Sep 28 2010

The Story of Your Life - "One Less" - Greg & Sheila's Story


Matthew West a new album coming out October 5th called "The Story of Your Life" ... songs inspired by letters from people just like you.  Today we catch up with Matthew and connect him with a a family whose adoption story touched Matthew and inspired a new song.  Greg and Sheila's story is below ...


One Less


Greg & Sheila

Humboldt, TN


My wife and I started an adoption of a little girl named Lily in August of 2007. We were able to finally bring her home in November of 2009! I am the senior pastor of a church in TN and the adoption became a process embraced by our whole family of faith. As a part of the adoption my wife moved into an apartment there in that country so we could foster our now 8 year old daughter. We spent 7 months apart from one another. It was the most difficult test we have faced as a couple. The pain that marked those seven months was quickly replaced when we finally made it home. The joy we shared when we arrived here reminded me of what it must be like when one of God's children finally make it home. We left Guatemala with no fan fare and a few tears. We arrived at our home with church members lining the street with banners, cheering, and sharing great relief.


Matthew’s commentary:


“Defend the cause of the orphans…” Isaiah 1:17


I was inspired by the hundreds of stories from people who were so passionate about adoption.  What a gift for a family to open up their arms and welcome in a child with no home!  Every adoption story is truly the proof that God is involved in the details, even the smallest details.  I wrote the first verse to show how at the same time, in two different parts of the world, God is hearing the cries of two hearts, and little do they know they are about to be joined together by a God who can orchestrate the impossible.


There are so many orphans in the world today, that the mission of giving them all a home to the human eye seems more like a mission impossible.  But, as I read one story after another about a child finding a home, I found myself saying, “That’s one less, one less, one less broken heart in the world tonight.”


You may not be in a position to adopt an orphan in your life right now, but there are many ways to carry out the command of the bible to care for the orphans.  Personally, I have a friend who is in the process of adopting a little girl from Russia and he and his family are in need of financial support to do so.  Many friends and neighbors are helping support this family’s effort financially so this little girl can have a home.  Ask God to show you how to care for the orphans.  Every time you help, that’s one less… 


Sep 23 2010

The Story of Your Life ... Linda's Story



Matthew West has a new album coming out October 5th called "The Story of Your Life" ... songs inspired by letters from people just like you.  Today we catch up with Matthew and connect him with a woman whose story has touched Matthew (and thousands of others) and inspired a new song.  Linda's story is below ...



The Reason For The World



McAlester, OK already know our story so well, but this tues, march 2, is the 1st anniversary of losing our precious ryan...the things that have transpired over this past year have been the most amazing things we have ever seen and more than ryan could have imagined...he prayed to be a light for God, to make a difference, to be famous and be able to share Gods love in a huge way...his prayer to NOT go through the motions put us all in a path that we never dreamed would we gathered at his grave and his granfather spoke and said "ryan has touched more lives in his death than he ever could have in his life" this was ryans legacy, and his prayer to reach others was answered...our family is incomplete until we are together again.....


Matthew’s commentary:


Ryan McAfee was an amazing 18 year old kid from a small town in Oklahoma who loved his family, his friends, but most of all he loved God.  Everywhere he went, he impacted the lives of those around him.  Ryan was involved in car accident and his life came to a tragic end, leaving his family and friends holding broken hearts and unanswered prayers. 


I was informed that my song, “The Motions” was played at Ryan’s memorial service, because it was one of his favorite songs, and he had posted the lyrics on his facebook page the day before he passed away.   I reached out to this family when I heard this, and we have become good friends since.   Ryan’s older brother even went on tour with me, speaking to audiences across the country about his brother’s life and death.  To this day, Ryan’s life continues to touch many others. 


But even as a family tries to pick up the pieces in the wake of such a tragedy, the questions don’t always go away so quickly.  As a mother says goodbye to her son, in the deepest part of her heartbreak, she cannot find a good reason why this has happened.  This is the reality of our limited view as humans.  We cannot see the big picture, and we were never designed to.  God is all knowing, the holder of tomorrow.  The one who knows the reason why bad things happen to good people. 


But the hope that we can hold on to in times of tragedy, the anchor for our souls when we are treading water in a sea of grief is this promise that He has “prepared a place” for us.  This place called Heaven is a place where every tear will be wiped away, and every question answered.  This is the promise that makes me long for home.   

Sep 20 2010

Tenth Avenue North - Interview


Mike and Ruben of Tenth Avenue North are our special guests this morning sharing their hearts and music from their new album "The Light Meets the Dark" If you missed the interview, including live performances of their songs "Healing Begins" and "Times", click the links below the picture.


Mike does his Shrek impersonations

Mike shares the story behind "Healing Begins"

Mike & Ruben perform "Healing Begins"

Mike talks about how the song "Hold My Heart" ministered to Matt Hammitt of Sanctus Real

One of Mike's alter egos requests the song "Times"

Mike & Ruben perform "Times"

Sep 14 2010

Michael O'Brien

Michael O'Brien has had a career in Christian music for over 20-years, as both a solo artist and with the band Newsong. He joined us for a morning mixed with fun songs (click here to listen to his "Low Fat Latte" song) and his raw, honest story.  For years he battled a secret sin that nearly destroyed his marriage and the health of his family.  See Michael's incredible testimony of how God set him free and restored his family below ...