Lisa this morning.  Angela is the best-selling author of numerous books including DO YOU THINK I'M BEAUTIFUL and MY SINGLE MOM LIFE.   She is a gifted teacher and story-teller speaking to thousands each year.  Angela teaches and transparently shares life experiences that draw her and others into a deeper passion for knowing God. 


Oct 26 2010

God is the Captain of his Ship - Gavin MacLeod

For decades he was a mainstay on two of TV's most popular programs - the Mary Tyler Moore Show and then has as Captain Stubing on The Love Boat.  These days, Gavin MacLeod says his most important role is being an "ambassador for Christ".  He's recently starred in a faith-based film, now on DVD, called The Secrets of Jonathan Sperry.  Gavin joins us this morning to talk about how God transformed his life and reconciled his marriage.


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