Jun 30 2009

Chris and Conrad on July 1st

Lisa Williams, Chris and Conrad, and Eric Allen.


This morning, Chris and Conrad sang two songs from their CD Chris and Conrad.  They did a live version of "Lead Me to the Cross" and "You're the One".  We love the passion they have when they sing.

Okay, and they're funny.  They lived up to their reputation.  We laughed about reverse bangs, the pre-amble to the constitution, Smeagle, Conrad's many jobs, Kiss and Conrad, and lots more:)

We're working on editing some video from their visit.  We kinda went improv nuts after the show and Chris played a voice coach professor trying to help us become better djs.  Conrad was his helpful assistant.  THEN, Chris became Harry Caray and interviewed us on his fake radio show.  And Conrad was again his helpful assistant.  As soon as that's edited, we'll have it here for you to watch:)

We're also learning how to get audio up on this blog so you can hear interviews you miss.  Hopefully, some time next week we'll have that figured out.

So after the morning show, and after our insane video improv session...

We had our monthly all staff meeting.  And Chris and Conrad closed the meeting by singing "Lead Me to the Cross" for our staff. 

And then they sang Happy Birthday to K-LOVE President Mike Novak:)  (Happy Birthday Mike!  We love you!)



They're passionate about freedom in Jesus Christ.  And they have a great sound.

"Rescue" - Chris and Conrad Acoustic Series from Chris and Conrad.


Jun 26 2009

Michael Jackson and Stuff ...

The death of Michael Jackson most definitely evoked memories, emotions and reactions from all that heard the news.  Lisa heard some people on "another" radio station making jokes about Jackson and like many, found it sad and inappropriate.  Doing some googling, came across a blog that articulated a lot of what Lisa shared on K-LOVE this morning.

In my home we are also dealing with a loss, albeit a temporary one.  My wife and kids are gone for the weekend, which is hard on me and really hard on our dog Zack.  He keeps staring at the door waiting for them to come home.  He's so bummed that he won't "go", no matter how much coaxing I do.  Lisa said it's because my wife is "the big dawg" in our house - at least one it comes to our dog.  Got some great advice - one woman shared that my wife should talk to Zack on the phone (I now wish we included our dog in our cell phone family plan).  Another caller suggested I get some Dog Whisperer-type of advice.

Lisa got a chance to participate in a pie eating contest.  Sadly, she didn't win.  But when you get to see a picture of Lisa wearing a plastic trash bag with pie on her face, really everyone's a winner!