Apr 12 2011

A Song for Priscilla

Not everyone’s story is as dramatic as Priscilla’s – but just knowing that God was able to use a song in her darkest hour encourages us to, with passion, continue telling the stories of Jesus reaching into lives through K-LOVE.  If you have a moment, we hope you will read Priscilla’s story.  And then if you have even more time, please pray for God to use a song on K-LOVE today – maybe when someone needs it more than we can imagine.

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Apr 08 2011

Nicky's heart ("The right song at the right time")

Most of the time, a song is just background noise adding flavor to your day with guitars and lovely harmonies.  But at certain times, the right song and the right time is an outstretched arm to a drowning person.  If you support K-LOVE, you are a part of God using Jason Gray's song “I Am New” to grab someone’s heart. 


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PLEASE share YOUR story of "the right song at the right time" in the comment section here.

-Lisa & Eric