Sep 21 2009

Gone Fishing

This past weekend I did something I had not done in years - I went fishing.  It was part of a kid's fishing derby our local town was doing.  I'll admit that even though I have a father who loves to fish, I have never been too fond of it.  But this was an opportunity to do something with my son Evan - especially since he has never been fishing.  So there I was baiting hooks and casting with limited success with my son.  After about 10 minutes we caught a tiny little fish (see picture below).  Unfortunately, that was the only fish we caught Saturday morning, although the fish were very well fed by the amount of worms I kept passing their way.  Alas, my son seemed to take more after his dad than grandpa - after an hour and a half he was asking if we could go home to play Legos.  

Sep 05 2009

Serving on your K-LOVE Morning Show these days...

Producer David Fountain takes your calls at 800-900-1300, Amy Baumann has news updates twice an hour from her Ohio studios, and Lisa & Eric drink coffee, talk on the phone, and laugh a lot.  (Not pictured:  Dan Dillard who covers news in Denver from 6-9am local time; Lisa Torres who answers your questions when you write to the morning show.)

And we can't forget Momma!  Lisa's Momma calls in almost every morning from Shreveport, Louisiana, with wisdom, commentary on the day's news, or funny stories from Lisa's childhood.  She always reminds us to "stay close to God".

We are SO thankful we get to spend our mornings with you, playing music, hearing your stories, keeping you informed, laughing, praying, thinking and sharing life together!

Aug 27 2009

Rush of Fools singing "Escape"

Pray for Rush of Fools! Their RV "Black Beauty" is no more. So their first K-LOVE free concert has been postponed one day. See the schedule below. And say some prayers for Rush of Fools; they've had a rough weekend on the road with all the RV problems. GOD BLESS YOU RUSH OF FOOLS!! We love ya:) Lisa and Eric


We loved having Rush of Fools on the show this past Thursday. They're a lot of fun, really real, really talented.


Hopefully one of these FREE K-LOVE concerts with Rush of Fools will be close enough for you to enjoy!
CHANGE!!  instead of Monday, it's Tuesday Sept 1 now at First Baptist Church, Chandler, AZ 7pm !
Wed, Sept. 2 Desert Springs Church, Albuquerque, NM  6:30pm
Thurs, Sept. 3   Calvary Chapel (South), Littleton, CO 7pm
Fri, Sept. 4  Bethany Lutheran Church, Elkhorn, NE 7pm
Mon, Sept. 7 Olivet Baptist Church, Wichita, KS   7pm
Wed, Sept. 9 Life Church, Olathe, KS  6:30pm


Aug 17 2009

... and then I saw MC Hammer!

My 8-year-old son Evan LOVES baseball, so when his favorite team the Chicago White Sox was going to be playing in nearby Oakland this weekend (we live outside of Sacramento), we had to go.  I bought great seats online for a super cheap price - the seats were front row near the Sox bullpen.  Evan got to say hi to a number of the ballpayers and some of the coaches gave him bubblegum and baseball cards.  He got an autograph from one of the players too.  I tried to explain to him, that this kind of stuff usually doesn't happen when you go to a game.  And then in the bottom of the first inning I got a foul ball!  I've gone to ballgames all of my life and never came close to getting a baseball.  One inning into the game and we had experienced all of these things we never have at a baseball game.

And then things went up a notch - I saw MC Hammer at the game!  How surreal is that?  We determined that every story we ever told would be much more interesting if we ended it "... and then I saw MC Hammer".  Try it.  It's fun!

 Evan with the foul ball ...

 ... and old school pic of MC Hammer