Sep 29 2010

Stories That Just Make You Say, "WOW, God!"

It may have happened yesterday or 20 years ago ... it's a story that almost leaves you speechless where your only response may be "Wow, God!".  In some cases it could the be the story of your life ... that defines you.  What's your "Wow, God" story?

To hear Beth's "angel in the bookstore" Wow God story, click here

Sep 20 2010

Tenth Avenue North - Interview


Mike and Ruben of Tenth Avenue North are our special guests this morning sharing their hearts and music from their new album "The Light Meets the Dark" If you missed the interview, including live performances of their songs "Healing Begins" and "Times", click the links below the picture.


Mike does his Shrek impersonations

Mike shares the story behind "Healing Begins"

Mike & Ruben perform "Healing Begins"

Mike talks about how the song "Hold My Heart" ministered to Matt Hammitt of Sanctus Real

One of Mike's alter egos requests the song "Times"

Mike & Ruben perform "Times"

Sep 03 2010

Chris August ... including the "Candy Song"



You may have heard his song "Starry Night" on K-LOVE ... Chris August stopped by to share his story and live music from his new CD "No Far Away".

And by popular demand (not available anywhere else) - Hear Chris sing/rap "The Candy Song" by clicking HERE

Check out pictures from our time with Chris here

Aug 16 2010

Matthew West talks about his new album The Story of Your Life

Matthew & his wife Emily with Lisa & Eric

Fresh off his show at the Indiana State Fair yesterday (love those corn dogs), it was a blast to have Matthew West stop by this morning.  Matthew debuted his new song "My Own Little World" (now available on iTunes) from his upcoming album The Story of Your Life.  The album comes out October 5th and on that same day Matthew will be doing a free show in his hometown of Chicago!  For details on that concert, go here.

If you missed our conversation with Matthew, click the linkes below: 

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