May 14 2010

Chantel Hobbs - Faith, Food & Fitness

After struggling with her weight since she was a child, Chantel Hobbs finally reached her breaking point.  One night Chantel said she cried out to God in desparation - she says "I was done fighting, and I needed strength to fight this war."  That was almost 10 years and 200lbs ago! 

Since then Chantel has written two books ("Never Say Diet" and "The One Day Way"), been on Oprah and in People magazine sharing how God gave her strength to not only lose weight, but more importantly live a life God designed her to live.  That's the message Chantel is working to share with others, too!

If you missed our conversation, click on the links below ...

Part 1 - God gets the credit (she begins responding to her popularity)

Part 2 - How God "rocked her world" to better her health

Part 3 - God wants us to be "our best"

Part 4 - Get "moving" today

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Feb 19 2010

SuperNanny - Jo Frost

You know her as the "Super Nanny" from the hit TV series of the same name - Jo Frost joined us this morning to share not only how she became the Super Nanny, but about one of her real passions of helping parents who have children with asthma.  Jo was diagnosed with asthma when she was 5, so it's a topic that is very personal to here.  To learn more about this subject, check out Jo's website that is dedicated to helping parents with children with asthma.


Feb 12 2010

Fresh, Clean Breath with Dr. Katz

So, you've bought the candy, flowers and made dinner reservations for this Valentines Day weekend - but what about your breath?  No worries ... bad breath expert Dr. Harold Katz joins us this morning with some helpful tips.

 - Avoid milk chocolate: The combo of dairy proteins and sugar fuels bad breath bacteria.  Dark chocolate or semi-sweet chocolate is a much better choice.

- No onions, garlic, cauliflower, cabbage and Brussel sprouts: all of these veggies contain a high concentration of sulfur compounds, similar to the chemicals produced by bad breath bugs.

- Drink plenty of water - the less dry your mouth, the fresher your breath.

- Drink tea instead of coffee

- Avoid sugar as much as possible.  Sugar feeds the bad breath.  Look for sugar-free gum and mints

 To get to know Dr. Katz better, click here.


Jan 12 2010

Biggest Loser - Danny Cahill

Danny Cahill, winner of the Biggest Loser, joins Lisa & Eric on the K-LOVE Morning Show today. Danny lost more weight than anyone else in the history of the show - an amazing 239 pounds! He gives glory to God and wants to use his new platform to help others. Danny is also a singer and has recorded a song called "Second Chance"