Jun 23 2010

Addison Road

Their new album "Stories" came out yesterday and today they join us in studio - it's Jenny, Ryan, Travis and Richard from Addison Road


Jun 04 2010

Bluetree and Burma

Imagine being in a situation where you could lose your life for being a Christian?  That was the situation the band Bluetree recently found themselves in after they were illegally snuck into Myanmar. 

With passion and tears, Aaron Boyd of Bluetree joined us this week to tell the story of their recent trip with Christian Freedom International to minister to Karen Christians in Myanmar. 

And eight year old girl in a refuge camp begged him not to forget their plight, and he now begs us to pray and consider doing something to help.

To read the account of their trip and the profound effect it had on the band, click here.

May 25 2010

David Crowder

We caught up with David Crowder this morning - he was fun and encouraging as always. If you missed it, below are a couple of our favorite moments (click links to listen) ...

David and the unauthorized picture of him used in a Mexican newspaper

David gives his advice to the Class of 2010

For more info on "Crowder's Fantastical Church Music Conference" (September 30 - October 2 in Waco, TX), check out this link

May 21 2010

Special guest today

K-LOVE artist Jimmy Needham joins us throughout the morning.  If you missed our chat with Jimmy - including two live songs - click the links below:

Jimmy discusses his last name "Need Ham" and his trip to Israel

Jimmy relates to K-LOVE listeners with unusual names

The story behind the song "Hurricane" and live performance of the song

Cheeseburger Appreciation Month - Jimmy's favorite cheeseburger

Jimmy's advice to the class of 2010

Jimmy shares how God freed him from an addiction to illicit adult material and plays his song "Forgiven & Loved"