Jul 06 2010

Living with HIV - Pastor Shane Stanford

He made a choice to not let being diagnosed with HIV be a "death sentence".  Pastor Shane Stanford found out he was HIV positive following a bad blood treatment when he was a teenager.  But he didn't let that "positive" diagnosis, become a negative. His life has become a story of perserverance, faith, forgiveness and God's Grace.

A Positive Life by Shane Stanford from Anthony Thaxton on Vimeo.

Jul 05 2010

Staycation Ideas

You don't have to have lots of money or time or even go far to have a great vacation.  This summer, maybe try a "staycation".  Here are some fun staycation ideas, courtesy of imom.com.  Got a great staycation idea?  Let us know ...

1) Visit a nature center, or wildlife rescue or refuge center.

2) Camp out – you can do this at a campsite in your own area, or you can even have a camp out in your backyard. 

3) Sign up for a workshop or activity you can do as a family.  Look into cooking lessons, tennis lessons, or walking tours.

4) Let your kids choose their dream destination and then go there – without leaving home.  Decorate a room in the style of that country or city.  Watch a movie shot on location.  Eat the food of that locale.  Try to learn a bit of the language.

5) If you have friends who are also taking staycations, see about trading houses with them for the weekend.

6) Enlist the help of grandparents and other relatives.  Let your children spend a few days away from home, and see if you can join them on the weekend.

7) Join a country club or community pool.  Some clubs in smaller cities offer membership for as little as $50 a month.   Consider it an investment in keeping your kids active, this summer.  Call around to see if you can find "summer only" specials.

8) Take the train.  Many railway carriers offer short trips of an hour or two.  Pack a lunch and enjoy the scenery with your kids.

9) If you have a beach, lake or river nearby, check the paper or internet for bargains on rentals.   Since fewer people are traveling this summer, you might be able to get a great deal. 

10) Visit a local art museum with your kids. Once they've seen the paintings, sculpture, photography and other creative works, give them some drawing paper, some modeling clay or a camera and let them recreate their own favorites at home. Then create a gallery in your family room, featuring their finished works of art.

Jun 17 2010

All Pro Dad - Mark Merrill

Mark Merrill, founder of Family First and All Pro Dad - a ministry geared to help men be better fathers, joined us this morning.  Mark shared these tips ...

10 Ways to know you are being a good father:

1. When your calendar is full of things to do with your children

2. When you admit when you are wrong and ask your children to forgive you

3. When you take an interest in their friends and know their names

4. When you eat together with your children

5. When you take an interest in what they enjoy doing

6. When you show affection to your wife in front of them

7. When you advocate that they speak to you and each other respectfully

8. When your son or daughter comes running to you when they get hurt

9. When you calmly and gently discipline your children without yelling or screaming

10. When you tuck your children into bed at night and tell them “I love you”


Some cool ideas for Father's Day gifts (courtesy of All Pro Dad's partner site iMom)

What do Dads really want for Father's Day?  Well, even more than the dream gifts like boats, cars, and iPhones, they really want their children's love.

To help your children convey their feelings, video them saying why they love their dad; here's a sample video, to give you some ideas.   If you prefer lower tech options, have your kids write out their top 10 reasons here, then present them creatively,
like this.


Jun 16 2010

Max Lucado on Father's Day

Pastor and best-selling author Max Lucado joined us this morning to chat about Father's Day. If you missed our conversation with Max, click the links below for highlights:


 What Max would like for Father's Day

Comfort for those who have a hard time around Father's Day