Oct 25 2012

Listener Laughs

We couldn't stop smiling after watching this car commercial yesterday. That's when we decided to put together some of the best laughs from your calls to the show!

Take a listen:

Jun 14 2011

Downhere is Here!

The boys from "up there" (Canada) Downhere are here!  Their new album "On The Altar of Love" comes out August 23. To hear parts of our interview, including two live songs, click the links below ...

Jason talks about their song "Here I Am", with live performance

Jason and Marc talk about their new song "Let Me Rediscover You", with live performance

Jeremy talks about his son Liam with Down's Syndrome 

Jun 13 2011

Coach Tony Dungy - Fatherly Advice & Michael Vick's Second Chance

My family had the pleasure of meeting Coach Dungy

Super Bowl Winning Coach Tony Dungy - now with AllProDad.com - joined us to talk about advice his father shared with him and his mentoring of football player Michael Vick.

If you missed our chat, click the links below ...

Tony Dungy - Advice from his Dad

Tony Dungy - A Second Chance for Michael Vick

Mar 29 2011

The story behind "Blessings"


Her new song "Blessings" has touched many K-LOVE listener's hearts - worship leader Laura Story!  Her new CD Blessings comes out April 12th.  Here are more pictures of her visit.

Lisa & Eric asked her about the heartache that led to "Blessings".  Here is her response and her singing the song live on K-LOVE.