Nov 08 2010

"Encouragement Expert" - Debbie Griffith


Need an extra boost today?  Looking for ways to look beyond yourself this week?  We got encouragement in the form of "Encouragement Expert" Debbie Griffith this morning with simple ways in which we all can make a difference.  For more on Debbie, check out her site.


Aug 27 2010

Katrina 5 Years Later - Hope, Healing & Heroes

It's been 5 years since Hurricane Katrina devastated areas of Louisiana and Mississippi.  While the recovery process is still ongoing in the Gulf Coast, we know God has been doing some amazing things in the lives of the people who are there and in the lives of those who have and continue to help rebuild the region. 

We want to remember those who lost their lives from Katrina and honor the heroes who jumped in to help and restore the area.  Maybe you or loved ones were there ... or maybe you responded by helping ... if so, what has God done in your life in the 5 years since Katrina?

Jul 12 2010

Haiti - Six Months Later

Six months ago today, Haiti was rocked by a devastating Earthquake.  As many as 3 million Haitians have been impacted by the massive earthquake that struck near the capital of Port-au-Prince on January 12th. Many survivors have lost their homes and loved ones. It's been said it could be decades before Haiti fully recovers from the quake - so help is still needed for Haitians today!  World Vision is one of the many organizations that continue the relief efforts.  To find out how you can help World Vision help Haiti, go here.

Laura Blank, an Emergency Manager for World Vision, joined us this morning - to hear her positive update on what is going on in Haiti, click here.


Jun 24 2010

Thursday, a busy morning

Eric was off today, so today's blog is not as pretty as normal:)  Here's an overview of what you may have heard:

David Harms gave us an AWESOME update today!  K-LOVE CARES!  You helped provide almost 400,000 meals for the homeless this year!  To find the homeless shelter nearest you and plug in today, click here.

Jimmy Needham's wife is pregnant!  And his story is powerful and honest.  Read it here.

Milwaukee is the festival city!  With the BIGGEST Christian music festival coming up (over 800 bands), look for K-LOVE's Johnny if you're going to Summerfest!

Phoenix!  Get involved in the "Season of Service"--a GREAT chance to make a difference.

Did you hear the beautiful women from the Wheeler Mission on K-LOVE today?  Now, see their beautiful faces here!

hugs, Lisa