May 11 2010

Jason Gray

K-LOVE artist Jason Gray ("More Like Falling in Love") joined us this morning.  Jason shared how even though he's had a chronic stutter throughout his entire life, God revealed to him that it's nothing to hide. In fact, through our weaknesses, God is able to show His strengths!

If you missed our conversation with Jason, click the links below to hear our chat ...

Jason talks about his stutter

Jason shares the story behind the song "More Like Falling in Love"


May 03 2010

Sanctus Real - Update on Matt & Sarah Hammitt's baby

Many of you have been praying for and following the journey of Matt and Sarah Hammitt and their unborn baby boy.  Matt, lead singer of Sanctus Real, and his wife recently found out that their little guy has a heart problem (hypoplastic left heart). They are praying for a miracle for healing, but more than anything they want God to be glorified through this trial they are going through.

And they have a name for their little boy - Bowen - which means "small victorious one".

They have been extremely touched and encouraged by the outpouring of prayers and support from K-LOVE listeners. Matt will be checking in with us on a regular basis to let us know how their baby is doing and how we can pray for them. Matt & Sarah have also created a blog for you to get  updates and follow their journey.  It's -

If you missed our conversation with Matt, click the links below

Matt Hammitt (Part 1)

Matt Hammitt (Part 2)


Apr 23 2010

Prayers for Matt & Sarah (Sanctus Real)

We had a chance to chat with Matt Hammit, lead singer of Sanctus Real, this week.  The week began with the anticipation of Matt and his wife Sarah going to the doctor to find out if the third child they were expecting would be a boy or girl.  They were excited to hear that they are having a boy ...  but the doctor also shared that their little boy has a condition called hypoplastic left heart.  Essentially, his heart is not developing properly. Please pray for Matt & Sarah.

If you'd like to encourage Matt and Sarah, they've set up a special email - 

Apr 01 2010

Amy Grant

It was nice to catch up with Amy Grant.  She has a brand new album called "Somewhere Down the Road", that just came out on Tuesday. If you missed our chat, you can listen to some of the highlights below ...

Amy talking about Easter

Amy talking about her new song "Better Than a Hallelujah"