Jun 27 2011

This can't be good for his self-esteem...

Do you say "congratulations" for being named the "World's Ugliest Dog"?  That's the "honor" that was bestowed upon Yoda, a 14-year-old Chinese crested and Chihuahua mix, at the 23rd annual contest at the Sonoma Marin Fair in Northern California.


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Oct 26 2010

God is the Captain of his Ship - Gavin MacLeod

For decades he was a mainstay on two of TV's most popular programs - the Mary Tyler Moore Show and then has as Captain Stubing on The Love Boat.  These days, Gavin MacLeod says his most important role is being an "ambassador for Christ".  He's recently starred in a faith-based film, now on DVD, called The Secrets of Jonathan Sperry.  Gavin joins us this morning to talk about how God transformed his life and reconciled his marriage.


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Oct 04 2010

Michael W. Smith - Making A Difference

This week K-LOVE wants you to show some love to your Pastor - (October is Clergy Appreciation Month) - by telling us how much your pastor means to you.  At the end of the week, one Pastor will get the chance to spend some time with Michael W. Smith in Phoenix playing golf and going to the Make a Difference Tour with Michael, Third Day, TobyMac and Max Lucado.

Michael has a new album out called Wonder.  He popped in this morning to wish Lisa a Happy Birthday and tell us about his golfing skills.


Sep 20 2010

Tenth Avenue North - Interview


Mike and Ruben of Tenth Avenue North are our special guests this morning sharing their hearts and music from their new album "The Light Meets the Dark" If you missed the interview, including live performances of their songs "Healing Begins" and "Times", click the links below the picture.


Mike does his Shrek impersonations

Mike shares the story behind "Healing Begins"

Mike & Ruben perform "Healing Begins"

Mike talks about how the song "Hold My Heart" ministered to Matt Hammitt of Sanctus Real

One of Mike's alter egos requests the song "Times"

Mike & Ruben perform "Times"