Nov 13 2013

Wednesday's Encouraging Story Of The Day

Charlene's story

Nov 12 2013

Tuesday Morning Highlights: An Amazing Perspective on Life and the Encouraging Story of the Day!

Nic is 24 years old and has been given 10 years to live. Her perspective is amazing.


The Encouraging Story of The Day! A miracle takes place thanks to a new song from Mercy Me!

Nov 11 2013

It's Monday! Here's a Recap!

Are you like Kankelfritz? He just can't do Facebook.


It's been 10 years, and now Annika is going home for the holidays!


Encouraging Story of The Day! A public school principal shares how one student reacted to a song on K-LOVE!

Nov 08 2013

Happy Friday! Here's What You Missed!

Kim almost lost her children until she gave up drugs and gave in to God!

Home For The Holidays winner!  After 32 years, Aimee will finally meet her father!


Encouraging Story of The Day!


Craig's Cube of Questions