Sep 05 2009

Youth miniStarZ

Okay, so I just watched this video 7 times:)  We saw it a few days ago in a staff meeting, and I laughed.  A lot:)  So I went hunting for it on YouTube and found it;  I thought you might find it funny, too.  Maybe it's because we have so many friends who are youth ministers, maybe it's because there are so many clever lines, maybe it's because the song is actually quite good...

Here's what the creators say about it:  Written by Benjamin Wallis for Student Life Camp 2009.  Being a youth minister is hard work. Hard work that often goes unthanked. So...THANK YOU.


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Aug 17 2009

... and then I saw MC Hammer!

My 8-year-old son Evan LOVES baseball, so when his favorite team the Chicago White Sox was going to be playing in nearby Oakland this weekend (we live outside of Sacramento), we had to go.  I bought great seats online for a super cheap price - the seats were front row near the Sox bullpen.  Evan got to say hi to a number of the ballpayers and some of the coaches gave him bubblegum and baseball cards.  He got an autograph from one of the players too.  I tried to explain to him, that this kind of stuff usually doesn't happen when you go to a game.  And then in the bottom of the first inning I got a foul ball!  I've gone to ballgames all of my life and never came close to getting a baseball.  One inning into the game and we had experienced all of these things we never have at a baseball game.

And then things went up a notch - I saw MC Hammer at the game!  How surreal is that?  We determined that every story we ever told would be much more interesting if we ended it "... and then I saw MC Hammer".  Try it.  It's fun!

 Evan with the foul ball ...

 ... and old school pic of MC Hammer

Aug 14 2009

This past week...

Thanks for stopping by our blog:)  If you scroll down, you'll find pictures of the infamous plastic worm that was extracted from little Eli's nose at the hospital this week, you'll get to watch Britt Nicole beautifully sing in the K-LOVE studios, and you could even make some cookies if you're in a creative Crayon mood:)

Looking back at this week, I can't help but remember the pain I felt when we learned that MercyMe's tour bus had been in an accident.  As the week unfolded, we were praying so much for everyone involved.  We love and care about MercyMe, were so thankful they were all okay, and were so very sad that the people in the car didn't make it.  Just so sad.  With all the beautiful songs MercyMe sings about heaven, I can only hope that the families of the victims will somehow be comforted through their ministry.  Please keep praying.

We sure love spending our mornings with you:)  And we hope you have a great weekend...

hugs and k-love,


Aug 12 2009

Amy Baumann's son Eli...and the worm

Today, 3 year old Eli Baumann had to go to the hospital to have part of a plastic worm removed from his nose.  Thankfully, Eli is doing just fine.  The worm has seen better days.

On his way to the ER...

Just before the procedure...

The piece on the left is what was in Eli's nose...